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20 Kindle Unlimited Books to Cure Your Fiction Addiction

Cure your fiction addiction with this week's selection of Kindle Unlimited books! If you're ready to dive into a new adventure, take your pick from this week's list of books that are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Rescuing Lord Inglewood by Sally Britton

Historical Romance

All he wants is someone he can trust. All she wants is to belong. But when compromising circumstances force them together, do they have a chance at finding love?

The Demon Kiss (Rite World: Blackthorn Hunters Academy Book 1) by Juliana Haygert

Fantasy / Paranormal

I've been kept from the truth all my life. Demons walk the earth, and I'm destined to slay them—I only wish I hadn't lost someone I loved while discovering that truth. Now the demons are after me. The only way to stay alive is to attend an academy for demon hunters—a school where I'll learn how to kill supernaturals and slay the underworld's minions.

The Broadcast by Liam Fialkov


"Liam Fialkov has developed a really unique and tantalizing narrative with The Broadcast. This is an exceptional piece of fiction. I found the premise to be wholly original, which is like a breath of fresh air at a time when many new releases come from the same stagnant plotlines." - Readers' Favorite

Run to You (A 100 Series Standalone Romance) by Lara Adrian

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Gabriel Noble barely survived the war that took his leg, but now the stoic Baine International security specialist's honor is put to the test bodyguarding beautiful former model Eve. A standalone contemporary romance set in Lara Adrian's bestselling 100 Series story world. In Kindle Unlimited for the first time!

Knightmare Arcanist (Frith Chronicles Book 1) by Shami Stovall

Fantasy / Paranormal

Gravedigger Volke Savan wants nothing more than to be like his hero, the legendary magical swashbuckler, Gregory Ruma. First he needs to become an arcanist, someone capable of wielding magic, which requires bonding with a mythical creature. And he’ll take anything—so when Volke stumbles across a knightmare, a creature made of shadow and terror, he has no reservations

Ryan's Kiss (Lake Hope Book 1) by Mel Walker

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Candace: He was my best friend. We should have known better. Pick up this page-turning Contemporary Romance featuring friends to lovers. Ryan is the volleyball captain; Candace the nerdy economics student. Paired together as study partners, they quickly become best friends. One kiss—it should have been the start of their forever, but it nearly destroys them.

Santa Fe Mojo (Vincent Malone Book 1) by Ted Clifton


Gritty Vincent Malone is headed to New Mexico and a new beginning or maybe an ending. Done with his legal investigator past, he was just looking for a know-nothing job until his social security checks started. But it was not going to happen that way; life had more suspense in store for Malone than he knew.

Trans Galactic Insurance (Adventures of a Jump Space Accountant Series Book 1) by Andrew Moriarty

Science Fiction

Interested in characters that have to think their way out of problems? Tired of reading shoot-em-ups? Want the science to actually work? Follow Jake as he navigates a future world where space ships need insurance, beers cost money, and that license you didn't get is going to haunt you forever.

Touch of Light: A Baylee Scott Paranormal Mystery (The Reed Hollow Chronicles Book 1) by April Aasheim

Cozy Mystery

Reluctant psychic Baylee Scott is knee-deep in mystery when a moonstone ring arrives in her tea shop, and strange lights appear over the town. Aided by her animal-talking brother, her Tarot-reading cousin, and the ghost of her dead mother, Baylee must unravel the clues before the ominous lights take another victim.

Fairmont Finds a Body (Fairmont Finds Canine Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Cate Lawley

Cozy Mystery

A hound with a nose for trouble and a heart for romance stirs up both in this small-town cozy mystery. Fairmont loves his new lady, Zella, with all the exuberance of a once abandoned dog. A fluffy dog bed, delicious meals, and exceptional company - what more could a dog want? Everything's grand...until he sniffs out a dead body.

Accidental Demon Slayer Boxed Set Vol I (Books 1-3) by Angie Fox

Paranormal Romance

Newly anointed with demon-fighting powers and suddenly able to hear the thoughts of her hilarious Jack Russell terrier, a preschool teacher finds a whole new world of dark and dangerous, including a sexy shape-shifting griffin she's not entirely sure she can trust. Boxed set of three full-length, award-winning paranormal romance novels.

The Breakup Support Group by Cheyanne Young

Young Adult

When Isla breaks down crying in class, she gets sent to the Breakup Support Group--a daily meeting of fellow brokenhearted students. Soon, her heart is on the mend. Then Emory shows up, forced to atone for all the broken hearts he’s caused over the years. She knows she shouldn't crush on him, but her newly mended heart has other ideas.

The Ghost of Tobacco Road by Dale Young


For nearly 100 years, a killer has stalked the tobacco fields surrounding the Shaw Mansion in the town of Starlight, NC. No one has ever seen the ghost and lived to tell about it. When Logan Shaw inherits the mansion, he must fight to solve the mystery behind the killings, or become the next victim.

Dead and Gone: A Collection of 13 Serial Killer Mysteries and Thrillers by Tina Glasneck, and more


Sometimes, death is only the beginning... In this bold new anthology of 13 serial killer books, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling authors bring a chilling boxed set filled with murder mysteries, crime fiction, suspense and thrillers with many twists and turns. Can these killers be stopped?

Worthy McGuire by Tim McGee

Historical Fiction

Worthy McGuire is a WWII survivor who keeps his word. At the end of his life, the crusty war vet decides to try to keep a promise made nearly 70 years ago during the D-Day Invasion in France. In order to fulfill his vow, he drags his unwilling family from Michigan to the beaches of Normandy on an unforgettable journey toward redemption.

Clean Keto Lifestyle: The Complete Guide to Transforming Your Life and Health by Karissa Long

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Clean Keto Lifestyle is the definitive lifestyle companion to the ketogenic diet with exercise programs, guides to intermittent fasting, meal plans, and more. Keto is more than a diet—it’s a lifestyle. Clean Keto Lifestyle is a complete lifestyle reference with everything you need to lose weight, gain energy, and live your best life on the ketogenic diet.

But I'm Not An Expert!: Go from newbie to expert and radically skyrocket your influence without feeling like a fraud by Meera Kothand

Self Help and How to

How are some solopreneurs able to command attention? How do you stop feeling like an imposter or fraud when you might as well be this tiny speck among the thousands of online businesses out there? If you’ve ever said the words “But I’m not an expert!” this book is for you. This book will address the fears of thousands of newbies struggling to build an influence online.

I Hate Vegetables Cookbook: Fresh and Easy Vegetable Recipes That Will Change Your Mind (Cooking Squared Book 1) by Katie Moseman

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Think you’re a veggie hater who could never enjoy vegetables? Do salads make you wilt? Do sprouts make you shudder? Then this is the cookbook for you! With the help of the I Hate Vegetables Cookbook, you’ll learn to love vegetables one great recipe at a time.

Sugar Daddies by Jade West

Erotic Romance

A sugar daddy website doesn’t seem a sound basis for an A1 life plan, but I’m a small town girl with big dreams, and there’s this one advert I can’t stop thinking about… Two hot guys seeking their Little Miss Right. Someone who can entertain them, amuse them, fit in with their corporate schedule. And sex. They want sex. Lots of sex. Bonus, right?

Corrupt (Devil's Night Book 1) by Penelope Douglas

Romantic Suspense

I was told that dreams were our heart’s desires. My nightmares, however, became my obsession. His name is Michael Crist. My boyfriend’s older brother is like that scary movie that you peek through your hand to watch. He's handsome, strong, and completely terrifying. Now a pro baller, he’s more concerned with the dirt on his shoe than me. But I noticed him. I saw him. I heard him.