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14 Kindle Unlimited Books On Our Radar

Looking for top-rated fiction that you can enjoy for free with Kindle Unlimited? From well-known bestsellers to self-published Amazon chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of eBooks that you’re sure to love. Happy reading!

One Night Boyfriend (Be My Boyfriend Book 3) by Victoria Snow

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Why, oh why did my new boss have to be the same person who claimed my V-card a few months ago! Alright, we were drunk, a little tipsy and I had been waiting for the perfect moment. My best friend’s wedding seemed like that perfect moment, except that the guy that I hooked up with that night turned out to be my best friend’s brother!

A Murder in Helvetica Bold: Thistlewood Star Mysteries #1 by C. Rysa Walker


Buried secrets can come back to haunt you. Journalist Ruth Townsend needs a good mystery to revive her weekly newspaper... but nothing ever happens sleepy little Thistlewood. Then Edith Morton is found dead at the bottom of her staircase. Can Ruth find the killer before she or someone she loves becomes the next obituary in the Thistlewood Star?

Fries and Alibis: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Book 1) by Trixie Silvertale

Cozy Mystery

A gift that’s too good to be true. A murder she didn’t commit. A barista in a latte trouble… Buy Fries and Alibis to serve up the guilty today! If you like amateur sleuths, small town intrigue, and a dash of the supernatural, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunit.

Revelations: A Reverse Harem Romance (Power of Love Book 1) by Roma James

Steamy Contemporary Romance

My best friend is dead, but I'm still here... She's gone and nothing can bring her back, but maybe Annie was onto something with this harem thing. Ready or not, here come Zach, Brennan, and Davis. Three military men and me. It's hard to believe, but now that I have them, I know I'll never go back to what I had before.

Blood and Sand (John Jordan Mysteries Book 23) by Michael Lister


On the night of her parents' Winter Soltice party, Magdalene Dacosta vanishes in the night never to be seen again. But how did this happen? The home was locked up securely and security cameras show no one entering or leaving the residence. John Jordan must figure out how this seemingly impossible crime was committed and who is capable of such wickedness before it's too late for another innocent.

The Red Rocks by Elizabeth Povarova-Simpson

Science Fiction

A technology-free wasteland. A new Wild West. Two men with a dark and sordid past. A woman with a tentative future. A crossing of paths that could destroy them all. If you love fast-paced novels filled with unexpected twists, then this dystopian page-turner is for you! Get your copy now.

Deadly Peril: Military Romantic Suspense (Stealth Security Book 5) by Emily Jane Trent

Romantic Suspense

Navy SEAL Thaddeus is the strong, silent type. He’s assigned as bodyguard to Jana, a fiercely independent and outspoken woman with a secret worth a lot of money. And she’s not pleased that her overprotective grandmother hired protection for her, even if he is the image of a Viking, all six feet three of him.

Stoking Her Fire: A Blue Collar Romance by Mila Crawford

Erotic Romance

I’d always loved her, even if she never knew. Growing up as Avery’s friend was the hardest part, especially when all I wanted to do was claim her as mine. But I was that awkward, geeky kid with the black-rimmed glasses, a social outcast. Time and distance had separated us, but I never forgot about her. My love for Avery never lessened. It only grew.

Sins by Soraya Naomi

Romantic Suspense

He's a notorious fighter. He kidnaps her, but nothing goes as planned. Everyone has an ulterior motive in this unique, explosive, and steamy modern historical romance, set in Chicago's ruthless underworld.

To Say Goodbye: A Sweet Romantic Tearjerker by Lindsay Detwiler

Sweet Contemporary Romance

An emotional romantic drama about love and loss. Feisty Sophia never shies away from life. Playful, romantic, connected - her marriage was the thing of fairy tales. But when tragedy strikes, Sophia is left to pick up the pieces of her life.

Stolen by the Fae: Paranormal Romance (Fae's Claim Book 1) by Laxmi Hariharan

Paranormal Romance

Mine to protect. Mine to claim... She is mine. DANTE: Enlisted by the Fae Corps and instructed to kill, there is no place in my life for a fated mate. Then I meet Gia. When she takes the hit meant for my target, I cannot let her die. So I do the only thing that will save her life... I form a soul-bond with the unconscious human.

Mr. OMG: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

Erotic Romance

The Big O has always been a big flop for me until I hear Mr. OMG on the radio. Let’s just say his voice and my finger make enough magic together that I see stars. For the first time ever! I call his show and ask for advice on my failing love life, and he tells me I need to loosen up and have some fun. That’s easier said than done until I meet Cole.

Dangerous Magic (Haven Lake Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Evie Hart

Cozy Mystery

When witch Avery Thorn returns home to the magical town of Haven Lake, the last thing she expects is a dead body to show up - implicating her in a murder before she's even unpacked her suitcase... If you're a fan of hilarious cozy mysteries with snarky talking cats and inappropriate ghost grandmothers, start the Haven Lake series today!

Man with the Mafia by Debra J. Falasco

Romantic Suspense

Author Deirdre Collins is ready for a new start, but she wasn't looking for a new man. Attorney Vincent Manetti has secrets he needs to keep, but he needs to keep Deirdre safe even more. If fate brought them together, will their pasts tear them apart?