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14 Audiobooks For Every Mood

In the mood for exciting new listens? From spine-chilling thrillers and steamy love stories to thought-provoking literary fiction and adventurous Sci Fi tales, the books on this week’s list will keep you listening all weekend long.

Reluctant Hood: An Urban Fantasy Fairy Tale (Red Hood Chronicles Book 1) by Kendrai Meeks

Fantasy / Paranormal

Chances are, you think Red Riding Hood ended when the hunter split open the wolf's stomach. You're so wrong. First, that's not what happened. Second, it still isn't over. A conspiracy dating back three centuries to when a little girl grabbed her basket and headed off into the woods hand-in-hand with a werewolf...

The Price of Scandal: A Bluewater Billionaires Romantic Comedy by Lucy Score

Steamy Contemporary Romance

An enemies-to-allies-to-lovers workplace romcom with a meet-nude, four lady billionaire BFFs, a hero whose many talents include styling hair and picking pockets, the best dang drag queen brunch in Miami, and a shameless romance novelist cameo.

Investigating Deceit (Opus X Book 3) by Michael Anderle

Science Fiction

You can’t hide from Justice when Justice has your scent. Jia and Erik are following up on crimes they run across, providing Erik with more hints that he needs to help track down the killers of his people.

Born To Magic (Tales Of Nevaeh Book 1) by David Wind

Science Fiction

What would you do if the future was in your hands? The post-apocalyptic epic sci-fi fantasy of the far future, Born to Magic (Tales Of Nevaeh Book 1) combines future societies ruled with magic that evolved from the science of the 21st century and the dark metaphysics released from earth’s destruction, 3000 years before our story begins.

Strangely, Incredibly Good (Strangely, Incredibly Good Series Book 1) by Heather Grace Stewart

Paranormal Romance

Nothing is going right in Cat Glamour's life, until a genie pops out of her Wii machine. A touching, funny, romantic adventure you won't soon forget.

Seized: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Book 2) by Tana Stone

Paranormal Romance

She was abducted by aliens... twice. Sent to rescue her, can the Drexian warrior put aside his desire and return her to be mated to another?

The Road to Delano by John DeSimone

Literary Fiction

Jack Duncan is a high school senior whose dream is to play baseball in college and beyond - as far away from Delano as possible. He longs to escape the political turmoil surrounding the labor struggles of the striking fieldworkers that infests his small ag town. Ever since his father, a grape grower, died under suspicious circumstances 10 years earlier, he's had to be the sole emotional support of his mother.

The Mutiny Girl: A Gritty, Action-Packed Florida Crime Thriller (Gold & Courage Series) by Karen S. Gordon


Vance Courage is reminiscent of Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman, with his plans for an ad campaign to jumpstart his flagging law career and morally conflicted life path. He's also navigating the dismal world of online dating, and his father just died. What else could possibly go wrong?

Dirty Blue (Dirty Justice Trilogy Book 1) by N. E. Henderson

Romantic Suspense

He was a primal she was tasked to bring to justice. Detective Brianna Andrews wasn't supposed to fall for the enemy. Forbidden love has never been this dangerous...

Girls of Glass by Brianna Labuskes


When the granddaughter of one of Florida’s most powerful judges disappears, it triggers a personal trauma for Detective Alice Garner: the kidnapping and murder of her own child. As a flood of painful memories comes rushing back, Alice sees herself in the guilt-ridden and emotionally fragile mother Charlotte Burke, who has become the target of a rush to judgment.

The Billionaire Boss Next Door (Billionaire Collection Book 1) by Max Monroe

Steamy Contemporary Romance

My new boss has it all. In spades. Gorgeous green eyes? Check. Hard-and-sexy body? Check. Intelligence? Check. Success? A big fat billionaire... Check. Too bad I haven't started out on the best foot.

Allie and Bea: A Novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Women's Fiction

An Amazon Charts bestseller. Humor and heart move the fast-paced journey of an unlikely pair coming together to form a family of their own in this touching story from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde.

Within the Woods: A Horror Novel by Tony Urban


For 12-year-old Garrett and his four best friends, the idyllic summer of 1989 crashes to a halt when his older brother vanishes. Something is very wrong in Sallow Creek, Pennsylvania. Something is turning their neighbors, their relatives, into unstoppable monstrosities... Monsters that are coming for them.

A Drop of Midnight: A Memoir by Jason Diakité

General Non Fiction

Born to interracial American parents in Sweden, Jason Diakité grew up between worlds - part Swedish, American, black, white, Cherokee, Slovak, and German, riding a delicate cultural and racial divide. It was a no-man’s-land that left him in constant search of self.