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16 Kindle Unlimited Books on Our Radar

You deserve new books! If your goal is to find an exciting book to relax and unwind with this weekend, you've come to the right place. You'll be more than satisfied with the great selection of stories on this week's list.

Plague Unleashed (The Intern Diaries Book 2) by D. C. Gomez

Fantasy / Paranormal

Death’s Intern, Isis Black, is not prepared for her next challenge: the walking dead. With zombie-like people walking the streets of Texarkana, the stakes are higher than ever. Especially since it’s up to Isis and her team — a talking cat and a boy genius — to find the person responsible for spreading this plague.

Lies Behind The Woods by Bradley Cornish


He thought he witnessed a kidnapping. He thought he did the right thing. He thought he was a hero. He thought, he thought. Until his thoughts came back to haunt him. Steve Breiten is a college professor who has a long line of failed relationships behind him. All he wants is a long vacation in the mountains, free of drama and responsibilities, where he can relax, read, and maybe even start writing his book.

Engage at Dawn: First Contact by Edward Hochsmann

Science Fiction

The discovery of a drug-runner's derelict boat, with extensive and inexplicable damage, leads Coast Guard Officer Ben Wyporek and his crew on a dangerous mission to locate a crashed alien vessel before a transnational criminal organization, known as the 252 Syndicate, can find it.

Murder in the Third Act: A 1920s Historical Cozy Mystery (An Evie Parker Mystery Book 6) by Sonia Parin

Cozy Mystery

Humorous 1920s cozy mystery. Evie’s hosting skills are tested when she entertains a lively group of people, including her granny, Toodles. However, she gets more than she bargained for when one of the guests dies right before their eyes.

Vardin Homecoming: A Small Town Mystery (A Vardin Village Novel) by Maggie Spence


Six former friends from Vardin Village reluctantly reunite eight years after the devastating homecoming weekend that tore apart their lifelong friendship.

Filthy Little Pretties by Trilina Pucci

Steamy Contemporary Romance

If Gossip Girl and Cruel Intentions had a baby, this book would be it. Welcome to the world of New York's elite. Where old money and new blood serve up all the most delicious scandal - and Hillcrest is no exception. Brother's turned to enemies. Lies told. Hearts torn apart. Prep school's never been so scandalous.

Expectant Moon: An MM gay paranormal romance (Gladstone Shifters Book 1) by Alexander Elliott

Paranormal Romance

Gay Alpha, Ben Blair, leads the charge for equality and ignites a divisive controversy. While forces are at work to silence them, the Gladstone shifters find love, acceptance, and purpose in a time of monumental change. Discover the unexpected in EXPECTANT MOON! (Book 1 of 3. Contains steamy M/M content.)

Beachhead: Invasion Earth by Chris Lowry

Science Fiction

A man with an obsession... And the ragtag team who will help make it happen. When aliens invaded, they killed his family. Now Lt William "Don't call me the Kid" Bonney has a mission. Kill every last one of them. Grab book one in the series and join the uprising.

Gia The Not Giant Giraffe (Proud To Be Unique Series Book 2) by Matthew Ralph


Giraffes have long necks, right? Think again! Full of colorful animal illustrations and set in the beautiful African savanna, this rhyming picture book follows Gia, a giraffe with a not so giant neck, as she goes on a journey of self-discovery. This is a giraffe book like no other.

Tank (Dark Falcons Book 2) by Em Petrova

Romantic Suspense

Losing her best friend isn’t an option — what would she do without him? Scarier question is… what will she do if she doesn’t act on her growing feelings?

Machiavellian (Gangsters of New York Book 1) by Bella Di Corte

Romantic Suspense

She hungered to be seen. He killed to stay hidden. Can the prince of New York and the girl no one sees find love in such a savage world? Machiavellian is the first of three books set in the savage world of the Gangsters of New York series.

PROTECTION: sex, revenge & romance (Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series Book 2) by Ken Ross

Erotic Romance

A gunshot, then three gals rush into a guy's flat, and his life will change forever. This suspense story delivers shocks when they're least expected. There's sex, and more sex, painting a picture of unbridled lust and physical depravity, but there are many surprises as the story unfolds and leads the reader to a world of sadness and explanation.

Touched By You: Books 1-4 by Emily Jane Trent

Erotic Romance

Tanner Clarke is a gorgeous billionaire with dominant tastes, and Natalie loves him from the first moment. Even his possessiveness can’t push her away, because he is the only man Natalie will ever love. Tanner knows that he is bad for her, yet he must have her. But can he find love in his heart?

The Women in Pants: Sidesaddles No More by Stan Himes

Womens Fiction

In book one of the popular Women In Pants series, women trade dresses for work pants and take the reins in an adventure laced with humor and emotion. Reader review: "I think every young woman doubting herself in any way should read this book. The ending found me smiling for each character in the story. Kudos to the author!"

Looking for Clara: A Novel by Simona Grossi

Womens Fiction

Her life has become a single, low note. Will an Italian escape strike a joyful chord in her soul? If you like deeply drawn characters, vivid settings, and romantic secrets, then you’ll love Simona Grossi’s life-affirming novel.

The Fire Escape Stories (Volume 1) by Chuck Cascio

Literary Fiction

Two cousins born on the same day in the same Brooklyn hospital think they will always have one another and the gritty fire escape they love. But their lives slowly head in different directions. Prepare to laugh, cry, and remember.