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10 Kindle Unlimited Books for Your Weekend

Feed your need to read with this week's astounding selection of books that are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

The Black Mile (Soho Noir Thrillers Book 1) by Mark Dawson


London, 1940. Henry Irving is a disgraced reporter on a Fleet Street scandal rag. Genius detective sergeant Charlie Murphy is a fresh face in the Metropolitan police, hunting corrupt colleagues but blinkered by ambition and jealousy. His brother, DI Frank Murphy, searches frantically for his runaway daughter.

The Bun Also Rises: A Cozy Mystery Novel (Angie Prouty Nantucket Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by Miranda Sweet

Cozy Mystery

Who knew seeing stars could be so deadly? Most people would be thrilled to discover that their hometown was the setting for a Hollywood film. But with a cupcake-wielding murderer on the island and her best friends in jail, bookstore owner Angie Prouty has bigger fish to fry than spotting celebs. Can she save her friends...and Nantucket?

Pretty Reckless by LJ Shen

Steamy Contemporary Romance

A delicious, dark enemies-to-lovers romance between a young, talented senator holding a secret and his new, very young and naive wife, whom he took as retaliation for a sin committed against him.

You Have Been Judged (Judge, Jury, & Executioner Book 1) by Craig Martelle

Science Fiction

She's a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty. Could she look herself in the mirror after meting out justice? She's about to find out. Rivka heads to space to be the Judge, Jury, & Executioner. Criminals have nowhere to go.

Feared By Hell (The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Book 1) by Michael Anderle

Fantasy / Paranormal

The world has changed since the news of Oriceran came out twenty years before. Now, countries all over the world have agreed to use a bounty system for dangerous criminals who use advanced magic and technology. People too powerful for the cops to deal with—magical criminals, thugs and bounty hunters. If you find out you are hunted by Brownstone, we suggest you turn yourself in.

Caress of Fire (Dawn of Dragons Book 2) by Mary Auclair

Paranormal Romance

You are mine, Marielle Jansen. You don't know it yet, but you are mine. With her brother in debt to the biggest crime lord of the slums, Marielle does the only thing she can to save him. She takes the debt on herself. But the only way she can repay it is to be claimed as mate by a Draekon Lord and deliver him an heir...

Ancient Enemy by Mark Lukens


After a botched bank robbery, a gang of criminals carjacks a woman and a mysterious boy on the run from something terrifying. As a blizzard moves in, they take refuge in what they think is an abandoned cabin, a cabin where they will face horrors beyond their imagination.

Branded Captive (Wren's Song Book 1) by Addison Cain

Erotic Romance

Wren can’t sing like a bird. She can’t speak at all. The Alpha kingpin and his pack didn’t buy the Omega to hear it talk. This dark, sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale is for those with twisted tastes and a love for unabashed bad boys. Complete power exchange dominates these pages, as do THREE smoking-hot Alpha antiheroes.

Red Mountain by Boo Walker

Literary Fiction

How well do we really know each other? Heartfelt, briskly paced, and wonderfully descriptive, Red Mountain is the story of four complicated people living in a beautiful landscape unlike anywhere else. Told from multiple perspectives and rich with vivid descriptions of wine life, this novel will transport you from the first page to the last.

The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country by Helen Russell

Adventure / Travel

When she was suddenly given the opportunity of a new life in rural Jutland, journalist and archetypal Londoner Helen Russell discovered a startling statistic: the happiest place on earth isn’t Disneyland, but Denmark, a land often thought of by foreigners as consisting entirely of long dark winters, cured herring, Lego and pastries. What is the secret to their success? Are happy Danes born, or made? Helen decides there is only one way to find out: she will give herself a year, trying to uncover the formula for Danish happiness.