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20 Kindle Unlimited Books to Read Next

Looking for top-rated fiction that you can enjoy for free with Kindle Unlimited? From well-known bestsellers to self-published Amazon chart-toppers, we’ve compiled a list of eBooks that you’re sure to love. Happy reading!

The Billionaire's Fixer Upper: A Romantic Comedy (Beguiling a Billionaire Book 2) by Lark Anderson

Steamy Contemporary Romance

When Fiona Fables is evicted from her apartment, Zev, the smokin' hot maintenance man, comes to her aid. Now she's helping fix up the place to earn her keep, which isn't so bad considering her boss has movie-star good looks and a body of steel. She wouldn't mind returning the favor. She's desperate to. Unfortunately... she's been friend-zoned.

Last Exit For Betrayal: A Cape May Mystery by G. W. Conklin


Cape May is often called America’s oldest resort. For Porter Benjamin, the town’s new police chief, it is also the place he has called home his whole life. This summer, the peace of this seaside town will be shattered as Porter finds himself racing to solve the deadly mystery threatening the tranquility that those who love Cape May hold so dear.

The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio (Out of Time Thriller Series Book 2) by Belle Ami


Art-historian Angela and art-detective Alex are hired to find one of the FBI's most wanted art thefts, Caravaggio's Nativity. "A ridiculously entertaining, mind-bending expedition through space and time, never missing an opportunity to educate the reader in art history. Ms. Ami does this flawlessly and is as much an artist as those she portrays."

Wolves of Gypsum Creek by Serena Meadows

Paranormal Romance

The tiny town of Gypsum Creek is home to a high number of brooding, sexy-as-sin men that disappear with each full moon. The heroes in this boxset of steamy, standalone stories will get your heart racing… and tongue wagging. But you’d better watch out. The howling has started, and no lady is safe when the wolves of Gypsum Creek go on the hunt.

Talonian Warriors (Books 1-5) by Celeste Raye

Paranormal Romance

The COMPLETE Alien Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance BESTSELLING Series full of lovable characters, steamy sexy aliens and lots of Romance! This series takes place on both Earth and Talonia. It is very easy to relate to the humans as well as the sexy aliens. The romances in each book are heartwarming and believable.

The Vision Chronicles Complete (Books 1-9) by Chariss K. Walker


A man with a secret he does not want to share. Mike sees visions of the future and when he finally tells someone, all hell breaks loose in this psychic suspense series. Get the complete series in this boxed set.

Barefoot Mail-Order Bride by Margaret Tanner

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Bounty Hunter, Dillon McMahon, knows his stepbrother is no good, but even he is shocked at Jason’s latest crime – robbing his would-be bride of her possessions, even her shoes. The preacher begs Dillon to marry the jilted bride who is now destitute and alone. Can a bounty hunter who owns nothing except a small rundown ranch, afford to take a wife?

Callaghan's Rescue by Sherri Storey

Sweet Contemporary Romance

14 years ago tragedy tore them apart. Now he's a cynical movie store and she's a devoted humanitarian doctor. Calla is also the only woman to reject superstar Nash Logan. With a wounded ego, he follows her to Sierra Leone, determined to win her back. What awaits him is life-changing. Can a second chance at love be found in a country so lost?

James (Night of the Kings Series Book 1) by Shayne Ford

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Bigger than life, James is the ultimate billionaire. Women want him, and men want to be like him. He has two friends just like him and doesn't mind sharing from time to time, but that gets quickly complicated when he meets her. This is the first book in an eighteen book series (four interconnected stories) and ends in a cliffhanger.

Protecting Bria (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by KeKe Renée

Romantic Suspense

Bria couldn’t be prouder of herself. Finally, all the years of law school and countless hours dedicated to studying are over and she’s working the case she hoped she’d get. This could make or break her career. She’s ready for it. What she doesn’t expect is the ominous threats and the very real possibility she could lose her life because of it.

A Night Rose for the Duke (Regency Roses Book 1) by Fanny Finch

Historical Romance

An English rose, they’d called her once, and her beauty and grace were admired by many. But then things changed, and she was named a flower poisonous...

Cupcakes & Crumbs (Berry Lake Cupcake Posse Book 1) by Melissa McClone

Womens Fiction

When a woman inherits fifty-percent of a cupcake shop in a quaint small town, she needs the help of four old friends to save her aunt's legacy from her father who wants to sell it. As the five women reunite to save their beloved cupcake shop, can the power of friendship help them overcome the trouble none of them saw coming?

I Don’t Date Superheroes (Paladin Romance Book 1) by S.D. Rogue

Romantic Suspense

Hana is your average 20-something nurse responsible for the care of the world’s best-kept secret: superheroes — who are known as Paladins. Her life gets turned upside down when Bashir, a stunningly good-looking Paladin, shows up at her house and says his life is in danger.

Red Menace: The Martian Resistance by Mark Anthony

Science Fiction

Mars and Earth are on the brink of war. Mars has demanded independence from Earth, but Earth refuses to cede control over its trillion-dollar investment. For Ara Elio, a Martian native, she cares little about this conflict. Then her brother falls victim to Earther aggression. Left with no choice, Ara joins The Martian Resistance. This is her story.

Shattered Innocence Trilogy by A.L. Long

Erotic Romance

Get A.L. Long's award-winning trilogy of love and deceit! Rade Matheson is a young successful businessman with over a billion dollars in assets. His only objective is to find the man who embezzled millions from one of his companies. What he finds is the innocence of the only women who can lead him to his stolen money and the man responsible.

Bend To My Will (Books 1-4) by Emily Jane Trent

Erotic Romance

Sexy billionaire Jacob Rinaldi needs a new submissive, yet he doesn't have romance in mind. The look in Vivienne's eyes teases him, daring him to go further... if he's brave enough. She might not be the type to fall at his feet and obey him, but that doesn't discourage Jacob. For some inexplicable reason, he wants her even more.

Seven at Two Past Five by Tara Basi

Literary Fiction

"Strap on, readers! Delving into Tara Basi's Seven at Two Past Five is like falling into Alice's rabbit hole to the nth power. This story of an old button maker's quest to aquit herself of silly charges brought against her is a fun, confusing, scary ride into the world of the audacious, satirical, and parabalistic."

The Police Riot: A Story of the New York City Transit Police (Hairbag Nation Book 1) by Robert L. Bryan

Literary Fiction

Being a cop in NYC can be challenging, especially in the subway. The daily environment of the transit cop – the dirt, grime, urine, and crime is enough to stifle anyone’s spirit. Police have a term for these burnt-out cops – hairbags. This is the story of an oddball group of misfits who patrolled the subway during the 1980s. This is Hairbag Nation.

Something to Die For (Books to Die For Book 7) by Richard Houston

Cozy Mystery

Bad things start to happen after Jake starts looking into an old bank robbery. His Golden retriever is dognapped; then a string of arsons and dead bodies begin to pile up, all while he tries to deal with the conflict between his daughter and girlfriend. This is the seventh book in the USA Today Bestselling Books to Die For series.

Moraturi Ring: Paradisi Chronicles (Lost Mission Series Book 3) by Marti Ward

Science Fiction

What a 21st! Eva's big birthday 'present' was a tired old spaceship lost in space and time, a motley crew of amnesiac patients, 500 colonists in cryo, and a mission that would take a lifetime - assuming she could keep everyone alive till they made planetfall.