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12 Audiobooks for Your Morning Commute

Looking for new stories to add to your audiobook playlist? We've got just what you need! The books on this list will have you looking forward to the hustle and bustle of your morning commute. Happy listening!

WarMage: Unexpected (The Never Ending War Book 1) by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle

Fantasy / Paranormal

Girl meets dragon. Girl works to befriend dragon. A large, red, dangerous dragon. Raven Alby will have to train her new ride and save the dragon’s life or die trying. Mix in starting at Fowler Academy as a first year, becoming a stronger mage and oh... people disappearing.

Goblin (Goblin Reign Book 1) by Gerhard Gehrke

Science Fiction

They razed Spicy’s village, kidnapped his sister, and never imagined what one lone goblin would do to get her back! Forced to leave the ashes of his home behind, he must abandon the only place he has ever known, venture into the land of humans and monsters, and uncover the secret of the treasure the raiders were after before they can find it.

Fulfill My Desires Sebastian & Lola Part I (STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series Book 1) by Charmaine Louise Shelton

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Glitz Glamour Steamy Sex. Titillating world of STEELE International Inc & the family that controls the multibillion-dollar company. Sizzling, erotic romance series follows their trysts as they jet around the globe. Captivating Alpha Dom Billionaires & Independent Women they lust after & love. What's better? Jet-set Lifestyle has never been hotter.

Gifts of the Greeks (The Accidental Archmage Book 2) by Edmund A.M. Batara

Fantasy / Paranormal

Book Two of the Archmage Series. Hellas. A strange land, familiar deities, new problems. Add an ongoing war hatched by Ares, the battle god, and a suspiciously friendly Dionysus.

Land of My Dreams: A Home for My Heart by Norma Gail

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Falling in love is the last thing American college professor, Bonny Bryant, has on her mind when she accepts a position in Scotland. When she meets fellow professor, Kieran MacDonell, the gentle, understanding sheep farmer kindles the fire of new love. However, Kieran must reach past his own grief.

No Safe Place by Taylor Wilmering


Your friends and neighbors may not be who they seem. Terrorism has come to America. Sleeper cells for an Islamic terrorist group called Ansar Inshallah, undetected until now, have awoken and carried out a wave of attacks. Agents John Anderson and Erin Walker are racing to stop them. But how do you fight a war when your enemy is hidden among you?

And I Thought Divorce Was Bad by Alexis Rose

Womens Fiction

And I Thought Divorce Was Bad is a book explaining how to get over the challenges life throws your way in a poetic manner. How do you deal with your everyday crumbling due to grief, life changes, domestic abuse or divorce? Find out how these five women cope with all of it and still have hope left for the future.

Eternity Between Us: A Tale of Faith, Espionage, and Impossible Love During the Civil War by Stephenia H. McGee

Historical Fiction

After being forced to use a pistol against invaders, Evelyn Mapleton is no longer the timid girl her extended family expects. The more her aunt and cousin resent her new independence, the more Evelyn is determined she'll make her missing father proud - even if she has to outmaneuver the soldiers guarding her home to do it.

How Fires End: A Novel by Marco Rafalà

Literary Fiction

A dark secret born out of World War II lies at the heart of a Sicilian American family in this emotional and sweeping saga of guilt, revenge, and redemption. A "beautiful, mesmerizing" novel (Alexander Chee), that is "a moving depiction of multigenerational loss and love, grief and gratitude, heartbreak and hope." (Kirkus Reviews).

Run to the Sea (Reigning Hearts Book 1) by K.G. Fletcher

Romantic Suspense

He’s a broken man searching through the past for answers. She’s his childhood best friend he had no idea he was in love with. Thomas Capshaw never thought he’d put his dreams of being a sketch artist on the back burner and end up working in New York City far from home.

Rescued by a Kiss by Colleen Mooney

Cozy Mystery

Is Brandy looking for love in all the wrong places; a Mardi Gras parade, a strip club, a gay dance bar, the Charity hospital ER, and her friend’s costume closet with hundreds of disguises? Can any of this help her find the man she kissed in exchange for a flower? Quirky characters are the norm in a town like New Orleans where anything can happen.

Anointed: A David and Goliath Novel (The Davidic Chronicles Book 1) by Greg Baker

Historical Fiction

Book one of the Davidic Chronicles immerses you in a young David’s world in a time of bloody war and supernatural deliverance. Witness the titanic collision between Goliath’s gods and David’s faith in Jehovah. Beautifully crafted, Anointed creates a masterful tapestry of woven threads that are both biblically and historically accurate.