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10 Audiobooks to Help You Unwind

Had a busy week? Take some time to sit back and unwind with these irresistible audiobooks. Journey to new worlds, meet memorable characters and leave your stress behind.

The Chosen Knights (Secret Knights Book 1) by Mary Ting

Fantasy / Paranormal

Vampire, witches, angels, and demons. Urban fantasy lovers' dream. Takes place in Hawaii. They must travel back in time to the Knights Templar era and find the missing pages and the treasure. SILVER AWARD WINNER YA FANTASY - READERS' FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BK. A page-turning mystery with a supernatural twist that entertains to the last page.

Royally Schooled (The Royal Romances Book 1) by Mckenna James

Steamy Contemporary Romance

They come from two different worlds. Their love goes against centuries of tradition. But he doesn’t give a damn. Maggie: The royal family needs a tutor. Someone they can trust. Someone who isn’t swayed/distracted from their duties by working for royalty. I’m perfect for the position, since I don’t know the first thing about English royalty.

Crimson by Arthur Slade

Fantasy / Paranormal

The queen wants her dead. So Fen has chosen to raise an evil god from the grave. Will the world survive the coming war? It's YA epic fantasy at its finest. By bestselling author Arthur Slade.

Murder on the Down Low (Vernetta Henderson Series Book 3) by Pamela Samuels Young


Prominent African-American men are being gunned down on the streets of L.A. The victims are all educated, attractive, and successful family men. But appearances can be deceiving.

Broken Promise (Beyond Series Book 1) by Andrea Smith

Paranormal Romance

Parrish Locke, a 27-year-old fashion model, discovers quite by accident (literally) that she has a gift, and one she'd like to return. Under special circumstances, Parrish can communicate with the dead. Stalled souls who need her help to pass over. She's about to engage on a journey that will show her what true love is, and should be.

Skywave (The Rorschach Explorer Missions Book 1) by K. Patrick Donoghue

Science Fiction

No one wants the U.S.S. Cetus Prime story to come out. It threatens to expose long-held secrets about what happened to the crew and the aliens they encountered near Mars. But that doesn’t matter to Col. Paul Morgan and his colleagues. They want to know what became of Cetus Prime’s astronauts, regardless of the consequences their search may cause. *Also available on a Chirp deal through September 27*

Rise Of The Grandmaster by Bradford Bates and Michael Anderle

Science Fiction

Some people just knew how to go out in style. Tim had never been one of those guys. Tim was always a planner. The plan was to get into college, graduate, and find a well-paying job. That plan was coming together nicely until he saw a presentation to get paid to play The Etheric Coast. At his graduation ceremony.

Fries and Alibis: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Book 1) by Trixie Silvertale

Cozy Mystery

A gift that’s too good to be true. A murder she didn’t commit. A barista in a latte trouble… If you like amateur sleuths, small town intrigue, and a dash of the supernatural, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunit. Buy Fries and Alibis to serve up the guilty today!

Whip Smart (The Loft Book 1) by Siena Noble

Erotic Romance

Scarred by her relationship with her cruel ex, Tera is desperate for a fresh start. She has big ambitions and a host of unfulfilled secret desires. But acting on those desires after the nightmare she left behind isn't easy. She has baggage to spare, yet so does Eric, and their scorching chemistry can't be denied. Can he break down her walls?

Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak

Erotic Romance

Miles fell in love with the girl next door when he was eight-years-old. When she disappeared in the foster care system, it felt like a piece of him was missing. So when she shows up in his life again with a different color hair and a new name? It doesn’t fool him. And this time he'll do whatever it takes to keep her.