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18 Audiobooks for Your Morning Commute

Looking for new stories to add to your audiobook playlist? We've got just what you need! The books on this list will have you looking forward to the hustle and bustle of your morning commute. Happy listening!

Sit Down, Shut Up, And Pull The Trigger (Protected By The Damned Book 4) by Michael Todd, Michael Anderle, and Laurie Starkey

Fantasy / Paranormal

T'Chezz is working on an attack, but the team doesn't know about it. After the successful fight in Los Angeles, Katie and Pandora are letting their hair down, arguing over donuts and how much Italian food to eat. Then, their investigator contact calls with alarming intel, and Katie is asked to get up close and personal with the politician to find out what he knows.

Heart of the Fae: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (The Otherworld Book 1) by Emma Hamm

Paranormal Romance

Beauty and the Beast meets Irish Mythology in this sweeping retelling of the beloved classic! When a beetle plague sweeps across Uí Néill, young midwife Sorcha makes a deal with the Fae. She must bring back a forgotten prince of the Seelie Kingdom and convince this scarred beast to return to his throne.

438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea by Jonathan Franklin

Adventure / Travel

On November 17, 2012, two fishermen left the coast of Mexico for a weekend fishing trip in the open Pacific. That night, a violent storm ambushed them as they were fishing 80 miles offshore. As gale force winds and 10-foot waves pummeled their small, open boat from all sides, captain Salvador Alvarenga and his crewmate began a desperate dash through crashing waves.

Apocalypse Wow by Ben Mariner

Science Fiction

Apocalypse Wow is humorous romp through a post-apocalyptic wasteland fueled by sweet 90's tunes and pop culture references. Join Jack Winters and his friends as they take a cross country road trip through a country of horrors to find the love of Jack's life.

Soldier of Fortune (The Fortune Chronicles Book 1) by Kathleen McClure

Science Fiction

"Something for everyone—a guy looking for revenge, a strong female character, bad guys, good guys, post-apocalyptic corruption!" -Amazon Reviewer. Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens, until the day a general of the Colonial Corps arrives with an offer of freedom—and a chance to clear his name.

For 100 Nights: A 100 Series Novel by Lara Adrian

Erotic Romance

Love the intensity of Crossfire and 50 Shades? Then you don't want to miss the 100 Series! Billionaire Dominic Baine is always in control, but his desire for beautiful Avery Ross will bring him to his knees. In Kindle Unlimited for the first time!

Sins of the Fathers by A.J. McCarthy


Charlene Butler is beautiful, independent, and a successful pub owner in downtown Montreal, but prefers not to discuss her past. When she anonymously receives strange letters and the police don’t show an interest in the case, she is convinced by Frank, her best friend, to hire a private investigator to help her solve the mystery.

The Fat Lady's Low, Sad Song by Brian Kaufman

Literary Fiction

Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2018. Courtney Morgan is a female knuckle-ball pitcher trying to break into professional baseball. Parker Westfall is an aging slugger with one last chance at the ultimate carrot—a spot on a major-league roster. She’s gorgeous, and he’s having the season of his life.

Blind Eye (Jack Bailey Mystery Book 2) by Meg Lelvis


Hard-nosed Detective Jack Bailey is back in Chicago with a serial killer on his hands. At first Jack figures the murder of Sister Anne is a robbery gone bad. But when a Bible verse turns up with the body, he and his partner realize this is no random murder. The Bridgeport community is shocked; the popular nun taught generations of students.

The Ice Maiden (Doug Bateman Mystery Book 1) by B.D. Smith


"A fast-paced noir thriller. The Ice Maiden deserves a spot at or near the top of your reading list.” –Best Thrillers. A Doug Bateman Mystery. A serial killer is abducting, torturing, and murdering young women in a small community in central Maine. Seeming to select his victims at random, he acts out the rituals of the Spanish Inquisition.

Hokee Wolf by Clark Viehweg


Hokee Wolf is a trained Native American shaman who's used his unusual skills to became Idaho’s most successful PI. He's hired to find out who robbed a bread truck carrying $3,000,000 in cash receipts from West Yellowstone and return the money. A glamorous New York Television reporter named Glory, temporarily exiled for her safety, joins Hokee in his investigation.

Chase (Savage Kings MC Book 1) by Lane Hart and D.B. West

Romantic Suspense

Chase Fury, the VP of the Savage Kings MC, has dealt with his fair share of tragedy over the years. He never wanted the responsibility that comes with being at the head of the table, leaving that to his brother, Torin. But after an attack on the Kings sends his brothers on a path of vengeance, Chase has no choice but to take on the burden of being the man in charge.

The Christmas Tree by Abdiel LeRoy

Religion and Spirituality

A tree is torn from his forest home and hauled into the world of men, his fate to be loved only for a season. But whispered love awakens the courage of a little boy to protect his beloved friend. In the spirit of our great fairy tales, and now joined by the author's own narration, this timeless tale will embrace you in its joy and enchantments.

The Awakening (Zombie Uprising Series Book 1) by M.A. Robbins


They wanted to thaw history’s buried secrets. But now an undead army is awake…and hungry for flesh. Jen Reed longs to reconnect with her estranged father. Given the opportunity to work together on an archeological dig, she packs her bags for the Arctic tundra. But she starts to wonder if the village elder’s ominous warnings hold truth when a local turns up with a strange bite mark…

Sharpe Shooter: Skeleton in the Closet (A Clean Whodunit) (Maycroft Mysteries Book 1) by Lisa B. Thomas

Cozy Mystery

She’s a strong, Southern woman looking for a new challenge in chapter two of her life. But can she outwit a big-city conspiracy nut to solve a family murder? Sharpe Shooter, with over 180 5-star reviews, is for mystery fans of a savvy sleuth and a twisty plot. You're sure to love Deena Sharpe and this first book in the Maycroft Mysteries.

Chaos in the Countryside (The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries Prequel) by Astoria Wright

Cozy Mystery

Settle into the cozy countryside of Moss Hill, where house-elves rent rooms, a leprechaun is the best tailor in town, and a half-human/half-elf named Carissa Shae runs a pharmacy called The Seelie Tree Apothecary shop. When a sprite named Chaos shows up at Carissa's door, the town will never be the same. Is Moss Hill ready for a little Chaos?

The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (The Malayan Saga) by Selina Siak Chin Yoke

Historical Fiction

Facing challenges in an increasingly colonial world, Chye Hoon, a rebellious young girl, must learn to embrace her mixed Malayan-Chinese identity as a Nyonya—and her destiny as a cook, rather than following her first dream of attending school like her brother. Amidst the smells of chillies and garlic frying, Chye Hoon begins to appreciate the richness of her traditions.

Nobody's Duke (League of Dukes Book 1) by Scarlett Scott

Historical Romance

When the men who killed her husband in a political assassination threaten Ara, Duchess of Burghly, the Crown assigns her a bodyguard. But the man charged with protecting her is no stranger. He’s Clayton Ludlow, the bastard son of a duke and the first man she ever loved. Eight years after he took her innocence and ruthlessly abandoned her, he’s back in her life.