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18 Kindle Unlimited Books for Your Summer Reading List

Looking for books to add to your summer reading list? We've got a great selection of Kindle Unlimited books to keep you entertained while you're sitting by the pool. Pull out your Kindle and have some fun in the sun!

A Winter's Kill: A serial killer domestic thriller by JK Ellem


It’s winter, and a new kind of predator has just come out of hibernation. All summer long he has been hibernating, just like the bears do in winter. During the fall he spent his months preparing, getting ready, making sure this season would be his best ever. And when winter finally comes…he’ll hunt.

Lost Horizon (Oz in Space Book 1) by Michelle Hercules

Fantasy / Paranormal

A magical planet torn apart by war. A defiant space pilot cadet determined to save the ones she loves. The adventure of a lifetime. Oz like you have never seen before. Space Academy prodigy Dorothy Hanson doesn't have time for love nonsense. She has one goal, complete the mission her parents started before their untimely death...

Synthesis by Kyle Harris

Science Fiction

Like most migrants, Synthia Garland’s parents came to Crystal City—the only metropolis beyond the Solar System—seeking fortune and opportunity. Now her mother is gone, her younger sister is estranged, and her father is dead. As an orphan in a dangerous city, Synthia steals food, dodges bloodthirsty gangs, and sticks with a misfit named Chaz who cracks skulls with her prosthetic legs.

Jake's Redemption (The Angel Eyes Series Prequel) by Jamie Schulz

Romantic Suspense

In a dark, alternate future, a dystopian civilization has arisen after global war and destruction changed the world. In this new reversed society, where women rule and men are owned, the characters must overcome enemies determined to tear them apart while forging an emotional bond that could destroy them both.

O'Henry (Josh Ingram Series Book 1) by t.g. brown


"The Ultimate Summer Read!" Josh Ingram, once a lead profiler, is knee deep in the Louisiana Bayou when he learns Rachael Tanner (newly appointed head of the FBI Special Crimes Unit in NYC) is looking for him. A severed head shows up on a park bench in Central Park with a note inside addressed to Josh and Rachael. It's from O'Henry—he's back!

Heritage of Power (The Complete Series: Books 1-5) by Lindsay Buroker

Fantasy / Paranormal

Dragons have returned to the world, and they’re wreaking havoc on human civilizations. Only one man has the power to stop them. Born an outcast who’s never fit in, Telryn “Trip” Yert has spent his entire life hiding a secret that could get him killed: In a world where magic is forbidden, the ancient blood of dragons flows through his veins.

Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries (Books 1-5) by N.C. Lewis

Cozy Mystery

Grab this Cozy Mystery five Book Box Set from Author N.C. Lewis's popular Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries series. Enjoy hour upon hour of good, clean, humorous reading with characters you will grow to love! And all for only 99 pennies or FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Beast Daddy (Once Upon a Daddy Book 6) by Kelli Callahan

Romantic Suspense

He's a beautifully broken beast, and I just walked into his lair... I was lost and looking for my way home. Instead, I found an old abandoned mansion in the woods. Those walls were hiding a lot of secrets. And I didn't realize I was in the beast's lair until it was too late. Something about him intrigued me...

If You See Her by Ania Ahlborn


The house on Old Mill Road has stood in an open field for longer than Jesse Wells has been alive, its crooked windows and jutting turret tormenting the kids of Warsaw, Michigan the way only a haunted house knows how. Everyone imagines that something terrible lurks within the house’s abandoned rooms—especially Jesse and his two closest friends, Casey and Reed.

A Rake Never Changes His Spots (The Inheritance Clause Book 2) by Samantha Holt

Historical Romance

Lord Seth Templeton has no desire for life to change. He enjoyed every minute of his bachelor existence. Anyway, his older brother, the Marquis of Eastbrook, partakes in enough seriousness for one family. His reputation as a rake has never caused him any problems…until now. Now, he must find a wife. And quickly.

Muted by Leanne Owens

Womens Fiction

An Australian horseman who doesn't speak clashes with a U.S. lawyer who's forgotten how to feel. Between them lies the fate of 1,200 horses bred by her family's pharmaceutical company for the production of a new drug which will change the world. A twisting tale of suspense, romance, and transformation.

Princess Avenger (Queenmakers Saga Book 1) by Bernadette Rowley

Paranormal Romance

Princess Alecia sets out to avenge the murder of her lover. When Vard is appointed her protector, both find it hard to ignore the chemistry between them. How is Alecia to exact her revenge with dark and dangerous Vard watching her every move? Will their fatal attraction lead to tragedy or can love and desire unite Alecia and Vard forever?

November Homecoming (The Yearly, Texas Romance Series Book 1) by Bokerah Brumley

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Rebecca Martin, a high-powered executive chef, doesn’t want her widowed mom to lose their family home. There might be a way through: open a restaurant in her home town. That way, she’ll achieve her lifelong dream of running a restaurant, and her mom will have an income. Then she meets the contractor: her now-successful ex Johnny Cash Williams.

The Creativity Challenge: Design, Experiment, Test, Innovate, Build, Create, Inspire, and Unleash Your Genius by Tanner Christensen

Self Help and How to

What's the best way to become more creative? Change how you think! This book challenges you to go against your default ways of thinking in order to write, design, and build something extraordinary. Featuring more than 100 challenges, exercises, and prompts, each page guides you as you push past the way you normally see the world and uncover all-new possibilities and ideas.

37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help—A Mother's Journey by Stephanie Arnold

Religion / Spirituality

Like "Proof of Heaven" and "To Heaven and Back", a medical drama with heavenly implications in which a woman receives premonitions of her death that come true, and her discovery of the heavenly help available to all of us.

Ramen for Beginners and Pros: The Cookbook with Japanese Noodle Recipes for Every Day by Kentaro Asano

Cookbooks and Nutrition

A new trend is sweeping the land, a food trend that seems to stand against the Clean Eating ideology. Anything but vegan, the ramen soups from Japan are coming to Europe and continue the hype about bone broth from grandma’s times. Take the recipes in this book and use them as inspiration to begin your own ramen journey.

Lonely Planet: Italy (Travel Guide) by Lonely Planet

Adventure / Travel

"Lonely Planet: Italy" is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Wander through chariot-grooved streets in Pompeii, sample the abundant varieties of wine and olives as you tour Tuscany, or toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Get to the heart of Italy and begin your journey now!

Easy Baking From Scratch: Quick Tutorials, Time-Saving Tips, Extraordinary Sweet and Savory Classics by Eileen Gray

Cookbooks and Nutrition

You don’t need to be a top pastry chef to make baked goods from scratch. Easy Baking from Scratch offers the easiest recipes, time-saving tips, and quick tutorials so that anyone can bake homemade treats. From basic kitchen prep to time-saving tricks, this baking cookbook helps you develop essential skills with step-by-step baking techniques and tutorials.