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16 Kindle Unlimited Books On Our Radar

Looking for top-rated fiction that you can enjoy for free with Kindle Unlimited? From well-known bestsellers to self-published Amazon chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of eBooks that you’re sure to love. Happy reading!

Her Hollywood Heroes: A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James

Romantic Suspense

Three ripped Marines, bodyguards to the stars, vow to keep me safe. I'm not supposed to touch, but their gruff protectiveness makes me yearn for more. Three powerful men… no jealousy, no limits. My stalker doesn’t know who he’s messing with.

Santa Fe Mojo (Vincent Malone Book 1) by Ted Clifton


Big-time sports agent found murdered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He'd just informed his famous clients all of their money was missing. Teaming up with an ancient gun-slinging lawyer, Vincent Malone, down on his luck PI, follows leads to surprising ending. Unexpected twists will keep you guessing.

Tomorrow and Yesterday by Kris Francoeur

Literary Fiction

The air was so cold, it was hard for her to breathe. Who was she kidding? It could have been a balmy, sunny day, and she still would have felt the clogging tightness of her throat, air barely able to get through to her lungs...

Finished by Anne Holster

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Jess loses two things to hot-as-hell Finn Evans at the frat party - her underwear and her virginity! Does it matter that she's been fantasizing about him since middle school? Maybe, but it doesn't matter anyway because things go from bad to worse when she sees Finn again and realizes he doesn't even know it was her in the bedroom that night!

The Girl Box Set: A Rock Star Romance 4-Book Complete Series (Parker Saga 1) by Susan Ward

Steamy Contemporary Romance

The ultimate #1 bestselling rock star romance box set. Four full length novels at a super-saver price or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Here's what readers are saying about this epic love story: "The story is amazing, the writing draws you back—you have to know what happens next!” "A must read for rock star romance fans." "I couldn't put it down!"

Aliens Robots and The Apocalypse (A Five Book Bundle) by Jasper T. Scott

Science Fiction

Five sci-fi novels and four complete stories from million-copy bestseller Jasper T. Scott. Rogue Star: something is headed for Earth at over 500 miles a second. Under Darkness: an alien invasion in Hawaii. Into the Unknown: an interstellar cruise ship gets lost in space. In Time for Revenge: a time travel thriller about a man’s quest for revenge.

Absence: Whispers and Shadow by J.B. Forsyth

Fantasy / Paranormal

Lured by whispers to a frightening encounter with a strange creature, Della is forced onto a dangerous path that will change her forever. But in a world of ghosts and spirit demons, who can she trust? The boy whose dead sister haunts the lake? Or the enigmatic exorcist whose order she spent most of her life running from?

Unwilling From Earth (A Humorous Science Fiction Adventure) by Andrew Maclure

Science Fiction

Mark, an ordinary guy, leaves Earth and gets drawn into a multispecies alien war against his will. A fun action-packed science fiction adventure!

Gone With The Minion (Madder Than Hell Book 1) by Renee George

Paranormal Romance

To save her family, Liv Madder makes a demon bargain and ever since, she’s been haunted... by her three dead sisters, and her own guilty conscience. Can an old love, a group of geriatric paranormal hunters, and her sisters find a way to defeat the demon before Liv loses more than her soul?

The Highlander's Claim by Jessica Knight

Historical Romance

She’s the daughter of the sworn enemy of my clan. I disappeared from her life 10 years ago. Now I’m back to take her. To take what has always been mine. Our love was doomed from the start. But I wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Then a strange twist of fate left her wounded and in my care.

The Fever (Traces of Treasure Book 1) by Thomas Fenske

Cozy Mystery

The Fever is the first book in a trilogy of adventure mysteries that contain many of the familiar elements of cozy mysteries: quirky situations, an ensemble of likable characters, unlikeable villains, great dialogue, and lots of action. Join Sam Milton as he embarks on a quest for lost treasure but finds much more than he bargained for.

Seven at Two Past Five by Tara Basi

Literary Fiction

"Seven at Two Past Five is a truly mind-bending dystopian tale with a twist ending that may well lead you to examine your own belief systems. it's a wild ride!" "Rarely do I come across a book as original and stunning as this one. This is a book so stunning in its breadth and concept, that you will struggle to forget it! "

Hot-Tempered Hannah (Mail Order Brides Rescue Series Book 1) by Jo Grafford

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Gabe Donovan, notorious bounty hunter, is trying to outride an Arizona-sized hole in his heart from losing his sassy-mouthed partner in the line of duty. When the Gallant Rescue Society asks him to track a missing mail-order bride, he's shocked to discover her sketch is a dead ringer for his missing partner!

Angels in the Rough (Serve Series Book 4) by Cece Whittaker

Womens Fiction

In a small town in New Jersey in 1944, Annie is set to have that life she has dreamed of for so long. But when Sly inexplicably exits and Joanie’s fiancé doesn’t even communicate with her, the girls are immersed in a continuing mystery.

Double Blind (Thanatos Rising Book 1) by Tiffany Pitts


Deli is a petite spitfire who packs a lot of punch - jujitsu style. After her brother disappears from a high stakes negotiation, she finds herself in Hong Kong with a target on her back. His business partner, Carl, a tech geek with an aptitude for espionage, knows more than he says but she'll need his help to find her brother before it's too late.

Forbidden Sext (Accidental Stepbrother Book 1) by Stephanie Brother

Erotic Romance

Why is my perfect match the only guy I hate on campus? When I join the college dating app, I'm expecting to be matched with someone who's my type. Instead, I get the college prankster, Elijah. And I find myself left with two dramas. Elijah is going to be my stepbrother and is now totally forbidden. Oh, and the other thing is I'm carrying his baby.