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19 Kindle Unlimited Books You Don’t Want to Miss

With an endless array of books available right at your fingertips, how do you discover top-rated titles that you're sure to love? That's where we come in! This week, our list features a wide range of stories to choose from, including riveting mysteries, mesmerizing Horror tales, and much more!

Chronicles of Lorrek Books 1-3 (Chronicles of Lorrek Omnibus Book 1) by Kelly Blanchard

Fantasy / Paranormal

Gripping. Emotional. Heart-wrenching. It's difficult to fight the darkness when it exists inside you. Sorcerer Lorrek walks a thin line between helping those he loves and being consumed by darkness. Sometimes the line blurs altogether.

Vampire Trials: The Summoning (The Vampire Trials Book 1) by Storm Song

Paranormal Romance

Every year in New York City, three humans from each sector are chosen to fight to the death in a twisted game to save the people they love from the vampire purge. This year Scarlett Johnson made history as the first woman ever chosen. Now she has to rely on the people she hates the most to help her survive and win the games-three steamy vampires.

Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles Book 1) by Chariss K. Walker


Mike Lewis has kept it a closely-guarded secret that he can see the future, assuming that no one would believe him anyway and fearing that if they did, his life would be in danger. Now, someone has found out and they will do anything in their power to capture him in order to understand his psychic ability.

The Judging (The Corescu Chronicles Book 1) by Ellen C. Maze

Fantasy / Paranormal

"It's DEXTER with fangs!" Vampire 5-Part Saga from Amazon Top-Rated Author Ellen C Maze. A man of God awakens as Vampire; now, the blood of killers calls to him. Is he a divine vigilante or a deluded monster? "Thrilling, thoughtful, with a touch of paranormal romance!" BDulos, RRB Editor (Christian Fiction, 13+)

Mean Crush (Unbroken: Mending the Hearts of Alpha Bad Boys Book 1) by K. L. Bryce

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Reed Walker. My best friend's gorgeous older brother. My former Mean Crush. A man I swore to loathe for all of eternity is back. And he's come to claim what he thinks belongs to him... ME. "Couldn't put it down!!!" "Awesome debut." "So addictive and gives all the feels." "This book will have you laughing and in TEARS..."

Stellar Fusion (Infinite Spark Book 1) by Elysia Lumen Strife

Science Fiction

This isn't the first invasion. After centuries of war and failed attempts to fight back, Earth sends a team of soldiers on a desperate recon mission. Their leader, the last survivor of the first encounter, is the Universal Protector's most important asset. Sergeant Atana can't explain why she knows what she does. But what she is changes everything.

Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge by Andrew R. Williams

Science Fiction

Mick Tarmy and Claire Hyndman are sent to Arcadia on a suicide mission by Samantha (a super droid) working for the Minton Mining Company. Once on Arcadia, they have to battle the Great Ones, their army of spettri, Arcadian Millipedes and Arcadian wolves.

Blood: A Diamond Doms Novel by Ivy Nelson

Erotic Romance

Elijah Barrett fell in love with a stranger in a nightclub. After a brief encounter, he can't get this angel out of his mind. But then she walks into his office for a job interview. Turns out she's no angel, but the daughter of the man who killed his mother.

The Hidden Hand of Death (The Jack Ryder Mysteries Book 1) by Lawrence J. Epstein


Jack Ryder is a fixer in 1942 New York. The Second World War has just begun and the city needs a lot of fixing. Ryder works out of his office - a back booth at an all-night diner. He deals with a missing sister, gangsters trying to kill a young woman. And Nazis who are stealing military secrets.

Where There's Smoke (Sugar Mountain Book 2) by Fullmer, Kirsten

Cozy Mystery

The charming little town of Sugar Mountain NC needs an additional firehouse. Now that the town is bursting with tourists, the fire department is spread too thin. Mayor Winslow and the town council don’t agree, but Sarah, the town’s kindergarten teacher, has seen firsthand the need for more firefighters. Sarah can’t stand by and leave her precious little ones in danger.

When We Were Brave by Karla M. Jay

Historical Fiction

When We Were Brave finds three little-remembered WWII stories that beg to be heard. Told with vivid detail and meticulous research, these stories involve complex characters who demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit set against a backdrop of evil and tragedy.

Children of Titan Series (Books 1-4) by Rhett C. Bruno

Science Fiction

From USA Today Bestselling & Nebula award-nominated author Rhett C. Bruno. The Children of Titan Series Quadrilogy is four complete books and 1200+ pages of gritty, space-opera action, perfect for fans of The Expanse and The Mandalorian!

Unexpectedly in Love: A Second Chance Single Mom Christmas Romance (Christmas Mountain Clean Romance Series Book 6) by Jean Oram

Sweet Contemporary Romance

A swoon-worthy hero, a single mom, a Christmas wish… and a happily ever after? Joy Evans is a single mom in a small town, and she might just be falling in love… With her nemesis.

The Empathy Engineer: A Novel by Sid Chattopadhyay

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Abir and Shyamoli's beautiful love in San Francisco is not accepted by his family back in India. They part ways and Shyamoli returns to India. Years later, Abir visits India for an "arranged" marriage and bumps into Shyamoli again. Will he be able to find the closure in their relationship that he had been seeking, or break multiple hearts instead?

Keeping Her Curves: A Billionaire Romance (Ian & Juno) by Christa Wick

Erotic Romance

“Plus-size model Juno Bell breaks into billionaire’s mansion estate.” I can already see the social media headlines now… Of course, with my luck, it isn’t the evil paparazzi who catch me in the act. It’s billionaire Ian Dekker himself.

Every Last Reason: Emerson & Delia (His to Claim Book 4) by Christa Wick

Romantic Suspense

I fell for her even though I knew better, and I walked away to protect us both. Now it’s three years later and I’m deep undercover with the FBI. Figures that the bikers I’m trying to take down would be targeting her; that’s just my damned luck. Ironically, she’s free to love anyone she wants now. But she doesn’t know that she can trust me.

One Last Gasp: A WWII Horror Thriller by Andrew C. Piazza


War is going to Hell. In this highly-rated horror novel set during World War II, a US Army unit must face both human and supernatural enemies in their fight to survive. Described as "Band Of Brothers" meets "The Shining", "One Last Gasp" will keep you turning the pages... and leaving your lights on at night.

Muted by Leanne Owens

Romantic Suspense

123 U.S. reviews - 112 of them are five star. An Australian horseman challenges a New York lawyer over the fate of the horses in her family's pharmaceutical laboratories. From the most tragic beginning you will ever read to soaring heights of joy and inspiration, the novel sweeps around the world in a riveting page-turner of suspense and love.

The United States of Vinland: Four Tales From Norse America by Colin Taber

Historical Fiction

Just over 1000 years ago the Vikings crossed the Atlantic and reached the Americas, but did not stay. What if they had? Could they have founded a brave new nation in the New World 500 years before Columbus had arrived? Join us as we begin a grand new adventure and rewrite history! Read this great set of four stories of over 1500 pages!