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21 Kindle Unlimited Books We Highly Recommend

Dive into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From slow burn romances to adventurous science fiction, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Beautiful Scars (Cruel Heroes Book 1) by Ariana Black

Romantic Suspense

She is a means to an end. Half my size and ten times as innocent. The job is simple. Ruin Meisie. Destroy her mother. Keep my business. It’s the target who is complicated. She’s broken. Scarred. Away with the fairies. And everything I never knew I needed. She wants to go home? I'll make sure she never leaves.

The InBetween (Painter Mann Series Book 1) by Dick Wybrow

Fantasy / Paranormal

Painter Mann is the world's best private investigator. Mainly that's because he's dead. A ghost. While hunting down a serial killer, Painter discovers something even more sinister - the dead are preparing to go to war against the living.

The Witch's Familiar: MM Paranormal Romance (Familiar Mates) by TJ Nichols

Paranormal Romance

He can hold lightning in his hand, but will love slip through his fingers? When Jude, an electromage, is sent to uncover what is killing cows in Mercy the last thing he expects to find is that the local mechanic, Mack, is a bear shifter... or that Mack is his fated mate. To survive they'll need to stop fighting the attraction and each other.

The Gospel of Pilate by Paul E. Creasy

Historical Fiction

For 2000 years, Pontius Pilate has been cursed. Now, a discovery will turn history on its head. In this historical thriller, Dr. Thomas Lampton has made the archeological discovery of a lifetime & forces will stop at nothing to keep it secret. Because now, after centuries of silence, Pontius Pilate will speak and his words will shake the world.

The Banished Lands by Benjamin Mester

Fantasy / Paranormal

A kingdom in danger. Darkness creeps into a world ill-prepared to face it. Durian is just a simple carpenter. So how could he be the only person in the kingdom able to stop a devious villain from returning? Book one of the epic fantasy adventure series.

Layered Lies (Kelsey's Burden Series Book 1) by Kaylie Hunter


No one knows I was a cop, let alone a mother. They see me as someone who laughs, loves, works hard, and surrounds herself with an odd collection of friends. But while deceiving those around me, I hunt my enemies. And when I find them — and I will find them — they will regret the day they messed with my family...

The Mirror Shop by Nicholas Bundock


The Mirror Shop offers you the opportunity to share in the daily life of the English country side filled with intrigue and romance. The Mirror Shop is a well written psychological page turner in the genre thriller / suspense that will keep you engaged till the end. For lovers of the English country-side, complete with deceipt and murder. Enjoy!

Wizardoms: Rise of a Wizard Queen (Fate of Wizardoms Book 5) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Fantasy / Paranormal

A woman claims a crystal throne, granting her the power of a god - an act long forbidden. With her rise, the world trembles. As thrones of power fall vacant, one insatiable wizard seeks to increase his might. He never suspected a wizardess might foil his scheme.

The Road to Newgate: A London Murder Mystery by Kate Braithwaite


Love & lies in 17th century London. When the death of a prominent magistrate convinces everyone that Titus Oates' Popish Plot revelations are true, only Nat Thompson dares to call Oates out as a liar. In this fact-based novel of fake news and terror plots, Nat must risk his new marriage, his friendships, and even his life, to reveal the truth.

Bumped by Sibylla Nash

Womens Fiction

Elle Nixon thought she had the perfect life. A publicist to music’s hottest stars and in love with a handsome, charismatic millionaire, a baby on the way should be the cherry on top of a charmed life. Before she can break the news to her boyfriend, he mysteriously disappears in the middle of a high-profile FBI investigation.

Forbidden Inheritance by L. Paul Dorsey


All families have scars. Some less visible than others. In this small town, family struggles don’t discriminate. They bridge the past and present, affecting both rich and poor. For years, a father was haunted by something unspoken. As his health deteriorates, the line between truth and deceit blurs. Family dynamics crumble.

Lupine (Spell Library Book 3) by Hanleigh Bradley

Paranormal Romance

They say I'm their princess! Who are they kidding? I'm an orphan, not the long lost princess of a wolf shifter mafia! There's no telling them that though. They're utterly convinced and nothing I say or do is going to convince them otherwise. Lupine is a paranormal reverse harem romance.

A Sense of Guilt by Deirdre Palmer

Womens Fiction

Your best friend dies, all because of you. How do you go on? Layla shares her grief for her friend Danni with Danni's parents, Melody and Reece. But her relationship with them has become unhealthy. Layla needs to break away. But how can she, when only she knows the part she played in Danni's death? Moving on is never that easy...

Thorn (Uncommon Enemies Book 4) by Fiona Quinn

Romantic Suspense

A fast-paced action-adventure of unwinding conspiracies, covert operations, and military scientific secrets. A U.S. military scientist's daughter, Juliette, was snatched from the streets of France, and she’s in immediate danger. In an international game of cat and mouse, Thorn and his team of ex-special forces operators are sent to the rescue.

Deep Wood by Margot Scott

Erotic Romance

She was a gorgeous runaway, a pistol without a safety. I was a jaded mountain man, tired of the city. She had demons on her tail, but I'd die before I let them sink their claws into this green-eyed angel. I put my life on the line to keep her safe, because nobody lays a finger on this Mountain Daddy’s baby girl.

While You Walked By by Regina Felty

Literary Fiction

A young homeless boy. An old man who had lost everything. An unlikely friendship that brought healing to both. Ben is surprised when a homeless boy shows up late one night behind Angelo’s Bakery - so young, so vulnerable. His name is Aden. A heartfelt coming-of-age story about the hope that can be found even in the most desperate circumstances.

The Substance of All Things: a novel by Sam Harris

Literary Fiction

Theo Dalton is six years old when his hands are irreparably damaged in a horrific car accident that takes his mother's life. Six years later, during the sweltering summer of 1968 in rural Oklahoma, Theo meets Frank, a Native American outcast, and learns that he has the ability to heal through his disfigured hands. As he explores the extraordinary, Theo desperately attempts to remain an ordinary boy.

A Confusion of Murders: A funny, heart-warming and poignant, murder mystery. by Marina Johnson

Cozy Mystery

Louise’s life is dull but normal until her father begins seeing things and she makes a shocking discovery about herself. Will her life ever be the same again? To make matters worse, strange events start occurring in Frogham – a person goes missing, there’s a bizarre case of dog-napping and there appears to be a murderer on the loose...

House of the Last Man On Earth by Robert B. Marcus Jr. and Ryan B. Marcus

Science Fiction

Convinced that his bizarre neighbor might be a part of a hostile alien agenda, Richard Johnson, along with his set theory teacher and her brother, embark upon a soaring and treacherous journey through space and time to try to prevent the extinction of mankind. But the aliens are far more advanced: is there any hope they will be successful?

His Property: A Dark Romance by Allison West

Erotic Romance

I'm being hunted by men. The same men that murdered my mother want me dead. Caught. I belong to the king and his sons. Forced to bare myself and do anything I'm told, no matter how humiliating it may be. This steamy collection contains three full-length stories, including Emerald Virgin, Sapphire Sacrifice, and The Amber Voyeur.

The Devil's Bedtime Stories (Volume 1) by Lorne McMillan


A collection of stories that will haunt you and make you think. From a man who wakes up to find there’s no way out of his apartment to a couple driving down the street who see their exact doubles, this book of stories is one strange ride.