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10 Kindle Unlimited Books You Should Be Reading

Refresh your reading list with this week's selection of Kindle Unlimited books! If you're ready to dive into a new adventure, take your pick from this week's list of books that are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Trust (Things That Matter Series Book 1) by Casey Diam

Romantic Suspense

A sexy, suspenseful romance that will most likely submit you to varying emotions, such as, laughing out loud, crying, swooning, getting upset and scared for the characters as you wonder what is coming next . . . "not simply a story: it's an EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT EXPERIENCE."

The Mayhem Children (A Project Specter Mystery Book 1) by Paul Seiple


Six children disappeared. Psychopath, Elvin Hayes was convicted and executed for the presumed murders. He went to his grave with the secrets of what happened to the children dubbed The Silent Six. Thirty years later, the six are no longer silent. A curse has been summoned. The children have come home to play a demonic game called The Mayhem. Detective Kim Strode must find out who conjured The Mayhem before it destroys everyone connected to the case.

Her Savage Mountain Daddy (Blackthorn Mountain Men Book 9) by Madison Faye

Steamy Contemporary Romance

There are three simple rules to the job: protect, keep safe, keep professional. The Marines and then life as a street cop trained me for the first two. She’s going to make me break the third. Nina’s the sweet temptation I never saw coming. Innocent, untouched…and in a lot of trouble with some very, very bad men after witnessing a crime she wasn’t supposed to see. Now, they want to hurt her. They want to take what’s mine.

Organized for Murder (Organized Mysteries Book 1) by Ritter Ames

Cozy Mystery

As a Vermont small business owner, Kate’s business plan was to help solve clients' organization problems. Solving crime was never on her schedule. But when a client is murdered and Kate finds herself a prime suspect, her business plan and agenda changes quickly...

Reckless (The Shattered Chronicles Episode 1) by Ciana Stone

Romantic Suspense

What happens when you realize that your perfect life is not quite so perfect after all? Morgan considers herself to be a most fortunate woman. She loves the ranch where she and her husband Cord live and raised their family. She loves her work as a vet and is proud of what Cord has accomplished in his career. Until one late night phone call changes everything.

Tempt Me (The Wolf Hotel Book 1) by Nina West

Erotic Romance

He's the handsome heir to a luxury hotel chain. She's his new assistant and in way over her head. "Tempt Me" is the first book in The Wolf Hotel series, an addictive forbidden romance. “Nina West's writing is enchanting, sophisticated, and brilliant.” —Goodreads Reviewer

Home To You (The Complete Series Box Set) by Morris Fenris

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Three siblings. Three very different personalities. All strong. All not really looking for love, but life seems to have other ideas....much to the delight of their parents. This series has it all. A bit of mystery, a bit of intrigue, some sibling rivalry, a dash of drama and a lot of love. Faith in action. Lived, not preached or heavy handed.

Oranges for Christmas by Margarita Morris

Historical Fiction

Berlin. August 1961. The Cold War. When the Berlin Wall divides East from West, Sabine is separated from her brother, Dieter. Escape to the West is the only option if the family is to be reunited. But the Wall is guarded by soldiers operating a shoot to kill policy. And Sabine finds herself at the mercy of the Stasi and their brutal interrogation techniques.

Bread Baking For Beginners by Dorit Griffin

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Are you a beginner that has a dream to become a baker, or do you just want to prepare a batch of bread for your friends and family? No matter what the answer is, you will be glad to know there are over 100 recipes in the Bread Baking For Beginners. There is just one secret involved in baking, and that is consistency. You'll learn how to master even the most tempting of dessert bread to satisfy the most demanding eater.

Rules of Survival (Survival Rules Series Book 1) by Jack Hunt

Science Fiction

Tyler Ford is a tour guide, a brother, and the son of a prepper from Whitefish, Montana. Robbed of a childhood and forced to learn his father’s stringent rules of survival for every kind of apocalypse, he couldn’t wait to leave home, but when an EMP obliterates the United States electrical grid, takes out communication and stalls vehicles, Tyler must face the past and remember what he taught him if he hopes to make it out of Vegas alive.