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8 Audiobooks You're Sure to Enjoy

Get out the headphones, plug in, and enjoy these riveting reads, available now on Audible,, Scribd, and Kobo Audio.

Not the Faintest Trace (The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries Book 1) by Wendy M. Wilson


New Zealand, 1877: In this "atmospheric and engaging" historical mystery, a British soldier searches for two missing Danish immigrants while avoiding a killer who has emerged from his past. Set in a Scandinavian immigrant community, Not the Faintest Trace is the first book in The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries. The first three books and a box set are available as audiobooks.

Sodenia: The First Space Bastion (Sodenia's War Book 1) by Luigi Robles

Science Fiction

Fain Jegga was just a boy when he witnessed the devastating alien attack firsthand and lost his parents. Now fully grown, he has trained relentlessly in a top-secret facility as part of ESAF’s search for Earth’s best answer to the alien threat. As one of the few who had successfully completed his training, he was led down a path in the facility only a few had seen before.

Back to You: A Sweet, Friends-to-Lovers, Military Romance (San Diego Marines Book 1) by Jess Mastorakos

Sweet Contemporary Romance

As Spencer starts his journey as a new Marine, Ellie doesn't hesitate to support his dream, even if she's struggling to find her own. But after one kiss changes their relationship forever, can they ever go back to just being friends? Back to You is a sweet, coming-of-age military romance about two best friends who are destined for more.

Born To Magic (Tales Of Nevaeh Book 1) by David Wind

Fantasy / Paranormal

The Internationally Best Selling book, Born To Magic, has been called a mix between Shannara and The Hundred, combining Post-Apocalyptic societies where the survivors have evolved by embracing scientific magic & metaphysical warfare. This Sci-Fi Fantasy series is based on magic that grew from the science of the 20th & 21st centuries.

Vanished?: A Swedish Crime Novel (Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 1) by Christer Tholin


She: a hot 30-something Swedish woman. He: a native of Berlin, on vacation in rural Sweden, seeking solace for his broken heart. But before their relationship can get off the ground, she vanishes mysteriously. So Martin sets out to rescue Liv from her captors, with the aid of two Swedish detectives in a race against time - and across Sweden.

The Valkyrie Returns (The Kurtherian Endgame Book 7) by Michael Anderle

Science Fiction

Mixing Bethany Anne and politics is inevitably going to cause an explosion. Unfortunately for the Federation council, she’s the only one with the power to take the fight to the Kurtherians. But not for long… Gödel wants her revenge for Qu’Baka. Unbeknownst to Bethany Anne, the Seven are approaching Devon. Gödel’s bold move has far-reaching consequences for everyone playing the game.

Tamed: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Book 1) by Tana Stone

Paranormal Romance

She’s been promised a dream wedding. The catch? She was abducted from Earth and her groom is a hot alien warrior with a bad attitude. He's a big shot commander used to being obeyed, but no way is she following HIS orders. Not when she's a socialite used to getting whatever she wants. Sparks will fly in this steamy sci-fi romance!

Secrets in a Bottle (A Whodunit Antiques Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Shelly West

Cozy Mystery

Abigail Lane is a petite spitfire and proud owner of a Great Dane twice her size. She's been struggling to make it in Boston when a call beckons her down to the cozy seaside town of Wallace Point. Now's her chance to meet a grandmother she never knew—if Grandma survives, that is!