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14 Kindle Unlimited Books You Won't Want to Put Down

Fall into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From fast-paced adventures to heart-warming tales, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Million Dollar Musician by RB Hilliard

Steamy Contemporary Romance

I had it all - fame, fortune, and all the sex a man could ever want. In one moment I lost it all. Stepping back into the spotlight as a coach on a talent show was a challenge I was ready for. I wasn't ready for Wynne Benfield. She was the total package and she was off-limits. I am Sander James. I don't play by the rules... I make them.

The GODD Chip (The Unity of Four Book 1) by K. Patrick Donoghue


Set in the year 2137, this post-apocalyptic technothriller takes place amid the aftermath of the Genetic Revolution of the 2070s, an era during which the craze of designer babies and gene replacement therapies led to generations of horrible mutations and the eventual worldwide ban on DNA alterations.

Rose By Any Other Name (The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series Book 10) by Becki Willis


It’s summertime in Texas, when temperatures — and tempers — soar. A mysterious woman moves to The Sisters, and the tongues start wagging. Who is this Rose Belvedere? Why did she move here, of all places? Was that a body the movers stuffed into the van? Calls flood into the police department, but without probable cause, Chief Brash deCordova can’t do much more than make an inquiry.

The Girl I Left Behind by LE Hill


Sophie knows what it’s like to live with secrets. For years she has been trying to run away from her past. But now it is time for her to confront her demons. Her unsuspecting husband knows nothing about her past. And when she confronts her abusive step-father, she starts to wish that she'd left the past where it belongs - dead and buried.

Logan: Brotherhood Protectors World (The Guardian Agency) by Regan Black

Romantic Suspense

When Allison’s boyfriend turned violent, she left him immediately, but the incident shattered her confidence. Now her ex is back and the harassment is escalating. Fortunately, her friend Logan vows to protect her. Can he also help her find a way to trust again? If you like fast-paced suspense and best friends to lovers romance, you'll love Logan!

Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Collection (Books 1-3) by Tana Stone

Paranormal Romance

3 books. 2 never-before-seen bonus epilogues. 700+ pages of steamy sci-fi romance and gorgeous alpha aliens. Hot alien warriors in need of mates. Earth women with no one to miss them. There are worse things in life than being abducted by alien warriors THIS hot. Prepare yourself to be taken captive by the Drexian warriors.

Cold Peril (Stealth Security Book 1) by Emily Jane Trent

Romantic Suspense

Navy SEAL Garrett Flynn vows to protect a beloved movie star. He wants to meet the younger sister of a marine who died in battle. But when he shows up at one of her charity events, a shooter’s sudden attack compels him to be the gorgeous movie star’s bodyguard. He is haunted by a dark secret that may be the clue to why the killer is after Marlene.

White Lake by Susan Amond Todd

Sweet Contemporary Romance

White Lake is a story of family, friendship, love, loss, life, and self-discovery every woman can relate to. Cynthia Lewis wakes up one day thinking her life couldn't be any better. By the time she goes to bed that night her whole world has caved in. Can she put it back together? Find out why women are loving this book and the sequel Return Home.

Return Home (White Lake Book 2) by Susan Amond Todd

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Return Home is the sequel to the popular White Lake. After being in England, Cynthia Lewis goes back to her life on St Simons Island where people have changed but she hasn’t. And what about Daniel? Why can’t she fit into a new life? Even her job doesn't work out. But when an unforeseen tragedy occurs, she's forced to face fears and future head-on.

Starcaster by J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert

Science Fiction

Star Wars meets Mass Effect in this riveting military sci-fi fantasy thrill ride. Get your copy of STARCASTER by JN Chaney & Terry Maggert just launched on Amazon for 99¢.

The Adventures Of Sam The Speedy Sloth: Playtime In the Rainforest by Matthew Ralph


Still think sloths are slow? Well, think again! Sam The Speedy Sloth is back again, and he’s still just as speedy… and clumsy! Packed with colorful rainforest and cute animal illustrations, this non-rhyming picture book follows Sam The Speedy Sloth as he goes on a rainforest adventure. This is a sloth book like no other.

Autism Runs Away (The School Daze Series Book 2) by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

Womens Fiction

A small boy who flees in panic. His autism makes him vulnerable. Will this new school know what to do? His mom's distraught. The last school didn't want Ethan, said they didn't know how to handle him. Can she trust these new teachers to understand? To protect her son? This is the sequel to the award-winning Amazon bestseller "Autism Goes to School".

Children of the Miracle: A dystopian thriller (The Children of the Miracle Series Book 1) by Daniel Weisbeck

Science Fiction

In a dark future, the Sanctuary of Americas has been running genetic experiments on humans with animal DNA to stop a deadly virus which took humanity to the brink of extinction. The result is the Chimera, a hybrid human species which are immune to the virus.

Seven at Two Past Five by Tara Basi

Literary Fiction

"Seven at Two Past Five is a truly mind-bending dystopian tale with a twist ending that may well lead you to examine your own belief systems. it's a wild ride!. Rarely do I come across a book as original and stunning as this one. This is a book so stunning in its breadth and concept, that you will struggle to forget it! "