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12 Audiobooks for Your Morning Commute

Looking for new stories to add to your audiobook playlist? We've got just what you need! The books on this list will have you looking forward to the hustle and bustle of your morning commute. Happy listening!

Juntto: A Supernatural Action Adventure Opera (War of the Damned Book 7) by Michael Todd

Fantasy / Paranormal

The team has to come to grips with a killer being allowed to live. The alien has to deal with the threat of paperwork. Will this effort to allow Juntto to redeem himself work? Or will Katie need to figure out how to kill him for good, when even the angels from above could only place him on ice before?

The Brother’s Creed Box Set: The Complete Zombie Apocalypse Series (Books 1-5) by Joshua C. Chadd

Science Fiction

Two brothers fight to survive the end of the world with their faith and humanity intact! Get the award-winning and best-selling series that has a combined total of over 580 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon!

A Good Bunch of Men: A Dickie Floyd Detective Novel by Danny R. Smith


Two murders. Two crime scenes. Two of L.A.'s most unorthodox homicide detectives find themselves in the crosshairs of a sniper as they battle gangsters, a sexy drug dealer, and their captain, who's had it with them both. The first in a riveting, hard-boiled detective series. "By turns funny, poignant, and exciting, remarkably authentic."

Song for a Lost Kingdom (Book I) by Steve Moretti

Fantasy / Paranormal

An aspiring cellist discovers a portal through time when her grandmother sends her a musical score lost for almost three hundred years. It connects her to another woman in Scotland whose family is divided in the Jacobite rising of 1745-46. Book I of a "time-travel page-turner" powered by music and an impossible love.

Song for a Lost Kingdom (Book 2) by Steve Moretti

Fantasy / Paranormal

Music is not bound by time... And Adeena Stuart is not bound by anything that will stop her from saving the man she’s fallen in love with, even though he’s been dead for almost three hundred years.

The Virgin's Choice: A Billionaire Love Triangle by Caleb Borne

Steamy Contemporary Romance

I'm in love with two men. I want them both. They're both billionaires... who could say no? I have to choose one. Noah is charming and seductive. Joel is sweet and ruggedly handsome. And me? I’m just a virgin with a hell of a choice to make.

The End of Hatred (Etherya's Earth Book 1) by Rebecca Hefner

Paranormal Romance

A Metallica-loving Slayer princess. A sexy, stoic Vampyre king. Their attraction is forbidden but they both crave peace. Can they join armies to fight a common foe or will their distrust and unwanted attraction ruin their alliance?

Mercy for Hire Mission Pack 1: Missions 1-4 (Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire Mission Pack) by J.S. Morin

Science Fiction

The galaxy’s worst bounty hunter just might be its most relentless hero. Esper is a vigilante Samaritian with more moral fiber than business sense. Any bounty hunter worth the title knows three rules: Collect half the money upfront. Never get emotionally attached. Don’t ask nosy questions.

Pink Bits by JB Heller

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Socially awkward Reagan has given up on love - but after an unusual run-in with her sexy neighbor, she suddenly finds herself in uncharted territory. Will Reagan get the happy ending she never knew she wanted? A hot, hilarious romance with over 1200 five-star Goodreads ratings!

After All (Cape Harbor) by Heidi McLaughlin

Sweet Contemporary Romance

From New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin comes a heartfelt story about overcoming great loss and forgiving past sins to find happiness again. Brooklyn Hewett returns to the town she vowed never to visit again, along with a lifetime of secrets.

Road to Delano by John DeSimone


A strike in the grape fields has ripped a quiet town apart. Jack does not know the real reason for his father's death. When he is given evidence his father was murdered, he digs deeper. This throws Jack into the strike led by Cesar Chavez. The Road to Delano is the path the two boys must take to find their strength, their duty, their destiny.

The Word Game by Steena Holmes

Womens Fiction

Every family has its secrets and every family remembers those secrets differently. Two sisters are forced to face their own painful past together to help a little girl they fear has a terrible secret similar to their own.