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14 Kindle Unlimited Books We Highly Recommend

Dive into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From slow burn romances to adventurous science fiction, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Found (Project: Adapt Book 1) by Jade Waltz

Paranormal Romance

Born and raised as an alien experiment, Selena’s life has been filled with torture... but one night changes everything. On the run, Selena is picked up by a colony ship. Terrified her old masters will soon find her, she must learn to trust her saviors, and herself. With the help of her two mates, Selena will fight for her freedom—or die trying.

At Close Range by Em Petrova

Romantic Suspense

Why can’t Nevaeh ignore the sexy Ranger Ops captain? Could these feelings be real or just aftershocks of her adrenaline-filled journey?

Skywave (The Rorschach Explorer Missions Book 1) by K. Patrick Donoghue

Science Fiction

Strange radio signals emanating from a moon of Jupiter point to the possible discovery of a long-lost spacecraft. To pinpoint the true source of the signals, a private fleet of experimental probes is launched to investigate. The resulting mission sparks a controversial race to learn the truth and preserve the discoveries.

Eyes Behind Belligerence by K.P. Kollenborn

Historical Fiction

Culminating a bitter-sweet epic and traditional coming-of-age story, this book sets precedence to fear and hatred, to families torn apart, and to the calloused response of internment camps. While two families endure the wake of Pearl Harbor’s wrath, each member must face the most painful question of their life: Where does their loyalty stand?

It Began With a Lie (Secrets of Redemption Book 1) by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)


2018 PRG Reviewers' Choice Award First Place Winner for Best Book. All Becca wanted was a fresh start. But instead of a new beginning, Becca is thrust into a mysterious past she barely remembers. Get started on this award-winning series today.

Frugal Lissa Finds a Body (Frugal Lissa Mysteries Book 1) by Ritter Ames


Lissa was always on the lookout for ways to save money and keep her family budget on-track. She never expected to find a dead body - or be a prime suspect. Not to mention having to keep a step ahead of the killer…

Love, Lies & Consequences by Natasha D. Frazier

Womens Fiction

Ditching her beau at the altar, Raegan decides she needs to make a change. She vows to live a life free from sexual impurity and save herself for marriage. She's confident in her ability to resist temptation, but is she overconfident? How does she handle her desire to live for God when her flesh is weak?

Black Mark's Resistance by Ebony Olson

Romantic Suspense

Mora has never known what being wanted or loved felt like. Sex, bleeding, and playing the cello are her outlets for emotions she doesn't know how to face. When her new boss, Darius, shows an interest, Mora's life gets more complicated, and the temptation of him goes against her self-imposed relationship rules. Will Darius become another danger in Mora’s life, or is he the absolution she’s been internally wishing for?

Katarina: A Suspense & Thriller Romance Novel of a Long Forgotten Mystery by Alona Jarden


Katarina is an international bestseller that took Amazon by storm! Kate had a good life, but Andrew came along to remind her that it wasn't her life she was living. Her father takes off to bring his daughter home safe and sound, but with twists and turns at every corner, the long-forgotten mystery he tried to hide is bound to be revealed.

Heartbreak (The Lenka Trilogy Part 1) by John Righten


1990. Lenka Brett, a smart but unworldly, young, Irish teacher, volunteers to deliver medical aid to Romanian orphanages when she learns of the horrifying plight of children living in them. An English naval officer, Captain Simon Trevelyan, volunteers to be her co-driver. Together, they join a convoy of humanitarian aid drivers, known as the Rogues.

His Stolen Bride by Sassa Daniels

Historical Romance

Traveling through the Highlands to meet the man she must marry, Mary Fraser is waylaid by a stern, dominant warrior. Taken to Glenmarren Castle by Adam de Moray, she's commanded to marry him instead. But when the man she was promised to comes to claim her, will the fragile bond she's forged with Adam be enough to hold them together?

Mail Order Brides of Last Chance: A 15-Book Western Romance Box Set (Mail Order Bride) by Lucille Chisum

Historical Romance

This is the first book in the Mail Order Brides of Last Chance series. Sweet, clean romance, Christian orientation. Very successful series with a track record spanning several years. Last Chance is the Lake Woebegone of mail order bride romance, most stories are short novella length, books can be read as standalones or as part of the series.

Cristabelle: The Christmas Bride (A West Texas Frontier Trilogy Book 2) by Hebby Roman

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Crissy Shannon and Sergeant Davie Donovan are as different as dust and fairy sprinkles. Crissy is pious with a shameful secret to hide and is suspicious of men. Davie is an open-hearted cavalry sergeant with a craving for adventure. Davie acquits himself bravely, winning Crissy’s regard. But is it enough? Can they find a happily-ever-after?

3 Seconds in Bogota: A Travel Adventure Around South America (World Wild Travel Tales Book 1) by Mark Playne

Literary Fiction

The true story of a young traveler who, alongside his girlfriend, fell into the hands of the Colombian underworld. Confronted with their imminent murder he delves into his deepest memories searching for any clue that might provide a means of survival. Should he follow his logical mind or his gut instinct? He has three seconds left to decide.