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15 Audiobooks You’ll Love Listening To

Looking for top-rated books that you can enjoy for free with your audiobook subscription? From well-known bestsellers to self-published chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of audiobooks that you’re sure to love. Happy listening!

Rogue Star: Frozen Earth (Book 1) by Jasper T. Scott

Science Fiction

A dead star is headed for Earth; the shift in Earth's orbit will unleash a new ice age, and this summer will be our last. The nations of Earth prepare to fight over all of the warmest parts of the planet. But as war fleets set sail and armies begin marching south, a stunning discovery is made that will change a lot more than just the weather.

Running After a Heartbreaker: A Funny Small-Town Romance (Brides on the Run Book 4) by Jami Albright

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Hailey Odom’s life is out of tune. The bar she owns with her father is a Texas-sized money pit that she has four months to save. Her mean as a snake ex-husband is breaking their daughter’s heart daily. And the town of Zachsville hates her guts for something that was only fifty percent her fault. And oh, right, she just ran out on her own wedding.

The Goliath Code: A Christian Apocalyptic Thriller (Book 1) by Suzanne Leonhard

Science Fiction

If you love books like the Hunger Games, you're going to love The Goliath Code, the first book in an award-winning Christian Post-Apocalyptic series! Sera Donner will never forget the day Yellowstone erupted; when earthquake swarms and volcanic ash decimated the country; when millions of people died or vanished in a flash of brilliant white light.

Curtains for Romeo (Coastal Playhouse Mysteries Book 1) by Jessa Archer

Cozy Mystery

Murder, mayhem, and a touch of paranormal, with the smart, sassy humor of the Gilmore Girls. On Tig Alden's first day teaching at Southern Coastal University, she finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of the former theater professor. Tig isn't a detective. She simply played one on TV. Will that be enough to help her find the killer?

Love Me, Sweetie by Laura Burton

Sweet Contemporary Romance

This "You've Got Mail" inspired sweet romance is set in England, with Ada and Daniel. An enemies-to-lovers romance, with a Poochon puppy named Potato, an impromptu trip to Florida, hidden agendas and a sigh-inducing happy ending. Ada inherits a 1950s sweet shop and Daniel wants to buy it and turn it into a Gluten-Free Cafe.

The Temporary Agent (The Agent Book 1) by Daniel Judson


Scarred by war, former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton vows to leave his violent past behind, only to be drawn back into that life when a deadly conspiracy forces him to face an agonizing choice. Five years after his life was saved in Afghanistan by Marine Force Recon Leader Charlie Cahill, Tom lives a bleak, nomadic existence, haunted by the debt he can never repay.

The Dressmaker's Gift by Fiona Valpy

Historical Fiction

A Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestseller. From the bestselling author of The Beekeeper’s Promise comes a gripping story of three young women faced with impossible choices. How will history – and their families – judge them?

Twisted Loyalties (The Camorra Chronicles Book 1) by Cora Reilly

Romantic Suspense

Fabiano was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps as Consigliere of the Chicago Outfit – until the man abandons him. Left to fend for himself, Fabiano is forced to fight for a place in the mafia world. As a ruthless street fighter, he quickly earns his place as the new Enforcer of the Las Vegas Camorra – a man to fear.

Everything You Are: A Novel by Kerry Anne King

Literary Fiction

A haunting and lyrical novel about the promises we make and the forgiveness we need when we break them. One tragic twist of fate destroyed Braden Healey’s hands, his musical career, and his family. Now, unable to play, adrift in an alcoholic daze, and with only fragmented memories of his past, Braden wants desperately to escape the darkness of the last eleven years.

The Man Who Played with Fire: Stieg Larsson's Lost Files and the Hunt for an Assassin by Jan Stocklassa

General Non Fiction

The author of the Millennium novels laid out the clues. Now a journalist is following them. When Stieg Larsson died, he'd been working on a true mystery that out-twisted his Millennium novels: the assassination on February 28, 1986, of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister. It was the first time in history that a head of state had been murdered without a clue who’d done it.

Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Flint Hopkins finds the perfect tenant to rent the space above his Minneapolis-based law office. All the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted on Ellen’s application. Her references are good. And she’s easy on the eyes. Until … Flint discovers Ellen Rodgers, Board-Certified Music Therapist, plays music. Bongos, guitars, singing—not Beethoven administered through noise-canceling headphones.

Wreckage by Emily Bleeker

Women's Fiction

Lillian Linden is a liar. On the surface, she looks like a brave survivor of a plane crash. But she’s been lying to her family, her friends, and the whole world since rescue helicopters scooped her and her fellow survivor, Dave Hall, off a deserted island in the South Pacific. Missing for almost two years, the castaways are thrust into the spotlight. But they can’t tell the real story...

Perfectly Good Crime (A Kate Bradley Mystery) by Dete Meserve

Cozy Mystery

In this feel-good follow-up to the novel and Netflix film Good Sam, intrepid reporter Kate Bradley is back in a story that BuzzFeed calls “mysterious, fascinating, and inspiring.” When burglars target the palatial estates of American billionaires in a series of high-tech heists, Kate must venture inside the world of the superrich to investigate the biggest story of the year.

Virtuous Scoundrel (The Regency Romp Trilogy Book 2) by Maggie Fenton

Historical Romance

Sebastian Sherbrook, a self-proclaimed scoundrel and the newly minted Marquess of Manwaring, returns to London after his estranged uncle dies, intent on reforming his rakish image once and for all. Yet through no fault of his own, he’s soon embroiled in the biggest scandal of the Season, and his secret plans to court the only woman he’s ever wanted are in shambles.

Happier Human: 53 Science-Backed Habits to Increase Your Happiness by S.J. Scott

Self Help and How to

Want to feel a little happier each day? Instead of waiting and hoping that happiness will find you, what if you: Could wake up every morning excited to face the day? Could subtract unhappiness wherever possible? It's not as hard as it sounds! All you need is to ditch the tired philosophies and put the right science-backed strategies into action today.