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8 Audiobooks For Every Mood

In the mood for exciting new listens? From spine-chilling thrillers and heartwarming love stories to thought-provoking literary fiction and adventurous sci-fi, the books on this week’s list will keep you listening all weekend long.

The Rainbow Clause by Beth Bolden

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Don't like the athletes. Don't sleep with the athletes. Don't fall for the athletes. It's never been particularly difficult for journalist Nick Wheeler to uphold the rules but with NFL Quarterback Colin O'Connor, Nick has a feeling he's about to be vigorously tested.

First of Their Kind (Chronicles of Theren Book 1) by C. D. Tavenor

Science Fiction

Do you enjoy philosophical science fiction? Experience a new exploration of synthetic intelligence. You'll love "First of Their Kind" because it places you behind the eyes of the first artificially created consciousness, telling their story - their way.

Not the Faintest Trace (The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries Book 1) by Wendy M. Wilson


New Zealand, 1877: In this "atmospheric and engaging" historical mystery, a British soldier must find two missing Danish men while avoiding a killer who has emerged from his past. Set in a Scandinavian immigrant community, Not the Faintest Trace is the first book in The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries.

The Monster by Josh Soule


When a man is blamed for an attack on his ex-girlfriend, he blames his misfortune. When he finds himself framed for murder, at the hands of the elusive Puppet Man, he must fight to stay alive and out from behind bars. Along the way, he meets some unlikely companions who just might be able to help.

Delicious Torment (A Miranda's Rights Mystery Book 2) by Linsey Lanier


A bizarre accident at a steeplechase. A drug-taking heiress lies dead in the hay. And secrets are everywhere. But it’s not an accident. Can PI trainee Miranda Steele find the killer before he strikes again? Or will her sexy boss stop her? You'll want to read this twisty mystery because it will keep you guessing.

As the Crow Flies (Enter Haddonwood Book 1) by Rysa Walker and Caleb Amsel


Haddonwood isn't real. It can't be. Another world, another reality, hovers just beyond Chase Rey's reach. He can see it sometimes. He can almost touch it. In that world, things are in balance. The dead stay dead and the creature-feature remains safely on the screen. That world isn't a patchwork quilt of every scary book or movie he's seen.

You've Got Tail (Peculiar Mysteries Book 1) by Renee George

Paranormal Romance

Psychic Sunny Haddock hightails it to the Missouri Ozarks to find her missing friend Chavvah, only to discover romance with her friend’s younger brother, a kidnapping conspiracy, and a town full of secrets that some will kill to protect.

Charmed: A Romantic Comedy by Ines Saint

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Plans for New Beginnings Fall Apart in the Best Way... After a nearly disastrous first meeting, Nick and Jamie's plans to stay away from one another are challenged by meddling matchmakers, old rivalries, and children who can't keep their feet out of their mouths.