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14 Audiobooks to Play on Repeat

Treat yourself to new audiobooks! If you're looking for spellbinding stories to add to your audiobook playlist, we've got just what you need. Get out the headphones, plug in, and listen to these captivating reads again and again.

Her Father's Daughter (Alison Brownstone Book 1) by Judith Berens

Fantasy / Paranormal

Drow Princess for Hire. Skills include wielding dual magics, stabbing bad guys with the pointy end, and protecting the good people of Seattle from dark wizards... The name Brownstone evokes a certain reaction no matter who hears it. And for Alison Brownstone that’s both a blessing and a curse. But it’s time for her to step out of her dad’s shadow and make a new name for herself.

The Carlswick Affair (The Carlswick Mysteries Book 1) by SL Beaumont


When Stephanie Cooper investigates her aunt’s death, she finds a missing Nazi-era painting hanging in the home of indie rocker James Knox. Now as she gathers proof to unmask a thief and possible killer, she discovers that someone doesn’t want the secrets of the past uncovered and they will stop at nothing to ensure her silence.

Cursed (The Watchers Trilogy Book 1) by S.J. West

Paranormal Romance

When Lilly met Brand, she had no idea their undeniable attraction to one another would reignite a titanic battle between Heaven and Hell.

Tempted by the Bear - Complete Trilogy (Northeast Kingdom Bears Book 2) by V. Vaughn

Paranormal Romance

When polar bear shifter Tristan arrives in Maine to relocate his clan, he also finds his true mate. But Annie instantly hates him, and she’s an important member of the clan he intends to steal. Read an adventure-packed shifter romance full of twists, turns and true-mate love.

One Night (Lighter Ones Book 2) by Aleatha Romig

Erotic Romance

Amanda is a single mother whose life is wrapped up in her adorable son. She isn't looking for romance or even forever. She wants one night to remember what it's like to be a woman. Malcolm no longer wants to be the hockey star. He has settled down in his new career, new town, and new life. What happens when a case of mistaken identities paves the way for one night? Could it be more?

Demise of a Devious Neighbor (River's Edge Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by Elaine Orr

Cozy Mystery

Reverberating bangs shook Melanie Perkin's nerves. Someone doesn't know fireworks are supposed to go up. Next, she finds a body in the barn, plus a deputy's gun pointed at the chest of someone she loves. Illegal merchandise floods her town and 4th of July activities hinder her work to solve the crime before an innocent person is convicted of murder.

Into the Unknown (A Standalone Mystery Thriller) by Jasper T. Scott

Science Fiction

Their Cruise Ship Jumped to the Wrong Star System. The Price family is traveling to the exotic world of Aquaria in the Kepler system. Soon after the voyage starts, they find out that they’ve somehow jumped to the wrong star system. Then the ship plunges into darkness, and they discover that something is on board, hunting the passengers...

Cross and Burn by Val McDermid


Cross and Burn picks up where The Retribution left off: following the best crime-fighting team in the UK—clinical psychologist Tony Hill and police detective Carol Jordan—who when we last saw them were barely speaking, and whose relationship will now be challenged even further. But just because they’re not talking doesn’t mean the killing stops.

The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton

Women's Fiction

Lila Bennett’s bad choices have finally caught up with her. And one of those decisions has split her life in two. Literally. In one life, she’s taken hostage by someone who appears to be a stranger but knows too much. In an alternate life, she eludes her captor but is hunted by someone who is dismantling her happiness, exposing one secret at a time.

The Secrets of Lost Stones by Melissa Payne

Literary Fiction

32-year-old Jess Abbot has lost everything: her job, her apartment, and her eight-year-old son, Chance, to a tragic accident. Haunted by memories and grief, Jess packs what’s left and heads for the small mountain town of Pine Lake, where she takes a position as caregiver to an eccentric old woman. A rumored clairvoyant, Lucy is strange but welcoming. But Jess isn’t the only guest in Lucy’s home.

The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher

Fantasy / Paranormal

Young Rhea is a miller’s daughter of low birth, so she is understandably surprised when a mysterious nobleman, Lord Crevan, shows up on her doorstep and proposes marriage. Since commoners don’t turn down lords, Rhea is forced to agree to the engagement. Upon arrival at his mansion, she discovers that her betrothed married six times before and his previous wives are all imprisoned in his enchanted castle.

Eagle: A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone by Janie Crouch

Romantic Suspense

Finn Bollinger. Military codename: EAGLE. A single dad, a warrior, a hero. And the only person who can save Charlotte Devereux. The woman who once shattered his life. When former Special Forces soldier Finn Bollinger is asked to help with an undercover mission, he's up for the task. But the Army damn well didn't teach Finn how to handle Charlotte Devereux.

Her Lovestruck Lord (Wicked Husbands Book 2) by Scarlett Scott

Historical Romance

She married him for his title… Maggie, Marchioness of Sandhurst, is trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience. Her husband refused to consummate their union, and she hasn’t seen him in over a year. But she has a plan to win back her freedom. All she needs to do is create the scandal of the century...

Pines (The Wayward Pines Trilogy, Book 1) by Blake Crouch


Secret service agent Ethan Burke arrives in Wayward Pines, Idaho, with a clear mission: locate and recover two federal agents who went missing in the bucolic town one month earlier. But within minutes of his arrival, Ethan is involved in a violent accident. He comes to in a hospital, with no ID, no cell phone, and no briefcase. The medical staff seems friendly enough, but something feels…off.