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11 Kindle Unlimited Books Worth Reading

Book your weekend with these amazing Kindle Unlimited picks! Here you’ll find page-turning thrillers, steamy love stories, and riveting science fiction tales. Happy reading!

A Hare in the Wilderness (Kingdom of Durundal Book 1) by S. E. Turner

Fantasy / Paranormal

Forced into the Wilderness through no fault of her own, Ajeya has to fight to survive. Yet when a secret is revealed that will change her life forever; it’s more than her life that’s at stake. Best Fantasy of 2018 and Best Sword and Sorcery Series 2019. Independent Book Awards.

The Orb by Tara Basi

Science Fiction

"Simply put, it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I'm in love with Basi's writing, and this one is no different. It creates a world unlike any I've ever experienced, which is dark and gritty even while being relatable. I could NEVER have seen the ending coming."

Bet on Love by A.F. Zoelle

Steamy Contemporary Romance

I went to Las Vegas to marry my fiancée but married my best man instead. Considering I’m straight, I never imagined I would wake up in bed with a husband. We need an annulment to undo our mistake. But it turns out my feelings for him aren't as platonic as I thought. What are the odds my bad idea ends up being the best thing to ever happen to us?

Coastal Cousins (Coastal Adventure Series Number 2) by Don Rich


Marlin Denton has a family secret that just might get him killed; there are literally several billion reasons why. All he wants though is to continue living his life as a captain, guide, and outdoor writer on the Chesapeake Bay. He has no clue what he's about to discover, and how it will change the course of his life... forever.

The Moroccan Empire Series by Melissa Addey

Historical Fiction

11th century Morocco. The lives of four women become woven together. A healer bound by an impossible vow, a free-spirited Berber, a powerful queen, and a Christian slave. History, war, love, and magic come together in this gripping series which attempts to answer the question: why would a Muslim warlord leave his empire to a Christian heir?

Coyote Summer by Laura Koerber

Literary Fiction

Ben O’Rourke, his best friend Clint, and their classmate Claire were supposed to grow up to be wealthy, prominent people like their parents. They were private school kids, raised in the belief that they were obliged to turn expensive educations into prestigious positions in society. Actually, more than that. They were entitled to prestigious positions—at the top.

To Heal an Earl (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 1) by Alexa Aston

Historical Romance

Charlotte becomes a governess to three orphans after her vengeful half-brother tosses her from her home. When the children's new guardian arrives, she sees the former army officer is a flawed man, broken by his time at war. Can Charlotte walk away from a damaged man who desperately needs her - or will she leave before she loses her own soul?

Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café by Richard Dee

Cozy Mystery

Meet Andorra Pett; she’s taken over a café... On a mining station orbiting Saturn! She wants a quiet life but the café holds a secret. There are some dubious characters about, who can she trust? Where’s the café’s previous owner, Mike, gone? Andorra learns about life in orbit and how to run a café while trying to solve a crime and keep alive.

Fly by Night (A Gracie Andersen Mystery Book 3) by Laurinda Wallace

Cozy Mystery

A wind farm proposal has residents of Deer Creek choosing up sides. When a wind farm supporter turns up dead after a meeting turns violent, kennel owner Gracie Andersen finds herself with a long list of suspects and motives. Her cousin, Isabelle, unwittingly rounds up the suspects at a party and then things become interesting and dangerous.

Shutter House: A Tense Horror Thriller Novel by Rick Wood


Desperate for money to save her sick mother, Amber reluctantly agrees to rob a man’s house. After all, the man is ridiculously rich and lives in a huge mansion. What’s more, he soaked an innocent woman with his Mercedes. He deserves it, right? Whilst inside this house, Amber enters a room on the top floor. A room full of dead bodies.

How to Catch a Monster by Michael Yu


Eric hates taking a bath. Eric hates brushing his teeth. Eric hates putting on his pajamas. Let's face it, Eric hates getting ready for bed. Thankfully, Eric's mom and dad have the perfect plan to help their little boy. Find out what a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a monster have to do with it.