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8 Audiobooks You’ll Love Listening To

Looking for top-rated books that you can enjoy for free with your audiobook subscription? From well-known bestsellers to self-published chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of audiobooks that you’re sure to love. Happy listening!

The Prophet Conspiracy by Bowen Greenwood


An American tourist stumbles onto an archaeological secret that could forever change the balance of power in the Middle East. Suddenly terrorists want her dead and her only ally is a disgraced former government agent. To survive and bring the truth to light, Siobhan McLane will need to let go of her past and find new strength she never knew she had.

The Enceladus Mission (Ice Moon Book 1) by Brandon Q. Morris

Science Fiction

After a robot probe detected traces of life on Enceladus, a spacecraft sets out on the long journey to the ice moon. The crew must not only stand 27 months in space but also use a drillship to penetrate the thick sheet of ice that entombs the moon. If life does indeed exist on Enceladus, it could only be at the bottom of its salty ocean.

Hunter's Moon (Silvertip Shifters Book 1) by J.K. Harper

Paranormal Romance

Start the enchanting Silvertip Shifters series today! Wolf shifter Abby Kenyon belongs with sexy bear shifter Quentin Walker — except that wolves and bears just don't mix. Her pack's annual full moon mating run is his last chance to prove that only he can win the hunt for her heart...

Fate of Wizardoms Boxed Set: An Epic Fantasy Series (Wizardoms Omnibus Book 1) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Fantasy / Paranormal

1,000 pages of magic, adventure, & intrigue. Power. The ambitious thirst for it. But when a power-hungry wizard lord seeks to expand his rule, the balance of magic is altered, races of old return, and beasts of legend stalk the land. Fate of Wizardoms is an epic fantasy saga, perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, or Wheel of Time.

Chicken Scratch (The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series Book 1) by Becki Willis


Begin the award-winning series here! Madison Reynolds is starting over from scratch with two teenagers, one grandmother, zero husband, and a town full of busybodies. To make ends meet, she opens In a Pinch Temporary Services. After finding her first client murdered, her next job is that of an amateur sleuth. An Amazon Charts best-selling series.

Seal of Secrets: A Driftwood Mystery (The Driftwood Mysteries Book 1) by William Cook


When the Catholic Church's Seal of Confession prevents a sexual predator from being brought to justice, a mother must use her own wits and determination to rescue her kidnapped daughter. Described by one reader as having "more twists than a corkscrew about to open a bottle of fine wine," Seal of Secrets is relentless in its suspense.

Rafael (Stone Society Book 1) by Faith Gibson

Paranormal Romance

He's a Gargoyle King looking for his mate. She's the Chief of Police searching for a killer. When Chief Kaya Kane looks into a multiple homicide, it brings her to the elusive Rafael Stone's doorstep. The attraction between them is undeniable. Join Rafael and his clan as adventures unfold in this exciting shifter series.

Dianna: A Historical Western Romance (The Brittler Sisters Book 1) by Josephine Blake

Historical Romance

Not every mail-order bride falls in love with her groom... Not every mail-order bride is given the chance! Dianna Brittler isn’t interested in love anyway. She’s looking for an adventure. Sick of the stuffy life of a Manhattan socialite, Dianna takes a terrifying chance and rides West.