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17 Kindle Unlimited Books to Kickstart Your Weekend

Feed your need to read with this week's astounding selection of books that are free on Kindle Unlimited. Whether you’re in the mood for marriage-of-convenience love stories or chilling tales of haunted houses, you’re sure to find a book here that you'll love.

Tuesday's Child: A gripping page turner full of twists and family secrets by Anya Mora


My daughter is dead. My husband and I cling to what’s left of our family, desperate to make sense of the tragedy. But when the sheriff knocks, he delivers news no mother should ever have to hear. Our daughter was murdered. And my son is the prime suspect. When we adopted eleven-year-old Holden, we weren’t wearing rose-colored glasses. But we never could have imagined this.

Advance (Animus Book 4) by Joshua Anderle and Michael Anderle

Fantasy / Paranormal

Kaiden Jericho's life just went sideways. He has been working odd jobs since the first school year ended. (People have to eat, right?) The problem? He isn't as prepared as he thinks he is. Out in the jungles of the Amazon, Kaiden meets a new set of nightmares, and death there is permanent. Even with all his previous training in the Animus, will Kaiden survive?

Let Me Show You (True-Blue Book 1) by Becca Seymour

Steamy Contemporary Romance

When a veterinarian and a construction worker connect, it takes mishaps, mistakes, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Rex to show them they’re made for each other. Book one in Becca Seymour’s low-angst, feel-good LGBTQ series, True-blue.

3 Cowboys For The Bride (A Naughty Cowboy Romance Book 1) by Pepper Swan

Steamy Contemporary Romance

We’ve been best friends since we were kids, and we’re still best friends, but can these rugged cowboys really be my lovers? It’s my biggest fantasy. Sparks fly when each cowboy vows to protect, comfort and shield me from my own misplaced guilt. Once the fire ignites, it’s impossible to put out and what happens next is sure to consume us all.

Grave Peril: Military Romantic Suspense (Stealth Security Book 4) by Emily Jane Trent

Romantic Suspense

Lela is on the run from the deadly cartel, then falls in love with her Navy SEAL bodyguard. He vows to rescue her from grave peril. He lost one woman, and refuses to lose another. But can he save her and find redemption through love?

Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror (Records of the Ohanzee Book 1) by Rachel R. Smith

Fantasy / Paranormal

A stolen throne, a defiant princess, and an ancient prophecy about to unfold. On the night of the masquerade, Nerissa’s life will change forever…

Minor Arcana (The Dark Emeralds Book 2) by Jerry Lambert


A year after Georganne Blaylock was almost murdered in a night of terrifying events, she is trying to get her life and career back on track. She and her business partner Tom Standridge have been hired by the handsome and enigmatic new conductor of the New Orleans Symphony to redecorate his historic mansion and have been tapped to design the decor for Réveillon.

Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series: Books 1-3 (The Raja Williams Series Boxset Book 1) by Jack Thompson


This set includes the first three books in my 10-volume mystery thriller series. These fast-paced crime thrillers will grab you right out of the gate and keep you turning the pages. Each book takes you to a new part of the world with rich, new supporting characters and a taste of the local culture. Grab a copy and dive right in.

Unexpected Marriage by Beverly Evans

Erotic Romance

I find myself accidentally knocked up and wed to my brother's best friend. But the worse part about it? I don't even remember the night it happened. Weddings are supposed to make people closer... For me, it all ended in a breakup. I thought I was prepared for the unexpected. I thought I knew what I wanted. But then my brother's best friend came back into my life.

Displaced (Alternate Reality Book 1) by Mark Anthony

Science Fiction

The year is 2040 and Eric Ryan hates technology. In an era where automated systems and A.I. robots perform most work obligations, scores of humans have lost their societal value. As these displaced people struggle with their new reality, Eric sympathizes with their hardship.

The Forbidden City Series by Melissa Addey

Historical Romance, Historical Fiction

18th century China. All girls aged thirteen to sixteen had to take part in the Imperial Daughters’ Draft so that the Emperor could have the first choice of every woman in his empire as a possible concubine. This award-winning series follows the interlinked lives of four real women who entered the Forbidden City and whose lives were changed forever.

The Navigator (Apollo Stone Series Book 1) by P.M. Johnson

Science Fiction

A century has passed since meteors laid waste to Earth and new nations have arisen. In North America, the Grand Guardian of the People’s Republic of America seeks to expand his empire. But on the eve of war, a leading scientist dies under strange circumstances, though not before he passes on a secret so powerful it could doom, or save, all humanity.

Thirst (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora) by DD Miers & Graceley Knox

Paranormal Romance

Sometimes, it takes a pawn to dethrone a queen: One girl. One Prophecy. Three lovers. Get ready for your new vampire obsession! Start the series readers are calling 'darkly delicious', 'Riveting' and 'the dawn of a new age of vampire' in this sexy reverse harem romance.

BLINDED (Elkridge Series Book 1) by Lyz Kelley

Romantic Suspense

Passion Suspense Secrets. The small-town sheriff is dead and conspiracies are everywhere! Join the couples in this tight-knit community as they are thrown into the suspense and romance of a lifetime. Binge read the lives of the Elkridge, Colorado residents and fall in heart-pounding love tonight!

Murphy’s Luck by Benjamin Laskin

Cozy Mystery

At first they question who he is - at last they’ll be questioning who they aren’t. A hilarious tale of mayhem, miracles, rotten luck, and the love it all inspires. Over 250 rave reviews!

The Dog Got It All: A Romantic Comedy Narrated by a Very Rich Dog by Bob McCullough

Sweet Contemporary Romance

This is a family feud-style romantic comedy about a dog who inherits his owner's $80 million dollar estate. The romance involves the dog walker who becomes the dog's caretaker, and the book is narrated by the dog.

Savior's Spell: A fae and fur urban fantasy (Spellcaster Series Book 1) by Gwen Rivers

Fantasy / Paranormal

Emma Slade burns for revenge and excels at kicking butt. At least human butt. But the fiends who murdered her family hopelessly outnumber the half-fae orphan. And the handsome, brooding werewolf claiming he can help might send her instead to her death.