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11 Audiobooks to Help You Unwind

Had a busy week? Take some time to sit back and unwind with these irresistible audiobooks. Journey to new worlds, meet memorable characters and leave your stress behind.

It Began With a Lie (Secrets of Redemption Book 1) by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)


A fresh start. That was what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin would be for her troubled family. But instead of a new beginning, Becca is thrust into a mysterious past she barely remembers, one that threatens not only her sanity but her life.

Our Only Chance: An A.I. Chronicle by Ray Else

Science Fiction

The origin story of Android Einna, who struggles to understand the world and her place in it. The first book in the trilogy that is unique and mind-stretching.

Delicious Torment (A Miranda's Rights Mystery Book 2) by Linsey Lanier


A bizarre accident at a steeplechase. A drug-taking heiress lies dead in the hay. And secrets are everywhere. But it’s not an accident. Can PI trainee Miranda Steele find the killer before he strikes again? Or will her sexy boss stop her? You'll want to read this twisty mystery because it will keep you guessing.

The Recipient (Emerald City Thriller Book 1) by Audrey J. Cole


Sergeant Wade McKinnon knows who killed Samantha the moment he arrives at her crime scene. Problem is, he watched her killer die a year ago.

Christmas in Fair Bend (A charming small town romance) by Angie Ellington

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Lacey Myers is on the fast track to success. Living in Boston, working for a major retailer, and up for a promotion. Fate intervenes and sends her back to her hometown of Fair Bend, North Carolina. She hasn't spent more than a few days back home in ten years. She expects to get the job done and return to Boston without complication.

Fat Girl Slim: Chicklit with a wicked twist, sooo not a diet book by Marina Johnson

Womens Fiction

Carer to her controlling mother, 28-year-old Alison's only comfort is food. She's resigned to her miserable, overweight, and lonely life until one day she sees the person she would like to be and is inspired to change. So begins her journey of physical and mental transformation as she discovers she's not the person she thought she was...

Drow Triumphant: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (Alison Brownstone Book 15) by Judith Berens

Fantasy / Paranormal

It’s the beginning of the end. The other Drow princess and queen just don’t know it...yet. Agent Latherby requests Alison’s help on an off the books assignment that is more personal in nature. The government has basically said to leave it be, but after Alison and the team find out what it is, they can’t refuse.

The Paradise Protocol (An Intergalaxia Novel Book 1) by Anna Zogg

Science Fiction

Alone on a planet light-years from Earth, bio-scientist Aric thinks she's been abandoned by her research sponsor SARC. Is SARC punishing her? When Sean agreed to this mission, he expected to find a demented woman. He might find a way to save Aric's life if she submits to SARC. But if she won’t, SARC will use any means to silence them both.

On Deadly Grounds by Kaye D. Schmitz

Historical Fiction

On the eve of an international G7 Summit, event coordinator Mattie Maguire discovers that the venue, a century-old estate close to Asheville, NC, is more than simply a picturesque setting. It is also the center of political conspiracies involving a ruthless Russian spy ring that will stop at nothing to steal the massive fortune they believe to be hidden there.

The Cowgirl Takes Her Man (Bitterpill, Texas 78020 Series Book 1) by Barbara Catlin

Sweet Contemporary Romance

A marriage of convenience? It promises to solve all their problems: Terra’s ranch is in financial ruin… and Cameron can’t seem to tame his three motherless children — let alone his libido. But their simple, “fulfilling” solution soon turns into a fiery battle of wills. He'll be damned if he'll give her his heart, and she refuses to settle for less!

All the Teacher's Pet Beasts by N.J. Adel

Paranormal Romance

The last time my teacher laid a hand on me, he almost killed me. Vamps, shifters, twins, the devil, and a steamy hot teacher/student taboo romance. Download your copy now. Because you have to.