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14 Kindle Unlimited Books You Don’t Want to Miss

With an endless array of books available right at your fingertips, how do you discover top-rated titles that you're sure to love? That's where we come in! This week, our list features a wide range of stories to choose from, including riveting mysteries, mesmerizing Lit Fic tales, and much more!

The Trophy Wife by Sunday Tomassetti


On a foggy Palm Beach morning, Cate Cabot waits at a local cafe to meet her new friend for coffee—and a confession. At least that’s what Cate assumes based on the frantic voicemail Odessa left her hours earlier. Only Odessa never shows.

Undeniable Seduction - Complete Story: Billionaire Romance (Billionaire Romance in Manhattan Book 2) by Scarlett Avery

Steamy Contemporary Romance

This is the ultimate weekend hook-up for Ciara when a business trip turns into an unforgettable weekend of blissful pleasure with Nikolaj - the confident, powerful, impossibly sexy dirty-talking blue-eyed Danish billionaire with a seductive British accent. Can she allow the masterful seducer to dominate her?

The Atlantis Stone (The Stone Collection Book 1) by Nick Hawkes


Felicity discovers the ‘Atlantis stone’ when scuba diving in southern Australia. She is a history researcher. Benjamin is an indigenous Australian, with a traumatic past. An attempt on his life propels him into her world of history. They join in an adventure centering on a medieval treaty, a lust for gold, and a plot to rewrite world history.

Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set: The Complete Epic Adventure by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Fantasy / Paranormal

Armed with magic, a team of agents must infiltrate and eliminate an enemy bent on conquest. This thrilling fantasy adventure is filled with magic, intrigue, and betrayal, perfect for fans of Mistborn, Kingfountain, or Six of Crows.

Alana: An Epic Post Civil War Historical Romance (Sisters of War Book 1) by Monica Barrie

Historical Romance

Torn Between Honor and Desire - After the Civil War ravaged her plantation and destroyed the man she was to marry, Alana Belfores vowed to rebuild no matter the cost. What she didn't count on was the arrival of Rafe Montgomery, who changed her lonely, disparaged life with a passion she never knew possible. But nothing could have prepared her for the saga she was about to live.

Blackwell: The Prequel (A Magnus Blackwell Novel Book 1) by Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor


Amid the trappings of Victorian society, two men, bent on revenge, will lay the foundation for a curse that will forever alter their destinies. “... seamlessly blends mystery, magic and matters of the heart to create an enthralling read.” - RT Book Reviews. "A dark story of passion, revenge, and a Faustian pact." - New Orleans Magazine.

Repatriate Protocol (The Repatriate Protocol Book 1) by Kelli Kimble

Science Fiction

Hillary thought she was an average kid living inside the underground colony. But when she's offered the chance to actually go outside - something that hasn't been done for a thousand years - she finds it impossible to resist the potential excitement. Can she withstand the training program? And what happens to you, once you've gone outside?

Fae Captive (Tangled Fae Book 2) by Sarah K. L. Wilson

Fantasy / Paranormal

From USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson comes the second book in this stunning new fantasy series. Allie Hunter thought all she had to do was make an exchange to buy back her father's life. She was wrong. Mortals are so often wrong about the Faewald. Usually, that kills them, or mires them in bargains that will suck their life out sip by sip.

The Fire Escape Belongs In Brooklyn by Chuck Cascio

Literary Fiction

It's 1968. The world is falling apart for Mike Burns, a college sophomore haunted by the disappearance two years earlier of his "twin" cousin, Sally-Boy Boccanera. This National Indie Excellence Award Finalist is a story of love, loss, and the need to answer a haunting question: Can the gritty Brooklyn fire escape they loved as kids save them both?

The Beekeeper of New York: Love. Trust. Betrayal. Honey. by Summer Luqman

Literary Fiction

Yusra has spent a lifetime protecting her autistic brother, but when he is injured in a suspicious fall she discovers his secret life that she knew nothing about. But can she use what she's learned to help save his life?

The Virgin Club: A Romantic Comedy (Club Series Book 1) by Kayley Wood

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Sweet. Funny. Unputdownable. The Virgin Club is the successful debut novel of the hilarious and sweet Club Series. When her besties find love, Emma desperately wants a boyfriend. But when her blog post about her virginal status goes viral, Emma gets way more than she bargained for. Enjoy as a series or a standalone.

Bonded For Life (The Loose End Book 3) by Tesa Erven

Romantic Suspense

In the third installment of The Loose End Series, we find Sonya in a love triangle with her on-again, off-again relationship with a sexy firefighter, and the deejay of a popular nightclub she frequents. It's all fun and games for her until she finds herself in an unforeseen situation.

By the Light of His Lantern: A Novel by Abe Moss


A young man is cursed to wander a pitch-black world where monsters lurk around every corner, and death is not an escape… "Spooky Page Turner--My New Favorite Horror Author" - Five star Amazon review.

A Love So True (A Greatest Generation Love Story Book 1) by Caroline Mickelson

Historical Romance

As the Blitz ravages London, Emma Bradley accepts a job in the countryside so she can hide from the man who wants her dead. Despite her fears, Emma is intrigued by Andrej, the reclusive concert pianist she's assigned to live with. Although reluctant to trust each other, Emma and Andrej find themselves drawn together in a world torn apart by war.