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10 Audiobooks You’ll Love Listening To

Looking for top-rated books that you can enjoy for free with your audiobook subscription? From well-known bestsellers to self-published chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of audiobooks that you’re sure to love. Happy listening!

Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy Book 3) by Kaydence Snow

Paranormal Romance

The thrilling conclusion to the Internationally Bestselling Evelyn Maynard Trilogy. Evelyn’s secrets have all been revealed, even questions she never thought to ask.

Cry Havoc: Metal Legion by C. H. Gideon

Science Fiction

The rebellion on Mars gains traction and threatens the greatest industrial infrastructure in the solar system. For all humanity, Solarians and Terrans join forces in an uneasy alliance. Can they keep it together when a new threat raises its ugly head? Count on Colonel Jenkins and Major Xi Bao to bring their best game with every single shot fired.

Dangerous Stakes: A Detective Liv DeMarco Thriller by G.K. Parks


Detective Liv DeMarco has been undercover for months, desperate to find evidence linking a club owner to a string of high-end car thefts, but she has nothing to go on until two exotic imports are stolen and a parking attendant is shot dead. Now bodies are dropping, and the thief turned killer has set his sights on Liv.

NanoMorphosis by Marla L. Anderson

Science Fiction

To save humanity from a depleted Earth and an alien threat, an astrophysicist seeks a new world for colonization while a nanotechnologist would change humans themselves, but it will be the woman caught between them who will shape mankind's future.

Whip Smart (The Loft Book 1) by Siena Noble

Erotic Romance

Scarred by her relationship with her cruel ex, Tera returns to her hometown, determined to open a club to be a safe haven where her secret desires can be fulfilled. But acting on those desires after the nightmare she escaped isn't easy. The chemistry between her and Eric is scorching, but Tera has baggage to spare. Can Eric break down her walls?

Sky High Stakes (Pacheco & Chino Mysteries Book 2) by Ted Clifton


Billy-the-kid wannabe takes over resort town, daring officials to stop him. Soon, he’s dead. Finding the killer takes many twists and turns to a surprising end.

Dead Man Calling: An Undertaker Novel (Undertaker Mysteries Book 1) by Kendra Ashe

Romantic Suspense

What do you get when you mix ghosts with a sexy werewolf, a crazy monkey, and a totally lost reaper? Utter Chaos! Jazz has just inherited a mortuary, which wouldn't be so bad except she has also inherited the ghosts that go with it, not to mention a murder mystery.

Malchus: A Christian Historical Fiction Novel (Upward Way Chronicles Book 2) by Madeline Brock

Historical Fiction

In 1834 Philadelphia, mute Malchus Hemmings is disowned by his father and adapts to life on the streets - he neither seeks nor welcomes companionship. Then he stumbles into the crude living quarters of two orphans during a storm... and everything changes! Hemmings learns the art of thievery from his companion and joins them in their daring escapades!

The Show Must Go On (The Show Girls Romantic Comedy Series Book 1) by Kate Karyus Quinn

Sweet Contemporary Romance

When Jenna's former fiance wakes up from a coma, she must return home and finally deal with the problems and people she left behind years ago.

How to Catch a Mermaid by Adam Wallace


A mermaid tale from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling "How to Catch" series! Many claim to have caught a mermaid, but can YOU? How do you catch a mermaid? You must be very clever. With mirrors, crowns, and pearls galore, this quest can't last forever!