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14 Kindle Unlimited Books We Highly Recommend

Dive into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From slow burn romances to adventurous science fiction, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

We Are Ash (Chronicles of Ash Series Book 1) by Samara Stone

Fantasy / Paranormal

Meet Dolores and Ash – two unlikely friends brought together by chance. Snarky loner Dolores and elusive, eccentric Ash shouldn’t belong together. But they’re about to embark on a journey that flips everything known about mankind upside down.

The Hidden King (The Coming of Áed Book 1) by E.G. Radcliff

Fantasy / Paranormal

An epic, coming-of-age fantasy: When tragedy forces Áed to leave behind the miserable city of the Maze, he starts a new life in the legendary and magical White City. But there are secrets lurking in this city of kings — and Áed’s destiny will pull him into the fray…

An Innocent Halloween (Holiday Heat Book 1) by Katy Kaylee

Steamy Contemporary Romance

It’s just one Halloween night. Seriously, what could go wrong? Turns out, everything…. Alex Connor, the most eligible bachelor in the town. And me? An inexperienced doctor who has no time for filthy, forbidden relationships. But Alex seems…well…let’s say…different. Com’on, this is not a good idea. Period.

Earth Space Service Space Marines Boxed Set by James David Victor

Science Fiction

Genetically engineered aliens. Hostile encounters. Just another day for the Earth Space Service Marines.

Numbered by Crissi Langwell

Science Fiction

Noelle Edison thought she was ready to die. Just like everyone in the world, she's known the exact date and cause of her death, and she's spent her lifetime preparing for it. When she has 100 days left, she moves into River's End, a facility for the dying, and prepares to be pampered until she expires. But then she meets Ryder.

Educating Emily by Beverly Havlir

Erotic Romance

Friend zoned. Emily Sinclair has wanted Devlin McKay since...forever. How does she get him to see her as more than just the younger sister of his friends? Asking him to teach her how to drive a man crazy in bed is the perfect idea - all in the name of writing her article. Soon she is in over her head. And head over heels in love.

The Chatterbox Killer (Fortune & Fernandez Serial Killer Thriller Book 1) by Ian Patterson


A killer who likes to talk. A cop who likes to listen! A climax that could leave both men dead! NYPD Detective Dexter Fortune comes face-to-face with a predator he realizes he has seriously underestimated. Desperate to save the people he cares for, Fortune is lured into a violent confrontation in what Readers are calling the "Thrill-Read" of the Year!

The Death of Justice (DI Bliss Book 5) by Tony J. Forder


In book five of this Amazon bestselling series, DI Bliss and his Major Crimes team are up against their most dangerous and cunning foe. A cold case has become hot again after shooting and decapitation victims start mounting up. In a race against time, Bliss and his team put their own lives at risk. But will everyone survive?

A Place for Murder (Nick Steele Book 4) by Dave Vizard


Suzie Alvarez was living the American Dream when she lost her work visa on Michigan's Mackinac Island. It forced her underground and into the hands of predators. Before long, Suzie's brutalized body turned up on a dirt road near Traverse City. Follow news reporter Nick Steele as he follows her trail into the evil world of human trafficking.

Broken Promises (Past Imperfect Mystery Book 1) by Anne Willow

Cozy Mystery

Julia is just getting her life back on track when a mysterious package arrives containing an ornate letter opener. What seems like a simple mystery turns to murder, leaving Julia caught in the middle, unsure of who to trust. A bit of a paranormal twist occurs as she works to solve the murder and uncover the tragic history of the letter opener.

Free Fall (Fallen Duet Book 1) by Abigail Davies

Romantic Suspense

We were never meant to meet; our paths shouldn’t have crossed. And yet they did. Free Fall is book one in the Fallen Duet. A two-part, angst-fuelled, gripping tale of forbidden love, complete with a jaw-dropping twist you’ll never see coming.

Daughter of Shades (The Venatrix Chronicles Book 1) by Sylvia Mercedes

Young Adult

Ayleth and her shade move as one, ever hungry for the hunt. Under her mentor’s tight control, she fears her memories are being stolen. Now nineteen, apprenticed for as long as she can remember to the mysterious Holy Order, she longs to rise in the ranks and banish untamed spirits for the prophesied Golden Prince.

The Modern Cast Iron Cookbook: A New Generation of Easy, Fresh, and Healthy Recipes by Tiffany La Forge

Cookbooks and Nutrition

This isn’t your grandmother’s cast iron cookbook. For the next generation of home cooks, The Modern Cast Iron Cookbook serves up fresh and healthy recipes that reinvent the possibilities of cast iron cooking. Spring Green Shakshuka, Falafel Burgers with Mint Yogurt, Turmeric Seafood Paella, and more—these original recipes show you what you can do with classic cast iron cookware.

Southern Fried Skinnyfied: Delicious, Healthy Cookin' from the TY Ranch by Paige Murray

Cookbooks and Nutrition

From Our Ranch to Your Table! Hey, ya'll! I’m Paige Murray. A lot has changed since the release of Southern Fried Skinnyfied several years ago. I'm now married to Ty Murray, the King of Cowboys. I also became a step-mom to Kase and a mom to Oakley. My recipes have become more family-oriented and are perfect for an ongoing healthy lifestyle you can maintain.