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12 Audiobooks to Play on Repeat

Treat yourself to new audiobooks! If you're looking for spellbinding stories to add to your audiobook playlist, we've got just what you need. Get out the headphones, plug in, and listen to these captivating reads again and again.

Rise Like a Goddess (Surprise Goddess Cozy Mystery Book 1) by April Canavan

Cozy Mystery

Surprise, Arizona... where the gods cause havoc and mayhem... and only one goddess can solve all their problems. Evangeline Lewis is unlucky, to put it mildly. Fired on her birthday? Check. Crazy visions? Check. An adventure that might change her life? Check.

Broken Rules: Hanleigh's London (The Rules Series Book 1) by Hanleigh Bradley

Steamy Contemporary Romance

A one night stand with CEO bad boy and all around "manwhore" Landon Peters will change Aurora's life, if she'll take a risk and break some rules.

Fractured Souls (Hellbent Halo Book 1) by E.A. Copen

Fantasy / Paranormal

Rogue wizard Josiah Quinn never met a rule he wouldn’t break. Even though he knows he’ll face plenty of backlash from both good and evil, he braves the fires of Hell to spring Satan’s captive daughter. But before they return to their lives, he’s got to track down the missing pieces of her soul...

The Awakened (The Lazarus Chronicles Book 1) by Richard Spillman

Fantasy / Paranormal

2000 years ago, Lazarus was resurrected from the dead and founded a secret organization: SOAR. Since then, more of the resurrected have joined SOAR to battle Satan's slaves, the UnVeilers. The threat escalates as both parties race for a secret left by Jesus. The fate of mankind may rest in the hands of a shy, newly-resurrected computer programmer.

Pin-Up Pilot: A Hero Club Novel by Claire Raye

Steamy Contemporary Romance

An independent and strong female pilot falls in love with a young, arrogant playboy amidst a push for pay quality in the male-dominated airline industry.

The Road to Delano by John DeSimone


It’s 1968, and a strike by field workers in the grape fields around Delano. Jack Duncan has earned a baseball scholarship to UCLA. When Jack discovers that his father, a prominent grower, was murdered, he is compelled to dig deeper. This throws him and his best friend, Adrian Sanchez, the son of a field worker, into the labor conflict led by Cesar Chavez.

Every Reasonable Doubt (Vernetta Henderson Series Book 1) by Pamela Samuels Young


Can two headstrong female attorneys put aside their personal differences long enough to defend the biggest murder case of their careers?

Fractured (A Mark Thurman novel Book 1) by Thomas Kelso


Trauma surgeon Mark Thurman and stem cell scientist Claire Hodgson can heal fractures in days. They test their methods on former Navy SEAL, John Bristow, who was ambushed and left for dead. Events spin out of control when the killers realize he survived. Thurman finds himself launched on a quest to save the patient to whom he owes his life.

Stolen by the Fae: Paranormal Romance (Fae's Claim Book 1) by Laxmi Hariharan

Paranormal Romance

I'm a trained assassin. Enlisted by the Fae Corps and instructed to kill, there is no place in my life for a fated mate. Then Gia crashes into my life. When she breaks out of my lair, I will do anything to get her back. Gia is MINE.

Impact Point (Spire Novel Book 2) by Simon Rosser

Science Fiction

Mysterious whale deaths. A quest for meteorite fragments. A future global cataclysm... Impact Point is a fast-paced mystery-thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. If you like James Rollins, Brett Battles, Clive Cussler, and James Bond action-adventure, you'll love the Robert Spire Action Thriller series.

Finding My Forever (The Beaumont Series Book 3) by Heidi McLaughlin

Sweet Contemporary Romance

What happens when the sweet talking British bandmate of 422 West, Jimmy "JD" Davis visits Beaumont for Liam & Josie's wedding and falls for the bridesmaid?

Angel's Trap (The Secret of the Oxpen's Angel Book 1) by Lei R. Tasker

Womens Fiction

Young Paige move to Oxford and wanted to start her new life but it takes a turn for the worst. She discovers secrets that she should have while working with a university professor. Her life started to take a turn for the worst, as a series of anonymous and cryptic text messages lead her deeper into the shady underbelly of the university.