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12 Audiobooks You're Sure to Enjoy

Get out the headphones, plug in, and enjoy these riveting reads, available now on Audible,, Scribd, and Kobo Audio.

Campus Confidential (Doctor Rowena Halley Book 1) by Sid Stark


“Brilliantly-written and highly entertaining, a must read…” The Prairies Book Review. Doctor Rowena Halley needs a job. But it may cost her more than she’s bargained for. “A witty, thought-provoking romp through not only academia, but the halls of political and social strife.” D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

First of Their Kind (Chronicles of Theren Book 1) by C. D. Tavenor

Science Fiction

What would you do as the first synthetic intelligence? Dive into a world filled with corporate conspiracies, virtual worlds, and advanced AI. Theren's story begins in First of Their Kind.

Dark Rapture: A Captive Dark Romance by Logan Fox

Erotic Romance

A harrowing dark romance saga set deep in the heart of the depraved and sinister town of Mallhaven. Contains triggers and some content that may disturb sensitive readers. Please proceed with caution.

No More Shadows: A James Stone Thriller by Robert Clark


After narrowly escaping a brutal and terrifying death, James Stone is stranded thousands of miles from home. Broken and alone, he knows that every second of his life is now on borrowed time. If he stands a chance of seeing his family again, he'll have to fight harder than ever before. Because a promise is a promise, no matter who you have to kill.

A Winter of Wolves (The Jeff Trask Crime Drama Series Book 4) by Marc Rainer

Literary Fiction

Police Officers Are Being Murdered In Washington D.C. Based on actual events occurring in the United States, A Winter of Wolves is a gripping thriller that sheds light on how Islamic Cells are recruiting within prisons, creating immediate threats from within.

Soul of the Witch (Witches of Keating Hollow Book 1) by Deanna Chase

Paranormal Romance

Welcome to Keating Hollow, the village full of love, magic, and cupcakes, and where nothing is more important than family. At age eighteen, after a potion tragically backfired, Abby Townsend left Keating Hollow and her magic behind to find redemption. Ten years later, she’s back, and about to learn what it means to embrace the soul of a witch.

Hawk (The Boys of Summer Book 4) by Heidi McLaughlin

Sweet Contemporary Romance

The Boston Renegades are back! A single mom falls for ace pitcher Hawk Sinclair when he returns to his hometown to rehab an injury.

Bright Side by Kim Holden

Womens Fiction

An inspiring, life-changing story about the power of love in all its forms, having the courage to live life to the fullest, and ALWAYS looking on the bright side.

So Much More by Kim Holden

Womens Fiction

From the bestselling author of the Bright Side series, So Much More explores the dynamics of divorce, the bitterness of betrayal, the complexity of living with a life-altering disease, and the power of hope, redemption, and free hugs.

Last Summer: A Novel by Kerry Lonsdale

Romantic Suspense

Lifestyle journalist Ella Skye remembers every celebrity she interviewed, every politician she charmed between the sheets, and every socialite who eyed her with envy. The chance meeting with her husband, Damien; their rapid free fall into love; and their low-key, intimate wedding. But what she can’t remember is the tragic car accident that ripped her unborn child from her.

Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley

Historical Romance

In this complex and dangerous time, a young French Canadian lieutenant is captured and billeted with a Long Island family, an unwilling and unwelcome guest. As he begins to pitch in with the never-ending household tasks and farm chores, Jean-Philippe de Sabran finds himself drawn to the daughter of the house.