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20 Kindle Unlimited Books to Cure Your Fiction Addiction

Cure your fiction addiction with this week's selection of Kindle Unlimited books! If you're ready to get swept up in a new story, take your pick from this week's list of books that are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

The Edge of it All (Mosauran Book 1) by Jessica Grayson

Paranormal Romance

As a Commander in the Terran space program, I never expected to wake up from cryosleep in a cage. When I’m rescued by a fierce Mosauran warrior, I am both grateful and wary. Soran is a Prince of the Empire, and his species is one of the most feared in the galaxy.

The Other Magic (Passage to Dawn Book 1) by Derrick Smythe

Fantasy / Paranormal

In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure, a mere slave, draws the attention of much more than just his master after wielding an unknown force in a moment of desperation. In a twist of fate, Sindri, the priestess hired to strip Kibure of his power, defies the law, revealing designs of her own.

Departing: A Thrilling Romantic Apocalyptic Series with Aliens (Earth's Only Hope Book 1) by Joynell Schultz

Science Fiction

The man of her (literal) dreams turns out to be real. Perfect, right? Never mind that he's an actual alien from space and his ship is infested with a deadly virus. Read this twisty sci-fi adventure today!

Tales Of Nevaeh: The Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy Series by David Wind

Fantasy / Paranormal

Welcome to Nevaeh - where magic has replaced technology. The 4 book box set of the sci-fi Fantasy Series of the Earth's future, Tales Of Nevaeh, brings you into the sci-fi fantasy world of earth's future, where ritual and magic combine with sword and sorcery, as ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark, formidable power emerges to threaten all.

Charming You (Thirsty Hearts Book 1) by Jayne, Kris

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Micky Llewellyn trusted men before - with disastrous results. Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan - a career at a top law firm and an engagement to the perfect socialite (he hopes). Fate throws Micky and Nick together, and in their struggle to balance love and ambition, they have to decide what they want before they lose the one thing that matters.

Stalking Jack: The Hunt Begins... (Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 1) by Madison Kent


Madeline Donovan feels an urgent need to leave her beloved home in Goose Island when the calendar shows it is nearly Christmas and she feels the memories of the tragedy will prevent her from enjoying the holiday in Chicago. But while traveling to London, she will learn of the Ripper's first victim and thus will begin her hunt for Jack.

The Gate Beyond Oblivion (Oblivion's Gate Book 1) by Ryan Kirk

Fantasy / Paranormal

As one of the empire's most skilled soldiers, Brandt is no stranger to combat. After he and his fellow wolfblades fight a merciless warrior armed with impossible magic, Brandt is left shattered. Searching for answers, Brandt stumbles upon a secret war, fought by a very few, that threatens the land he calls home.

Politicians, Potholes and Pralines (The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 6) by Colleen Mooney


No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. In Brandy Alexander’s case, no good deed goes without finding a body and a crime to solve. After work she joins her friend, Whit, to celebrate his Judge of the Year nomination. When she goes to return the jacket he left in the bar, she finds herself smack in the middle of a crime scene.

The Lost Link (Power of Fae Book 1) by Michelle Bryan

Fantasy / Paranormal

I die every night in my dreams. Add to that the hallucinations of people I've never met and creatures that don't exist, and you can see why I don’t let anyone in. People don't take well to weirdos that can't tell reality from illusion.

Before and After by Andrew Shanahan

Science Fiction

Ben is 601 lbs, diabetic, hasn't been outside for nine years and needs his leg amputated. He's the hero. As the world collapses, Ben and his dog Brown are trapped in their flat and soon discover exactly what they have to lose. Before and After is a best-selling science-fiction story that's about healthy living and plenty of dying.

Deceit: A Life Of Lies by Mark Hopkins


The events in room 201 of the Red Cove Travel Inn, in Fleetham, were about to turn the small, sleepy, Texas town into a hotbed of police activity. When local prostitute, Tessie Johanan, is found brutally murdered, it leaves Sheriff Robert Binder and Detective Alison Chaney with a gruesome mystery to solve.

My Life as Kelsey (My Life Series Book 1) by Victoria Anders

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Nothing amusing about working at an amusement park - until Stone Maverick Avery walks in acting like he owns the place. Sure, he’s hot with his designer sunglasses and rock star attitude, but the last thing I need is a guy with an ego bigger than the state of North Carolina messing up my simple life plan: Do well in school. Get a scholarship to college. Don’t become a teen mom like my mother did.

The Loose End by Tesa Erven

Romantic Suspense

After an unforgettable night together, he vanishes without a trace. Was he injured? Was he murdered? Where was he? Find out in The Loose End Series.

Their Cartel Princess: The Complete 5-Book Series by Logan Fox

Romantic Suspense

Binge read this intoxicating dark cartel reverse harem series today! All five books in the Their Cartel Princess series included: Her Merc, Her Don, Her Capo, Her Wolf, Her King. Their Cartel Princess is grimly dark and contains topics some readers might find triggering.

The Three Kitties That Saved My Life by Michael Meyer

Sweet Contemporary Romance

"This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day." When tragedy struck, I thought for sure that my own life was at an end. I was wrong. This is the true story of how two stray rescue cats and a woman named Kitty, whom I finally met after a wild ride of internet dating, brought love, romance, and laughter back into my life.

Sympathetic People by Donna Baier Stein

Literary Fiction

The beauty and frailty of human connections are depicted in these 13 short stories. The struggle of finding love, meaning, happiness in marriage, adulterous affairs, art, meditation, and life and death. Longing and loss manifest in the death of a son, a marriage ending, and the cultural shift characterized by John Kennedy's presidency and the moon landing.

Uncommon Relations: Who Should Be Forgiven? by Rosalind Minett

Literary Fiction

Terry's amazing encounter will change his life forever. Why can't he tell shadowy wife, Gudrun? Do they both have dark secrets? This psychological domestic drama offers many characters, moral dilemmas, bizarre situations but also humor. Will Terry ever discover what he really needs to know? Is Gudrun a heroine, a victim or a packet of trouble?

All the Teacher's Prisoners: Paranormal Prison Standalone Fae Dragon Shifter Romance by N.J. Adel

Paranormal Romance

I investigate a murder at a paranormal prison and end up behind bars with four psycho inmates. This is 550-page dark standalone RH with MM. You like vampires, shifters, monsters, devils and demons, faes, dragons and dark stories, this paranormal why choose romance is definitely for you. Download your copy now. Because you have to.

My Silver Fox Neighbor (Girls Playing with Fire) by Marissa Blush

Erotic Romance

When Lauren goes into a haunted house on Halloween dressed as Catwoman, her biggest fear is being arrested. She doesn't know about the grumpy Navy SEAL who spends his leave fixing up the house. When he finds her, she would do anything to stop him from calling the cops. Joe's hands-on method of teaching her a lesson has... unintended consequences.

Fries and Alibis: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Book 1) by Trixie Silvertale

Cozy Mystery

A gift that’s too good to be true. A murder she didn’t commit. A barista in a latte trouble… The first book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series. If you like amateur sleuths, small-town intrigue, and a dash of the supernatural, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunit. Buy Fries and Alibis to serve up the guilty today!