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17 Kindle Unlimited Books On Our Radar

Looking for top-rated fiction that you can enjoy for free with Kindle Unlimited? From well-known bestsellers to self-published Amazon chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of eBooks that you’re sure to love. Happy reading!

Royally Loved (The Royal Romances Books 1-5) by Mckenna James

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Escape into a fictional land of royals, where the men are filthy rich, hot as Hades, and accustomed to possessing any woman they choose. The women are independent, strong-willed spitfires who don’t necessarily need a man and might not be the most desirable candidates for princess status.

Curtain Call (Driven Dance Theater Romance Series Book 1) by Brianna Stark

Steamy Contemporary Romance

A dancer with a broken past and a tormented director. A last chance and a forbidden love. Can they be each other's anchor in the world of dance?

The Stone of Knowing (The Stone Cycle Book 1) by Allan Packer

Fantasy / Paranormal

Thomas Stablehand’s world changes when he finds an unusual stone. His new prize has the power to unmask thoughts, desires, secrets. But seeing into other minds isn’t like Thomas imagined, and dangerous enemies hunt the stone while invaders take the kingdom to the brink. The fate of kingdoms depends on mastering the stone's power and protecting it.

Trick by Laramie Briscoe

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Trick is a bad boy meets single-mother, contemporary romance. Read this standalone that checks all the boxes for a love story today.

Four Corners War (Pacheco & Chino Mysteries Book 3) by Ted Clifton


Money, sex and all known sins come into play in a small town drama that will take Pacheco and Chino into a conflict that will involve many of the good citizens of Farmington, New Mexico, and the nearby Navajo Nation.

Entangling (The Kirin Lane Series Book 1) by Kelley Griffin

Romantic Suspense

When Kirin’s father leaves her a Marine Corps manual filled with clues to find her mother’s killer, she’s forced to rely on the one man she shouldn’t. The sparks are real, but his loyalty isn’t clear and his boss wants her dead. Award Winning Novel and first in a series.

Her Billionaire Lifeguard (Vacation Billionaires Book 1) by Sophia Summers

Sweet Contemporary Romance

She won't even glance his way. Uninterested. Until she thinks he's just the lifeguard. Go figure. Then Trey discovers she's really the daughter of his deceased hero and business mentor. He will stop at nothing to help her even if it means pretending to be the hotel staff and hanging out in a local dive.

Mason Soulless B*stards MC Miami (SB MC Book 1) by Erin Trejo

Romantic Suspense

She called me Satan the first time we met. I became more interested in her. I made a deal with her boss to take her off his hands for a weekend. She agreed. Something happened that weekend, something that pushed her away. I wasn't ready to let her go. So I didn't. Her past causes drama for my club.

Killers, Bikers & Freaks (Walt Asher Thriller Series Book 1) by Andrew Allan


Life on the river was paradise… until the executioners arrived. Now, Walt Asher's friends, family, life — gone. No place is safe. He's on the run and — what’s this? Ruthless killers and conspirators hiding a dangerous secret. They’ll kill to protect it. And Walt's the next to die. Unless…

Tribulation (Cops Planet Book 1) by Jaydeep Shah


When a couple celebrates their eleventh marriage anniversary at their old mansion far from the city of Naples, Florida, they begin experiencing paranormal events. While trying to find out the truth of what’s happening, they encounter a girl wandering in the mansion. She is the girl whom the couple never wanted to see again in their life.

The Orb by Tara Basi

Science Fiction

"Simply put, it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I'm in love with Basi's writing, and this one is no different. It creates a world unlike any I've ever experienced, which is dark and gritty even while being relatable. I could NEVER have seen the ending coming."

Velvet Guild (Episode 1) by Ninya

Erotic Romance

Meet the steamy series that readers are calling "Realistic BDSM. If Netflix and 50 Shades had a baby, Velvet Guild would be that sexy beast. It's well-written, fast-paced, and hot. Keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time." An engaging realistic plot with heat that avoids all the cliches. Binge read all 8 episodes in Kindle Unlimited now.

Crying Woman Bridge (The High Country Mystery Series Book 6) by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton

Cozy Mystery

Haunted bridge, crying woman, missing baby! When Sheriff McQuede finds a terrified woman clinging to the railing of Mirabella's Bridge, he believes Rae Harris has thrown the infant over the bridge in a fit of despair. But she claims he was stolen by a ghostly figure she calls Mirabella. Did a ghost or someone very human steal Rae's baby?

The Women in Pants: Sidesaddles No More by Stan Himes

Literary Fiction

Book 1 of the exciting and inspiring series about a group of women who break boundaries by trading dresses for work pants to help a friend save her ranch. Recent reader reviews: "I think every young woman doubting herself in any way should read this book." "If you enjoy reading about strong confident and brave women, you will love this book!"

Inn the Spirit of Legends (Spirits of Texas Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Becki Willis

Cozy Mystery

When Hannah’s uncle gifts her a ‘town’ for her birthday, she discovers a historic inn, a handsome lawyer who oversees the trust fund, three resident spirits, legends of hidden treasure, and more danger than anyone bargained for!

Where Eagles Dance: A Saga of Early California by Marian Sepulveda

Historical Fiction

California history at its most exciting. Abby is the lone survivor of a wagon train attack, adopted by local Indians. She knows her destiny is to help her adopted people. Ride along on the first Overland Mail, visit early Los Angeles, meet colorful characters from history and from imagination. Romance. Indian lore, Spanish ranchos, adventure.

Crystal Dragon Saga Boxed Set: Books 1-3 (Crystal Dragon Omnibus Book 1) by Katie Cherry

Fantasy / Paranormal

I didn’t believe in magic until I was abducted and transported to Zilferia, a planet filled with creatures thought to be mythical. Amazingly, I discovered I am one such creature—part human, part dragon. Prophecy labels me a savior, but it also puts a target on my back. The Dragon Hunters, a bloodthirsty set of renegades, will stop at nothing to wipe me out. If I die, the entire realms will be crushed.

The Other Magic (Passage to Dawn Book 1) by Derrick Smythe

Fantasy / Paranormal

In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure draws the attention of much more than just his master after wielding an unknown force in a moment of desperation. In a twist of fate, Sindri, the priestess hired to strip Kibure of his power, defies the law, revealing designs of her own.