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15 Kindle Unlimited Books for Your Digital Shelves

Overwhelmed with all the amazing novels to dive into from Kindle Unlimited? We're here to help! Here's a list of some of the amazing Kindle Unlimited titles you should be reading, including captivating mystery, fantasy, and romance stories for your reading pleasure.

Tempted From Reason (Wake & Lacey): A Gruff Bodyguard & Sweet Virgin Romance by Christa Wick

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Trust me, I know she’s way too freaking gentle and innocent for my hardened, grumpy a**... There’s a reason I was hired to protect her by one of the few former military buddies I consider a friend. Because I’m the man people call to get the job done, even if the job is guarding the sweetest, most distracting woman I’ve ever known.

The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1) by NE Michael

Fantasy / Paranormal

The night of his murder, Raiden's father said he was special. Raiden never felt so, until the magical heroes from his visions came knocking at his doorstep. Thrown into a war raging with mystical creatures, deadly drones, and superpowered beings, Raiden must battle his way through the secret world of the Enlai to avenge his father. 4 book series!

The Dead Chill (The Sidney Becker Mysteries Book 2) by Linda Berry


A young Native American woman is found brutally murdered in a small town. Police Chief Sidney Becker, a highly skilled detective, is relentless. She won't rest until the killer is in custody. A blind Native American boy knows who killed her. Spooked, he flees into a snowstorm. A lone rider is hunting him. Sidney needs to find the boy quickly, before her only witness is silenced.

Wicked Liars: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Windsor Academy Book 1) by Laura Lee

Steamy Contemporary Romance

"Fueled by a Cruel Intentions meets Mean Girls storyline, WICKED LIARS is all the delicious drama, antagonizing angst, and heart-pounding pleasure, a breathtaking book that is SHEER BRILLIANCE from beginning to end." — Bookalicious Babes Blog.

Ignoring Gravity (Identity Detective Book 1) by Sandra Danby

Womens Fiction

5 stars - “A gentle romance interwoven between the puzzles, mystery & emotion of trying to find where the main character belongs”. First in the ‘Identity Detective’ series. Two pairs of sisters separated by a generation of secrets: Rose is confident about her identity except she's adopted and doesn’t know it.

A String of Silver Beads (The Moroccan Empire Book 2) by Melissa Addey

Historical Fiction

11th century North Africa. Kella is a girl disguised as a boy, traveling the trade routes and beating all comers in the camel races. When her true identity is revealed, she is sent home to the family desert camp to be taught women’s skills. But Kella yearns for her freedom and the excitement of life on the road...

Second Chances: Inspirational Box Set by Miralee Ferrell, Teresa Morgan, Janalyn Voigt, Melanie Campbell, Patricia Lee

Womens Fiction

Six full-length novels full of love, healing, and second chances make up this dynamic set. From London to Oregon to the Wild West, this set includes inspirational novels from award-winning and bestselling authors Miralee Ferrell, Teresa Morgan, Janalyn Voigt, Melanie Campbell, and Patricia Lee.

Solar Fury (Shattered Sunlight Book 1) by E.A. Chance

Science Fiction

Navigating life is no picnic for young widowed surgeon, Riley Poole, so when a global solar flare strikes - destroying the power grid and stranding her in Washington, D.C. with her teenage daughter - it will take near superhuman courage to find safe harbor in a world gone mad.

Unleashed: Bad Boy Fighter Romance (Fighting for Gisele Book 1) by Emily Jane Trent

Romantic Suspense

She swore off guys like him, but he may be the bad boy she can't resist. A mob princess and a champion bad boy fighter… what could possibly go wrong? She wants a normal life, somewhere far from the smoke-filled gambling dens of Vegas. He wants it all: the high-stakes life of a winning fighter with her at his side.

Oliver Winthorpe & The Race to Paris by Dominic Jennings

Literary Fiction

London, 1901. The city is preparing for a race like no other. Flying machines of all shapes and sizes will soon fill Hyde Park, and fourteen-year-old Oliver Winthorpe is desperate to join them. When he finds an ancient book filled with mysterious sketches, his dream becomes perilously close to reality. But at what cost…

Dueling Fates by Stephanie M. Allen

Fantasy / Paranormal

In the world of Erez, three kingdoms share a tentative peace. In the far west, Princess Isemay yearns for much more than frilly dresses and etiquette classes. While her twin sister, Alena, prepares for life as a monarch in a neighboring kingdom, Isemay roams the woods with her loyal cheetah, hunting dagger strapped to her belt

The Adulterer's Handbook: A Novel (The Adulterer Series Book 1) by Sam Anthony

Literary Fiction

I'm about to jump into the canal and pull her to safety when I stop at the edge of the towpath. What if I do nothing...? The must-read psychological thriller for 2020. If you're having an affair and you don't want to get caught, you must read this book. A love story, a betrayal, an accident, a murder? You decide.

Into The Other (The Other Trilogy Book 1) by Lorne McMillan


Suddenly trapped in another world filled with dangerous monsters and an infamous serial killer, will they survive or will the darkness claim them all?

Ballast Point Breakdown (A Rolly Waters Mystery Book 4) by Corey Lynn Fayman


On a cool winter evening, a speedboat hurtles across San Diego Bay and crashes into the Admiral’s Club where a farewell party for the Navy’s top-secret Dolphin Divers program is underway. As guests flee the ensuing fire, a woman named Janis Withers crawls from the inferno and screams her last words – Arion has returned!

Murder at the Seaside Hotel: A 1920's Historical Cozy Mystery (An Evie Parker Mystery Book 5) by Sonia Parin

Cozy Mystery

Fun 1920s Cozy Mystery. A vacation at the seaside is at risk of becoming a dull affair. Then a young woman dies right outside the hotel Evie and her entourage are staying at. Evie finds the perfect opportunity to distract herself. The local police think it is suicide. Evie has other ideas…