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Top Ten Kindle Unlimited Books Week of January 3 2019

Start your year with pulse-pounding stories of romantic suspense, compelling literary fiction, and unforgettable memoirs. This week's list of top ten Kindle Unlimited Books is sure to please. Go ahead and treat yourself to some new reads!

Cold Dark Places (Cady Maddix Mystery Book 1) by Kylie Brant


A shattering serial-killer thriller about revenge, deliverance, and survival. Cady Maddix survived a brutal upbringing—emotionally scarred but hardened—with a will for self-preservation. Hunting fugitives has given her life purpose and control. But when the Deputy US Marshal returns home to care for her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother, a new case stirs old memories.

The Witch Squad (A Witch Squad Book 1) by M.Z. Andrews

Cozy Mystery

Mercy Habernackle is a witch gone off the rails. Forced to get help, her mother has shipped her off to witch college. On the first day of classes, Mercy and her mismatched classmates are thrown into a murder investigation. When the body is stolen, Mercy is forced to use her abilities to save the day.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Romantic Suspense

Sexy. Twisted. Consuming. From #1 New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Colleen Hoover comes "a standalone romantic thriller that is tragic, creepy, and brilliant!" -Mel Reader Reviews. "Sublimely creepy with a true Hoover pulse." -Tarryn Fisher, New York Times bestselling author.

Fragile Illusion (Stag Brothers Book 3) by Lainey Davis

Steamy Contemporary Romance

It started with a lie. A story to clean up his bad-boy reputation. But he never bargained on falling for the girl. Will she stick to the illusion as planned? Or will she see through the cracks in his inked-up armor? Fragile Illusion is a fake fiancee romance, the standalone third installment of the Stag Brothers series.

Taken by the Billionaire by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Steamy Contemporary Romance

There's something Tess doesn't know about those closest to her. Nothing can prepare her for the dark secret hidden behind her best friend and husband's smiles. This secret will have Tess struggling to salvage the crumpled pieces of her heart. Once Jake finds out what her husband has done to hurt her, it’s game over. Tess is his for the taking.

Touch of Ice (Dawn of Dragons Book 1) by Mary Auclair

Paranormal Romance

He is as cold as ice. She is the salvation that will melt his heart. When Endora is faced with her daughter’s terminal illness, she takes the only chance she’s got. She braves the potential risks and signs a mating contract with the Delradon Draekon Lords, intent on using the payment to buy the aliens’ cure to save her daughter’s life.

Oppressed & Empowered (Love's Second Chance Book 11) by Bree Wolf

Historical Romance

A woman with the desire to heal. A lord with a shameful secret. And a contract that binds them together. A new Christmas tale by USA TODAY bestselling author Bree Wolf.

True Places: A Novel by Sonja Yoerg

Literary Fiction

A girl emerges from the woods, starved, ill, and alone…and collapses. Suzanne Blakemore hurtles along the Blue Ridge Parkway, away from her overscheduled and completely normal life, and encounters the girl. As Suzanne rushes her to the hospital, she never imagines how the encounter will change her—a change she both fears and desperately needs.

The Dark Messiah (The Second Dark Ages Book 1) by Michael Anderle

Science Fiction

Michael, the Archangel himself, has returned after a hundred and fifty years rejuvenating in the Etheric Dimension. Now, the most powerful male Vampire the world had ever known is back. The problem? The world went through an Apocalypse and what little honor and justice that previously existed, is gone. Further, his love has left to the stars somewhere, fighting for those on Earth.

Never Stop Walking: A Memoir of Finding Home Across the World by Christina Rickardsson

General Non-Fiction

An extraordinary memoir of one woman’s fight to find her true self between the life into which she was born and the one she was given. Never Stop Walking is the moving story of the profound love between families and one woman’s journey from grief and loss to survival and self-discovery.