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13 Kindle Unlimited Books We Highly Recommend

Dive into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From slow burn romances to inspirational literary fiction, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Playing for Keeps (Glasgow Lads Book 1) by Avery Cockburn

Steamy Contemporary Romance

First novel in the Glasgow Lads gay romance series. Described by a reader as a "Scottish version of West Side Story," Playing for Keeps stars Fergus and John, who must overcome past heartbreaks and lifelong prejudice to save their love. A sweet, sexy, and thought-provoking love story in a city moving from a contentious past toward a hopeful future.

To Live by C. G. Cooper

Literary Fiction

It's Elmore's last day of work. As part of his retirement, he heads to the family doctor for the follow-up to a routine physical. That's when the universe shifts on its axis. Cancer. Then we find out that Elmore's wife lies at home with only days to live. The stroke of injustice falls hard.

The Pawn (The King's Cousins Book 1) by Alexa Aston

Historical Romance

Katelyn de Blays is wed by proxy to Nicholas Mandeville. When Nicholas loses his heart to this brave, young woman, he is astonished to learn Katelyn wishes for their union to be annulled. Can he convince Kate to remain wed to him - or will Nicholas sacrifice his own happiness and let the enigmatic beauty go?

The Prince and I by R.S. Lively

Steamy Contemporary Romance

The Enchanted Masked Ball, the biggest event of the year. A magical night and anything could happen. I could even meet Prince Charming and lose my v-card. Like I said, anything is possible. When a tall and chiseled masked stranger approached me, I was mesmerized.

My Heart to Give (A Maxwell Family Saga Book 3) by S.B. Alexander

Sweet Contemporary Romance

I’m head over heels in love with Maiken Maxwell. Everything about him is so perfect from his sandy-blond hair to his kissable lips. Not to mention, he writes me poems. My stomach is constantly filled with butterflies from his sweet words to how special and pretty he makes me feel. Until one girl, one funeral, and one disastrous moment shatters everything.

Sword of Peace (Sword of Münster Series Book 1) by Louisa M Bauman

Historical Fiction

Anna, a self-proclaimed spinster at age twenty, is alone in the world except for her friend Maeyken. Until the day Maeyken confesses a secret so terrible it threatens to destroy their friendship and even their very lives. The sixteenth century Reformation is a dangerous time to have opinions of your own, as Anna is about to discover.

A Tide Too High by Carole Brungar

Womens Fiction

What happens when Alec meets his soul mate and she's not his wife? For Polar Blaze lead singer, Mac, a hasty exit from a demanding schedule to get well leads to an accidental encounter with an overbearing, righteous ex-pat Kiwi. They're drawn to each other despite the warnings. Who will Alec choose? His wife or a burnt out rockstar?

Mated to the Alien Pirate: Celestial Mates by Leslie Chase

Paranormal Romance

Marcie wasn't looking for a man, just a way off Earth until the heat died down. But when the "perfect match" the Celestial Mates Agency sent her to turns out to be an alien space pirate, things seem to have gone from bad to worse. Pirate Captain Arrax may be huge, deadly, and hot as hell, but how can she trust a pirate to keep her safe?

Forever Grace (Ever After Series Book 3) by Linda Poitevin

Romantic Suspense

Grace Daniels has gone into hiding with her sister's four children, desperate to keep them safe from the man who put their mother into a coma. The handsome, nosy cop next door isn't making it easy, however, because the injured Sean McKittrick needs her help as much as it turns out she needs his. Can she learn to trust him in time to save them all?

Val Fremden Box Set (Val Fremden Mysteries) by Margaret Lashley

Cozy Mystery

Get three best-selling Val Fremden mysteries for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription! Includes chart-topping first novel, Glad One, along with two hysterical follow-on books, Two Crazy and Three Dumb. If you love fun, twisty mysteries that leave you laughing and guessing to the end, you can't do better than Val! Get your copies now!

The Big Book of Weeknight Dinners (Betty Crocker Big Book) by Betty Crocker

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Dinner will never get boring with this compendium of weeknight dinner recipes from Betty Crocker. You'll find soups and stews, skillet meals, main-dish salads, pizzas, sandwiches, casseroles, and much more. With meals that are just as easy to prepare as they are delicious to eat, this book will help you keep the family fed with minimum effort.

Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Over the course of her baking career, Dorie Greenspan has created more than 300 cookie recipes. Yet she has never written a book about them—until now. To merit her “three purple stars of approval,” every cookie had to be so special that it begged to be made again and again. Cookies for every taste and occasion are here.

Their Captive by J.L. Beck

Erotic Romance

He killed everyone we ever loved. He stole the world from us. So we waited, we watched…and then we took his most treasured possession—his princess, his only daughter. We knew she was innocent in our war, but nothing would stop us from getting justice for our family. Until something changed...and her cries of fear turned into cries of pleasure.