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12 Kindle Unlimited Books Worth Reading

Book your weekend with these amazing Kindle Unlimited picks! Here you’ll find page-turning mysteries, steamy love stories, and riveting fantasy tales. Happy reading!

Flirting With First (A Belltown Six Pack Novel Book 5) by Sophia Summers, Heather B. Moore, and Rebecca Connolly

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Ryker Stone, one of the famed Belltown Six Pack, loves what no one else notices in Trista McKinney. But when co-star and heart throb, Trevor Dayton, starts a social media campaign, competing for her attention, and Ryker’s baseball schedule and pressures amp up, Ryker lays it all on the line to win her over forever.

In My Wake: A Breathtaking Psychological Thriller With a Killer Twist by Ruth Harrow


A devastating day once tore Hannah's childhood village apart. Now someone from the past threatens to reveal secrets that could destroy her new life. She is left looking over her shoulder at every turn as her life unravels. The close community is shaken as terrible secrets and unspeakable truths are awoken and it seems everyone has a secret to hide…

Rejecting Destiny: The Underworlds by Dennis Scheel

Fantasy / Paranormal

Expect the unexpected when dealing with the devil. Denida and Nina grieve their son’s murder differently. She lashes out, while he seeks to change the past. An insatiable need to right the injustice drives Denida to consider Lucifer’s offer to keep the Darkness from targeting anybody else he loves.

The Judging (The Corescu Chronicles Book 1) by Ellen C. Maze

Fantasy / Paranormal

"It's DEXTER with fangs!" "5 Enthusiastic stars for the vigilante vampire!" Dr. Mark Corescu kills sinners for God, drawn to them by their darkest thoughts. All's well until a new acquaintance turns his head (and his heart) causing him to question his bloodthirsty calling. Dive in / 5 novel series!

Heart of Hope (Books 1-4) by Ajme Williams

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Over 11,500 combined individual book copies sold! 400 plus reviews on individual books. Four standalone romance novels that will melt your heart. Books included: Our Last Chance, An Irish Affair, So Wrong, Imperfect Love. Download your copy of this special bundle deal now. Mature audiences only.

The Unpopular Sheriff by Andrew Allan


Sheriff Pete's job is to protect the citizens. But, they hate his guts. They think crime is rising. They don’t feel safe. And now there’s a mafia assassin lurking in town. Ride along with Kansas law... as Sheriff Pete stands off against his doubters and a murderous mafia in the dusty, deadly plains of the Midwest.

Double Entendre (Lesbians in Leather Book 1) by Mistress Black Rose

Erotic Romance

Quinn's ambition to promote is nearly killing her. When a coworker suggests she hire the mysterious Mistress Jade and give BDSM a try, she's hesitant. She gets roped in and soon realizes The Lifestyle is exactly what she needs! All is peachy until Quinn's faced with an epic dilemma that might cost her everything, including her beloved Mistress.

Black Mark's Resistance by Ebony Olson

Romantic Suspense

Mora has never had an easy life. Physically and mentally abused by her mother, she’s never known what being wanted or loved felt like. Her only relief? Sex, bleeding, and playing the cello. Now, her new boss has shown an interest in her. Will Darius become another let down in Mora’s life, or is he the absolution she’s been internally wishing for?

The Secret Obituary Writer: What if obituaries told the truth? by Amy Martinsen

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Lizzy's secret job is to write obituaries that tell the truth. When several strange emails come, questioning a man's death, she must seek the help of handsome detective Clark... who has a few secrets of his own. As they work together to find the truth, will Lizzy uncover more than she can handle? And will it cost her the job - and man - she loves?

Run Baby Run (Daddy Loves You Book 1) by Margot Scott

Erotic Romance

When a handsome stranger offers to take me in, I figure it’ll be temporary. Growing up in foster care, I never dreamed I’d feel at home with an ex-cop twice my age. But Jonah’s need to protect me goes beyond a warm bed. With him, I feel sweet. Soft. Precious. Like nothing bad can hurt me. Too bad the monsters lurking in my past have other plans.

Bride or Die (Annabelle Archer Wedding Planner Mystery Book 16) by Laura Durham

Cozy Mystery

The wedding planner is finally getting married! The last thing Annabelle Archer wants to do the week of her own wedding is deal with a former bride. Especially when a hurricane already threatens to derail her destination wedding plans. Can Annabelle and her colorful crew save her wedding and help the bride find her missing husband?

Killing the Story (The Isabel Long Mystery Series Book 4) by Joan Livingston


Isabel Long’s on her next case — proving a small town newspaper editor’s death wasn’t an accident after all. Perhaps she was pursuing a story that put her life in danger. The local police chief makes it clear Isabel is not welcome, but then again, he and the victim have a dark history. Could there be a connection? Isabel is about to find out.