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15 Kindle Unlimited Books We Highly Recommend

Dive into these riveting reads, available now on Kindle Unlimited. From slow burn romances to adventurous mysteries, these books are sure to keep you turning pages all weekend long!

Secret Plunge (Kings of the Water) by Jasmin Miller

Steamy Contemporary Romance

All I wanted was to ring in the new year with a bang. What I got after one night with Ryan was so much more. As if being divorced and jobless at twenty-four wasn't bad enough. Could my life get any more complicated? When I find out who my gorgeous baby daddy is, I have my answer. A big, fat yes.

The Aztec Secret by Joe Topliffe


A trip to Mexico goes sideways for Ted Mendez when he becomes an accessory to the burglary of an ancient Aztec artifact. Forced to join the hunt for a treasure sought by conquistador Hernán Cortés 500 years ago, Ted must face his worst fears to find a way out of an impossible situation. Can he uncover the secrets of the past to preserve his future?

Crime Beat Girl by Geri Dreiling


If you're a fan of Kinsey Millhone, the Women's Murder Club, or Phryne Fisher, you'll want to meet Debbie Bradley. 2020 American Fiction Award Winner. A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more lives are lost... maybe even her own?

Dragon Fever: Limited Edition Holiday Romance Boxset by Serena Meadows

Paranormal Romance

These five hot steamy stories feature powerful dragons, who were exiled by their clan because they were reckless and wild and how they break all rules to meet and protect their mates.

First to Fall (Moonlight Rogues Book 1) by Alexa Whitewolf

Paranormal Romance

I wasn't supposed to fall for a human. And she's not supposed to want my boss. But life never turns out as you want it, at least not here. Welcome to Rockland Creek, where pack bonds will be tested, friends will butt heads, and love will prevail... no matter the odds. "A steamy paranormal romance with bite" - Author JB Richards.

Ulrich (Elemental's CT MC Book 1) by Alexi Ferreira

Romantic Suspense

MC romance with a twist, a biker romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A hot possessive alpha male that will have you wanting to kiss him one minute and strangling him on another.

Lost Oasis (Zack Tolliver, FBI Book 8) by R Lawson Gamble


Modern science and high technology meet ancient Native American rituals where the Goblin rocks and barren flats of Joshua Tree National Park surround the rugged Eagle Mountains. A world-class scientist goes missing. Zack Tolliver, FBI, is assigned the investigation. Soon Zack and Eagle Feather are in a desperate duel with an unknown assassin.

Protection (Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series Book 2) by Ken Ross

Erotic Romance

Jerry, Patsy, Maisy & Erica make their entrance into the series and so begin the absorbing adventures that are to come. Their first quest takes them to Crickenville where there's gunfire in a graveyard. There is endless sex and the forming of new relationships. The gals fit easily into Jerry's life and an unbreakable bond develops between them.

Moraturi Lost: Paradisi Chronicles (Lost Mission Series Book 2) by Marti Ward

Science Fiction

Eva was born in space but had always had an interest in looking after animals, heading back to Earth to formally train as a vet and get large animal experience. Earth is dying. Eva is skeptical of the proposal to colonize Mars, but when approached to join a colonization mission as vet and trainee medical officer, she finds Mars is not their goal.

The Heart Beats in Time (Song for a Lost Kingdom Book 3) by Steve Moretti

Historical Romance

Two women connected by the same musical soul... to the same heroic man in the 18th century. Two composers transposed across time into each other’s world by the mysterious forces of a priceless cello. "I have been entranced with this series from the very first page of the very first book." - Lady Lightning.

Marisol ~ Spanish Rose (Charleston Brides Book 1) by Elva Cobb Martin

Historical Romance

Escaping to the New World is her only option... Rescuing her will wrap the chains of the Inquisition around his neck. Book 1, Charleston Brides. Book 2, Georgia Ann was released November 17, 2020.

The Secret of Willow Inn (Willow Falls Series Book 1) by Pat Nichols

Womens Fiction

Emily Hayes, an aspiring novelist, desperate to transform her dying hometown into a tourist destination. Rachel Streetman, raised in Atlanta, relegates her acting dream to secret performances for imaginary audiences to live the life her father chose. Sadie Liles grapples to find a new normal after serving a thirty-year prison sentence for killing the town hero.

The Christmas Spirit by Alexandrea Weis

Sweet Contemporary Romance

A broken-hearted writer ditches her family for the holidays and escapes to an isolated cabin where an ancient witch, a Yule Cat, and a handsome stranger help her find her Christmas spirit and take another chance on love. "Ghostly occurrences and ancient folklore make this feel like a modern, romantic twist on A Christmas Carol" - Library Journal.

Little Lantern, Deep Darkness (The Light of Dead Fires Book 1) by Sakiv Koch

Literary Fiction

When a debt-slave's son, Smast, hits backs at a powerful bully, the consequences are world-shattering: Smast is pitted against the enigmatic woman who destroyed his parents’ lives before his birth. “Sit back, settle in, and bask in the glow of a master wordsmith.” Karen Dionne, bestselling author of THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER.

Assault and Batting (A Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mystery Book 1) by Tess Rothery

Cozy Mystery

A fatal accident. Sisters suspecting murder. Can they unravel a tangled thread of clues before the killer strikes again? If you like classic puzzles, poignant family stories, and heartwarming surprises, then you’ll love Tess Rothery’s cozy mystery.