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16 Kindle Unlimited Books On Our Radar

Looking for top-rated fiction that you can enjoy for free with Kindle Unlimited? From well-known bestsellers to self-published Amazon chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of eBooks that you’re sure to love. Happy reading!

The Wishing Tree in Irish Falls by Jen Gilroy

Sweet Contemporary Romance

With lost dreams and lives that haven't turned out as they once planned, single mom Annie and divorced dad Seth no longer believe in wishes. But in a small town with a wishing tree, can they find second chances, healing, and happily ever after when they least expect? A heartwarming, feel-good romance for fans of Emily March and RaeAnne Thayne.

The Song of the First Blade (The Bladeborn Saga Book 1) by T.C. Edge

Fantasy / Paranormal

In the heart of Vandar, as dark forces close in, Elyon, a gifted Bladeborn, fights for his family’s survival. In the war-torn northlands of Tukor, a servant girl with a mysterious past is forced on the run, propelling her on a journey that will change her world forever. From the Shadowfort, a secret power is unleashed.

The Alex Drake Collection (The Alex Drake Series) by Lexxi James

Romantic Suspense

An abrupt encounter. Undeniable attraction. A mysterious connection to a man she doesn't know. Includes Books 1-3 in The Alex Drake Series.

House of Grace: A Family Saga (House of Grace Trilogy Book 1) by Patricia M Osborne

Literary Fiction

If you love family saga, family conflict, fashion, and romance then you'll love this 'riches to rags' 50s/60s-set story. Follow Grace through two decades as she struggles with family conflict, poverty, and tragedy.

Rebel Bears MC (A Bear Shifter Romance Collection) by Celeste Raye

Paranormal Romance

They’re called the Rebel Bears MC, and when they aren’t controlling the criminal underworld, the ferocious bear-shifters are reign over the supernatural domain. The brothers-in-arms have always been indestructible, but now they’re about to meet the brazen women who’ll bring them to their knees.

Wolf Daddy MateDate: Shifters MateDate Agency by Serena Meadows

Fantasy / Paranormal

Turning into a werewolf made me a stone-cold demon. I lost my faith in love and the dating agency shouldn’t have matched me with Melanie. Her beautiful eyes make me forget about the past. But she’s forbidden, tempting, and my son’s teacher. She’s also the only one who could free me. I need to make her mine against all odds… for the rest of eternity.

End of the Lane (A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Sonia Parin

Cozy Mystery

Fun-filled cozy mystery with the quirkiest characters around. Abby Maguire’s first day in a new town and new job could be her last. Instead of writing about the weekend bake sale, she has to give a statement to the police. There's a killer on the loose and the finger of suspicion is pointed straight at Abby.

Desire (Twisted Hearts Duet Book 1) by Max Henry

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Ex-con, newly divorced, twice her age... and her father's best friend. More than enough reason for Belle to deny the forbidden feelings Zeus stirs each time he's near. Yet when he admits he feels the same way, rules no longer apply. Taboo, undeniable, and a whole lotta trouble. This love will hurt.

Into the Stars (Rise of the Republic Book 1) by James Rosone

Science Fiction

The stars are within mankind’s reach… But what awaits in the void may end humanity… Mars and the Moon have been colonized, piracy runs rampant in the asteroid belts, and a thriving society grows in the depths of space. Humanity prepares to embark upon its greatest journey — the colonization of Alpha Centauri. Then everything changes…

Dirty Daddies: 2020 Anniversary Anthology by Maren Smith and more

Erotic Romance

USA TODAY BESTSELLER! TWENTY-FIVE panty-melting romances starring Daddy Doms who command total submission. Whether you like Cowboy Daddies, Boss Daddies, Dark Daddies, Military Daddies, Stern Daddies, Shifter Daddies, Alien Daddies, or LGTBQ Daddies, we've got a Daddy for you!

Eye Bleach by Paul E. Creasy


Dr. Sylvia Marstens is making a fresh start. The move to Silicon Valley is just the ticket to break out of her rut. Soon she discovers that sometimes the past comes back. Some horrors will not stay buried. In this terrifying thriller, Dr. Marstens finds that even she cannot escape her own dark history, because some things seen can never be unseen.

Slaved: Last Chance Series 2 by A.L. Long

Romantic Suspense

Roman’s love for Alannah is tested when he finds that she has been slaved by a man just as ruthless as Winston Nelson. Faced with the truth, Alannah finds she can never escape her past or who she is. She will never love, only serve.

Once There Was Fire: A Novel of Old Hawaii by Stephen Shender

Historical Fiction

He united his warring people to forge a new kingdom at the crossroads of the Pacific Ocean. His name was Kamehameha. This is the story of Hawaii Michener never told. "A mesmerizing saga" - The Historical Novel Society. "Compelling from beginning to end." - Midwest Book Review. "An eye-opening chronicle of the Hawaiian kingdom." - Publishers Weekly.

Poker Chips and Poison (A Silvermoon Retirement Village Cozy Book) by Rodney Strong

Cozy Mystery

97-year-old Alice Atkinson has a particular set of skills, honed over decades. Living out her days at the Silvermoon Retirement Village Alice never expected to have to use those skills again. When her friend dies, Alice is the only one who believes it's foul play. Now it's a race against time to find a murderer. If anyone can do it, Alice can.

The Devil's Bedtime Stories: Volume 1 by Lorne McMillan


Thirteen stories to scare, torment, and make you simply say “What the heck?” A man wakes in the morning and can't find any way to get out of his apartment. A couple, driving leisurely down a street, suddenly see their exact doubles walking on the sidewalk. A giant eye appears in the sky. Is it God or something more malevolent?

Art and Soul by Claire Huston

Sweet Contemporary Romance

An expert at solving other people’s problems, single mom Becky is hired to help artist Charlie get out of his creative slump. But when she starts falling for her client, will she be able to fix her own love life? A sweet, slow-burn romance to help you escape from it all!