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12 Kindle Unlimited Books for Your Digital Shelves

Overwhelmed with all the amazing novels to dive into from Kindle Unlimited? We're here to help! Here's a list of some of the amazing Kindle Unlimited titles you should be reading, including captivating thriller, fantasy, and literary stories for your reading pleasure.

Anything Between Us (Starving Artists Book 3) by Mila Ferrera

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Sasha decided a long time ago that she would only allow herself a single night each year to go out and be wild. The rest of her time is spent at her pottery wheel or taking care of her father, who has early-onset Alzheimer's. She has plenty of reasons to avoid anything more than this: one guy, one night, and no names exchanged.

Crime and Nourishment by Miranda Sweet

Cozy Mystery

Life in Nantucket can be murder... When Angie Prouty ends up back in her hometown of Nantucket, she didn't expect one of the locals to turn up dead – and she really didn't expect to be in charge of solving the crime after she becomes a prime suspect. But trying to discover the truth is going to take a lot more than a simple murder investigation.

Righteous Assassin (Mike Stoneman Thriller Book 1) by Kevin Chapman


"Mike Stoneman hunts down a high-tech serial killer – the old-fashioned way – in this sizzling mystery thriller." - Saul Warshaw, author of Loose Ends/Mind Tricks. “A taut thriller that moves with lightning speed. If you enjoyed Seven, you’re in for a treat.” - Anna Willett, author of Small Town Nightmare.

Muted by Leanne Owens

Womens Fiction

An Australian horseman who doesn't speak clashes with a U.S. lawyer who's forgotten how to feel. Between them lies the fate of 1,200 horses bred by her family's pharmaceutical company for the production of a new drug which will change the world. A twisting tale of suspense, romance, and transformation.

Flirting with the Fashionista (The Celebrity Corgi Romances Book 1) by Melissa Storm

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Ruby Ross is the rising star of plus-sized fashion since she's just signed the deal of a lifetime for a new line of retail shops across the country. Now she and her faithful corgi, Diamond, are constantly on the go overseeing the production of her franchises and getting to know all the must-meets of the fashion and beauty world.

The Lost One: A Russian Legacy by Penelope Haines

Historical Fiction

When Purdie Davis begins to receive unsolicited gifts, she is forced to re-evaluate everything she knows about her past. The Lost One is a romantic family saga of hidden treasure, family secrets, and a lost heir. An internationally set story of three generations of women, bonded by blood and separated by fate.

Sword of Peace (Sword of Münster Series Book 1) by Louisa M Bauman

Historical Fiction

In the 16th century, it's a crime for non-clergy to interpret & obey the Bible, as Anna finds out while trying to keep her loved ones safe from persecution. Before she knows it, she is involved too deeply to get out again. She doesn't know if Adriaen, a preacher-in-hiding with a price on his head, is alive or dead, but her love for him is alive.

Seratis, Daughter of the Sun: Reverse Harem Erotic Fantasy (Seratis The Goddess Of Egypt Book 1) by N.J. Adel

Paranormal Romance

An Egyptian Goddess rises from the dead and unites with her guard, student, maid and worshipers to battle her half-brother back to the throne. This is a reverse harem erotic fantasy romance with LGBT action.

Sticky Fingers (Hot-Bites) by Jenika Snow

Erotic Romance

When you have wealth and the respect of everyone around you, it’s easy to forget how to live in the moment. There’s only so much butt kissing a man can handle. 
But life can be very lonely at the top. I focus on work, with no time for women. But when I come across Macy, a sexy little street thief who thinks I’m an easy target to pickpocket, I turn the tables on her.

Dark Ride: A Novel of Horror & Suspense by Iain Rob Wright


'Bright Lights' AJ Starr is a pro wrestler on the rise, and his life is about to change forever. Knowing this, he plans one last party with all of his best friends. The venue? Saxon Hills theme park, abandoned ten years ago after its flagship ride burned down and killed nine innocent people. Some people say the place is haunted...

Healthy Cookbook for Two: 175 Simple, Delicious Recipes to Enjoy Cooking for Two by Rockridge Press

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Eating healthy is a lot easier with recipes tailor-made for your table. The Healthy Cookbook for Two serves up everything you need to enjoy healthy, perfectly portioned meals every day of the week. Spice up your weeknight with Curried Chicken Couscous or savor Sweet Potato Pancakes over a weekend brunch. This healthy cookbook offers quick recipes for busy nights and lazy days alike.

The One Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 100+ Easy Weeknight Meals for Your Skillet, Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, and More by Liz Williams

Cookbooks and Nutrition

Figuring out what to make on busy nights can sometimes seem impossible—especially if you’re trying to follow the ketogenic diet. The One-Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook makes it easy to keep keto on the table every day of the week with family-friendly, one-pot meals for your skillet, slow cooker, sheet pan, stock pot, and more.