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18 Kindle Unlimited Books Worth Reading

Book your weekend with these amazing Kindle Unlimited picks! Here you’ll find page-turning mysteries, steamy love stories, and riveting fantasy tales. Happy reading!

Falling Too Deep by Shay Lee Giertz

Fantasy / Paranormal

Brooke gets a second chance to make things right. But it may come at too high a cost. When she falls from the top deck off a yacht into the churning waters of Lake Michigan, she wakes up to the first day of summer… again. Her dreams hold clues, but when they turn into nightmares, Brooke races against time to find answers. And time is running out.

Unwilling From Earth by Andrew Maclure

Science Fiction

An alien Friend, an alien army, a galactic war. Mark escapes his quiet and dull life to explore the galaxy with his new friend. Things don’t turn out as he hoped. Unwilling From Earth is a fun military space opera. If you like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Starship Troopers, you’ll love this book!

Trick by Laramie Briscoe

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Trick is a bad boy meets single-mother, contemporary romance. Read this standalone that checks all the boxes for a love story today.

Timberwolf Symmetry by Tom Julian

Science Fiction

Civil war rages! Between those that want peace with the rest of the galaxy, and those that want to conquer all they can see. As humanity tears itself apart, the Symmetry awaken - an ancient force that knows nothing but obliteration. The question is... who woke them up and why?

Proposition #1 (Illicit Deals) by Leann Ryans

Erotic Romance

*A Virgin Auction Romance* Cadence is a good girl working hard to take care of her family. But when her brother does something stupid and gets them indebted to the local mafia, she has no choice but to sell the last thing she has left. Herself. Will it be a night she wants to forget or one she longs for more of?

The Birthday: A Natura Elementals Novella by Sloane Calder

Paranormal Romance

One wish, on the night she'd become an elemental legend. Too bad fate had other plans... The party guests are breathless with anticipation as they await the shooting star that will bestow Elspeth Lennox with elemental power. As granddaughter of the world’s most powerful Natura, surely Elspeth is about to become a legend. She could be an inferno-grade Fire, a tornadic-level Air—or both.

Dallas: Brotherhood Protectors World (The Guardian Agency) by Regan Black

Romantic Suspense

She's about to testify against a powerful criminal organization when her protective detail is murdered. On the run, terrified, does she dare trust the stranger who stormed to her aid and insists he is her new bodyguard?

Wolf's Fake Marriage MateDate (Shifters MateDate Agency Book 6) by Serena Meadows

Paranormal Romance

As an alpha wolf shifter, it would not have been hard for me to kidnap her. I was being blackmailed to bring her back. But Samantha has softened my heart. I need to protect her from our common enemy and make her mine. Even if I have to fight danger, find out lies, and make sure that our love passes the test.

Taken (Last Chance Series 3) by A.L. Long

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Hidden away where no one can to find her, Alannah once again has to submit to the man she swore would never control her again. Day by day, the hopes of a normal life begin to disappear along with her desire to live.

My Splendid Concubine by Lloyd Lofthouse

Historical Fiction

"Packed cover to cover with intriguing characters and plot, a must read for history fans and a fine addition to any collection on the genre." - Midwest Book Review, May 8, 2008. Honorable Mentions in General Fiction, 2012 San Francisco Book Festival, 2012 New York Book Festival, 2012 London Book Festival.

Crime Beat Girl by Geri Dreiling


If you're a fan of Kinsey Millhone, the Women's Murder Club, or Phryne Fisher, you'll want to meet Debbie Bradley. 2020 American Fiction Award Winner. A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more lives are lost... maybe even her own?

Club Sex by Tatumn Dixon

Erotic Romance

Following a twenty-year marriage filled with average sex, Jessica Ward meets a sexy, open-minded man who proposes a sex-life that’s anything but ordinary. Ready to be seduced into a world of fantasy, Jessica and Kyle visit Club Sex where all their sinful cravings are fed — and others are only beginning.

A Real Royal Christmess by Linda West

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Jess is trying to win back her boyfriend, who dumped her for being boring. Jamie is trying to complete his father's bucket list before he takes the Crown. Both of them are hiding who they truly are, and when the truth is discovered, it's a real royal Christmess!

Hip Flask and Hanging (Silvermoon Retirement Village Cozy Book 2) by Rodney Strong

Cozy Mystery

97-year-old Alice Atkinson is back, and she's seen a ghost. Someone from her past who brings back bad memories of London in the 1960s. Meanwhile, her friend is convinced someone is breaking into her apartment and taking things. Alice and her trusty sidekick Vanessa are on the case. Alice navigates the past as well as the present to solve the mystery.

Ann's Valley (Stone Ranch Series Prequel Book 0) by Cayt Lawson

Historical Romance

Follow an English debutante’s journey from the ballrooms of London to America’s wild frontier... Lady Ann is on a mission to restore herself to the life she led before, and she’ll allow no one to stand in her way; especially not an obstinate mountain man underestimating her at every turn! No matter how attracted to him she may be...

The Unruly Duchess: A Regency Romance & Mystery Trilogy by Sunny Brooks

Historical Romance

A royal wedding is being planned, but a mystery is afoot! As the soon-to-be Duchess begins choosing her bridal party, a shadowy figure inadvertently entangles two of her bridesmaids in his nefarious scheme. This is one caper that threatens to ruin much more than the upcoming royal nuptials. (You will love this Amazon bestselling author series!)

Seven at Two Past Five by Tara Basi

Literary Fiction

"Seven at Two Past Five is a truly mind-bending dystopian tale with a twist ending that may well lead you to examine your own belief systems. it's a wild ride!. Rarely do I come across a book as original and stunning as this one. This is a book so stunning in its breadth and concept, that you will struggle to forget it! "

Love Blooms at The Apple Blossom Inn: An Amish Christian Romance by Tracy Fredrychowski

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Maggie Fisher is forced to leave Tomah, Wisconsin, to move to Pennsylvania. Her Datt secretly made plans for her to live with her aunts in hopes they’ll use their matchmaking skills to find her a suitable husband. Will the businessman from Indiana capture her heart, or will he leave it tattered and torn with lost hopes of finding someone special?