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16 Kindle Unlimited Books We Highly Recommend

Dive into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From slow burn romances to adventurous science fiction, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Hidden Part One (A Michael Sullivan Mystery 1) by Linda Berry


A gripping, modern western classic. A wounded Marine returns from combat to face brutal battles at home. While attempting to make peace with his abusive father, Sully discovers shocking family secrets and betrayals. Deeply resentful, he works with his father solely for the survival of the ranch. When murdering thieves kill a close friend, Sully and his Paiute companion track down the renegades.

The Darkness in Dreams: A Calata Novel (Enforcer's Legacy Book 1) by Sue Wilder

Paranormal Romance

Some men love for the moment. Others love for a lifetime. But a man who loves for centuries... The Darkness in Dreams is the first book in the imaginative Enforcer's Legacy paranormal romance series by Sue Wilder. Lexi doesn't trust him. Christan can't forgive her. Can they overcome the past to reclaim the love they lost? "You've spent lifetimes with him... aren't you even curious?"

FutureCon by Nowick Gray

Science Fiction

A spin under the new VR headgear sends programmer Joe Norton into fictional territory: an AI game of tough love, mind control, and true choices. At stake are Norton’s relationships, career and sanity. He has a new mission to fulfill—but his gift-wrapped scope rifle came with no instructions, no target or source, only a single bullet.

Eye Bleach by Paul E. Creasy


Dr. Sylvia Marstens is making a fresh start. The move to Silicon Valley is just the ticket to break out of her rut. Soon she discovers that sometimes the past comes back. Some horrors will not stay buried. In this terrifying thriller, Dr. Marstens finds that even she cannot escape her own dark history, because some things seen can never be unseen.

Leah's Seduction (Books 1-4) by Emily Jane Trent

Erotic Romance

Sexy, powerful Gianni Rinaldi is driven to meet the author of the sensual journal that stirred his desire. His quest leads to Leah, and he suspects that she may be the woman he seeks. But he is accustomed to dominating, and the relationship quickly spins out of control. Will Leah submit to his terms?

The Rocky Orchard by Barbara Monier

Literary Fiction

Why has Mazie returned to her old farm—her family’s summer home and a pivotal refuge throughout her life? While there, Mazie meets and befriends an elderly woman. Mazie is adrift on a sea of memory as she gazes toward the rocky orchard above the farmhouse when movement in the far distance captures her attention.

The Moroccan Empire Series by Melissa Addey

Womens Fiction

11th century Morocco. The lives of four women become woven together. A healer bound by an impossible vow, a free-spirited Berber, a powerful queen, and a Christian slave. History, war, love, and magic come together in this gripping series which attempts to answer the question: why would a Muslim warlord leave his empire of Morocco and Spain to a Christian heir?

Taken: Last Chance Series - 3 by A.L. Long

Erotic Romance

Alannah’s life was right on track. She knew what it meant to love and be loved. All of that changes when Winston Nelson steps back into her life and takes away everything she longed for. Hidden away where no one can to find her, Alannah once again has to submit to the man she swore would never control her again.

Healing the Heart of a Cowboy (McGuire Family Book 1) by MJ Andrews

Romantic Suspense

Aubrey is looking for a fresh start and has no time for broody sexy cowboys. She left a stubborn mule back in her old life. She won't have it in her new one. Remi is done with trying to find love. He's convinced he'll never find that one person. When the prissy interloper gives him hell, he fights the urge to fall at her feet. Can he hold out?

Fujita 4 by Terence Gallagher


What would you be prepared to risk to follow your conscience? How do the members of a family cope with their own personal grief when one of them dies in tragic circumstances? Should the will of the state always supersede personal morality and religious belief?

DOG GONE And DEAD: A Brandy Alexander Mystery (The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 5) by Colleen Mooney

Cozy Mystery

A Much Needed Vacation Turns Deadly. A weekend getaway at the beach with Jiff was just what they both needed, but their plans for a relaxing escape are ruined when Brandy discovers a dead body under a pier. Does A Dog Hold The Key To Solving The Case?

Daily #teXXXt (The FlirtChat Book 1) by Sarwah Creed

Erotic Romance

Seven men. One for every day of the week. Chicago University newspaper is going under and I need to save it. Everyone says sex sells, and what is sexier than a polyamorous relationship? One woman. Multiple men. Now that’s how you sell papers. I shouldn’t give up my v-card to save the paper. Or am I that desperate?

Under the Wicked Moon by Abe Moss


As the Jenkins family sleeps in their grubby motel room, a waking nightmare stalks the desert hills outside their door. The witches are hunting...

Capturing the Bride (The Kidnap Club Book 1) by Samantha Holt

Historical Romance

Miss Grace Beaumont is at the mercy of her uncle who is determined she marry the depraved Mr. Worthington. Desperate times call for…well, the Kidnap Club. Lord Nash Fitzroy has looked after many a kidnapee over the past few years, but none make him want to break the cardinal rules as much as Grace.

The Earl's Winning Wager (Lords for the Sisters of Sussex Book 2) by Jen Geigle Johnson

Historical Romance

Miss Standish in none too pleased to have become the responsibility of yet another Lord, even if he is full of charm and goodness. Her responsibilities are to her sisters first.

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon: A Sweet Small Town Romance (The Harrisons Book 1) by Alexa Bloom

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Tatum O'Connor is a woman in danger. She thought she'd found her happily ever after with the guy of her dreams—but now her life is more like a waking nightmare than the fairy tale ending she'd dreamed of. Fleeing for her life, she winds up at enchanting Lockwood Farm—the place she'd always dreamed of as a kid.