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14 Kindle Unlimited Books You Won't Want to Put Down

Fall into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From fast-paced adventures to heart-warming tales, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Pretend Boyfriend (Be My Boyfriend Book 4) by Victoria Snow

Steamy Contemporary Romance

My grandparents need to see me ‘settled.’ I am disabled – I can’t see properly, my hearing is impaired. Hell…I can’t even walk properly. But I need the money badly. Which means I need to find a guy that they approve of... Dr. Lincoln Gallagher may be my perfect solution.

First Encounter (Ascension Wars Book 1) by Jasper T. Scott

Science Fiction

The Forerunners set out from Earth to colonize neighboring star systems. And to search for intelligent life… After a 90-year journey to reach Trappist-1, the crew of Forerunner One encountered not only a habitable world, but alien life already inhabiting it and dark secrets lurking beneath the surface.

Shoulder Season by Kathy Fawcett

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Snowed in at rustic Kerby Lodge by a holiday blizzard, can wise-cracking innkeeper Kay and her surly guest Daniel dig out of the snow and the mess their lives have become? In this funny uplifting tale of renovation, redemption, and romance, a vintage family lodge on Lake Michigan isn't the only thing that gets a second chance.

Colorado Cowboy Christmas (Peakview Series Book 5) by Jill Haymaker

Sweet Contemporary Romance

All Cynthia wanted was to escape the city and find herself in the Colorado Rockies, but the magic of the holiday season brought her more than she expected in the form of the handsome cowboy, AJ Coulter. Can two people from different worlds find romance at Christmas?

Dragon Protectors Boxed Set by Laxmi Hariharan

Paranormal Romance

8 snarly alphaholes. 1 HOT box set. Get 8 books for the price of 1. Binge read now! Every complete novel contains a super hot paranormal shifter fantasy romance with very satisfying HEA guaranteed! "I absolutely LOVE this series!" - 5-star Amazon review.

Snared Rider (A Lost Saxons Novel Book 1) by Jessica Ames

Romantic Suspense

Coming home was dangerous. Beth didn't expect to feel the pain of the past when she saw Logan, but old wounds are hard to heal. Falling for a biker was never going to be without drama, but can they get over their pasts and take a second chance at love? Find out in Snared Rider, the first book in Motorcycle Club romance series, the Lost Saxons.

Tangled Vines (Tangled Vines Saga Book 1) by Megan Mayfair

Womens Fiction

Escaping a humiliating scandal, Amelia seeks refuge with her aunt, Jill. Amelia quickly finds comfort in the arms of Frederick, a business owner battling for control of his winery, but as their relationship grows, an explosive secret in Jill's past threatens to re-surface. Can they find happiness or will history repeat itself?

Cleantech Con Artists: A True Vegas Caper by Jim Rossi

General Non Fiction

Fraud costs millions of us billions of dollars per year. So in Vegas, we made fraud prevention into an extreme sport. Grad student vs. con artist. Jim vs. X. Man bites dog, winner takes all. A true-crime comedy caper wrapped in a history of Vegas. "A nonfiction masterpiece... Investigative journalism at the highest level... exciting and addictive."

All-In (The Gamblers Book 1) by Sarah Curtis

Romantic Suspense

River Kingston does the only thing she knows to win enough money to save her brother from the mob... She hits the poker tables. At the elite tournament, The Omega One, River runs into - literally - the famous poker star, Alec Throne. And after catching her, he never wants to let her go. And when Alec Throne sets his mind to something… He's all-in.

Truck Stop Titan by Daniels, Krissy

Erotic Romance

I’m a firm believer in happily ever afters. So when my sister died, leaving behind a daughter, I swallowed my grief, dumped my boyfriend, and caught the first plane to Idaho. I wasn’t prepared to meet my niece, let alone be a single parent. But that didn’t stop me.

Shepherd's Warning: Sometimes you shouldn't go home... (The Elders Book 1) by Cailyn Lloyd


Lucas and Nate MacKenzie inherit an old mansion and bring their families to rural Wisconsin for a renovation project with HGTV stardom in mind. As they tear out old fixtures and open shuttered windows, the house begins to reveals secrets of a terrible past, Soon it becomes clear they are in grave danger. In the end, only one person can save them.

The Hold On! Trilogy: An Action Thriller (New Edition) by Peter Darley


Brandon Drake and his lover, Belinda Reese, find themselves in a race against time to stop a deadly, government conspiracy. When they discover Brandon has long-lost siblings, new allies are made, propelling them into battles with the police, corrupt Homeland Security agents, a sadistic human trafficking ring – and Brandon’s own inner demons.

Haunting of the Blackthorne House (A Blackwater Tale) by Bruce Knapp


Could the curse of a rural town warp Joseph Blackthorne enough to make him commit murder? The town of Blackwater is fraught with evil, which consumes us all, one way or another.

The Provocation of Detective Brooks (Hologram Book 2) by Nancy Miller


Detective Brooks is about to put the ‘case closed’ stamp on a fiery plane crash when a mysterious USB drive arrives in his mailbox. A USB with information that could change the entire case. Brooks decides to take another look. Sparks fly when Brooks interviews Samantha Bowman, a key witness, only to unearth evidence implicating her in a murder plot.