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19 Kindle Unlimited Books for Your Reading List

You deserve new books! If your goal is to find an exciting book to relax and unwind with this weekend, you've come to the right place. You'll be more than satisfied with the great selection of stories on this week's list.

DON'T TELL (Jack Ryder Book 7) by Willow Rose


When detective Jack Ryder is going skiing with his family in the mountains of North Carolina, he hopes for a week of fun in the snow with the ones he loves. But then the body of a teenage boy turns up in the cold waters of the creek behind the cabin they have rented.

Kitty Confidential (Pet Whisperer P.I. Book 1) by Molly Fitz

Cozy Mystery

I was just your normal 20-something with no idea what I wanted out of life. But then I almost died. As if a near-death experience at the hands of an old coffeemaker wasn’t embarrassing enough, I woke up to find I could talk to animals. Or rather one animal in particular—Octo-Cat. And he's telling me that his late owner didn’t die of natural causes like everyone believes.

Take My Heart by J. J. Sorel

Romantic Suspense

Jailed for a crime he didn’t do, Bronson, driven by revenge, seduces Ava, who’s dating the man at fault. He falls for Ava, who works for a wealthy loner with a heart trapped in secrets, some of which relate to him. The tables turn when Bronson finds a letter about his murky past in her boss’s home. Was his meeting Ava a plot to lure him there?

Arrange Me (The Arranged Duo Book 1) by Katy Regnery

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Tired of Netflix and chilling, hanging out, catfishing, ghosting, break-ups, make-ups, and games, twenty-something Courtney Salinger decides to be married at first sight! Being arranged can't possibly be worse than being single, can it?

The Librarian by M.N. Arzu

Science Fiction

First Contact has never been easy. Nick Logan, Seattle's resident alien, wants to tell his human wife the truth about himself. He just so happened to land too close to a military base from his last trip. Now, telling her the truth has become way more complicated than he anticipated, stuck behind a glass wall and with the military between them.

White Lion's Lady (Warrior Trilogy Book 1) by Lara Adrian

Historical Romance

She was promised to another, but her heart belonged to him alone . . . A dark knight on a scoundrel's mission kidnaps the bride of his enemy, unaware that the beauty he's stolen is the sweet young girl he adored when they were children. With a bounty on her capture and his tarnished honor put to the test, what will he choose?

Secret Dreams of a Fearless Governess by Abby Ayles

Historical Romance

Governess Joanna Warrick brings new life into the Hardwickes’ home – and awakens the heart of Edmund Hardwicke, the Earl of Kelt. His brother, however, returns home with mischief in mind. As the two brothers collide, and Joanna seeks to bring peace in a home divided, an unseen enemy threatens to undo them all… A riveting, unforgettable romance.

West Texas Match (The West Texans Series Book 1) by Ginger Chambers

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Rafe Parker is not pleased when he learns his great-aunt has picked out a wife for him and invited her to recuperate at the ranch after an accident. All his life he’s watched Mae manipulate people. He’ll be damned if he’ll fall in love on her order! The Parkers...tough, rugged, loyal to each other and to the people they let into their hearts.

Suddenly Susan by Virginia Gray

Womens Fiction

When her bright future slips away, 22-year-old Susan Wade faces a choice that will change everything! Susan juggles job interviews and her roommate's antics while fending off her geeky best friend's romantic advances in a laugh-out-loud story about life, love, and way too much caffeine!

Wounding Atlantis (Four Worlds Book 1) by Helen Scott

Paranormal Romance

The world is ending. Everyone knows it. What they don't realize is that it’s because demons want to take over, and now they've set their sights on me. Not only do I have demons following me, but there are four hot guys telling me I'm the savior of the world. With all the strange things happening all around me, is it any wonder I think I’m losing my mind?

A Marriage Well Done by Boo Walker

Literary Fiction

Margot Simpson was raised to believe that you don’t run for cover the moment it rains. You don’t slide divorce papers across the kitchen island, especially when you have a teenage son. You roll up your sleeves, toss your hair in a bun, and dance in the downpour. When Margot abandoned her singing career on Broadway to follow the man of her dreams to Vermont, she never looked back.

Welcome to the Show: 17 Horror Stories – One Legendary Venue by Brian Keene


We all know the old cliché: Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Now, add demons, other dimensions, monsters, revenge, human sacrifice, and a dash of the truly inexplicable. This is the story of the (fictional) San Francisco music venue, The Shantyman. 17 of today's hottest horror and dark fiction writers come together in devilish harmony to trace The Shantyman's history.

The Dark Stuff by Paul Seiple


Daniel Haley has a lot on his mind. His life isn’t exactly what he hoped it would be. His relationship with his girlfriend, Jess, has seen better days. Things only get worse when he encounters a supernatural presence trapped in his attic. Daniel is vulnerable to attack and it’s hungry for a soul to take. You shouldn’t play with The Dark Stuff.

Saladish: A Crunchier, Grainier, Herbier, Heartier, Tastier Way with Vegetables by Ilene Rosen

Cookbooks and Nutrition

A “saladish” recipe is like a salad, and yet so much more. It starts with an unexpectedly wide range of ingredients, such as Japanese eggplants, broccoli rabe, shirataki noodles, Bosc pears, and chrysanthemum leaves. It emphasizes contrasting textures—toothsome, fluffy, crunchy, crispy, hefty. And marries contrasting flavors—rich, sharp, sweet, and salty.

Bianco: Pizza, Pasta, and Other Food I Like by Chris Bianco

Cookbooks and Nutrition

When Chris Bianco started Pizzeria Bianco in the back corner of a Phoenix grocery store in 1988, he had no idea that he would become a driving force in the artisanal pizza movement. Now an Award–winning chef and the owner of the legendary pizza mecca, Chris Bianco brings us a full-color, illustrated cookbook that illuminates the fundamentals of pizza making.

The Divine Mentor: Growing Your Faith as You Sit at the Feet of the Savior by Wayne Cordeiro

Religion and Spirituality

Many believers settle for a spiritual routine that lacks God's presence. But what they truly want, and truly need, is a dynamic, vital, and intimate relationship with God. Here Wayne Cordeiro gently but directly shows readers how to move from routine to relationship—from mundane actions to fresh encounters—by learning to hear Him speak to them through the Bible.

Freckled: A Memoir of Growing up Wild in Hawaii by TW Neal

General Non-Fiction

We live in a place everyone calls paradise. Sure, Kauai’s beautiful, but we’ve been "camping" for six months, eating boiled chicken feed for breakfast, and wearing camouflage clothes so no one sees us trespassing in our jungle hideout. A tractor is coming to scrape our camp into the river. Standing in front of the tent in my nightgown, I know my own truth: I just want to be normal.

Winds of Skilak: A Tale of True Grit, True Love and Survival in the Alaskan Wilderness by Bonnie Rose Ward

Adventure / Travel

Leaving behind friends, family, and life as they know it, the Wards embark on a journey into the Alaskan wilderness that will change them forever. Winds of Skilak traces a young couple’s adventurous move from the suburbs of Ohio to a remote island on ill-tempered Skilak Lake. A true tale of absorbing force, sure to bring out your own sense of adventure.

Shockwave (Star Kingdom Book 1) by Lindsay Buroker

Science Fiction

What if being a hero was encoded in your genes? And nobody told you? Casmir Dabrowski would laugh if someone asked him that. After all, he had to build a robot to protect himself from bullies when he was in school. Fortunately, life is a little better these days. He’s a robotics engineer, a respected professor, and he almost never gets picked on in the lunchroom.