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21 Kindle Unlimited Books to Cure Your Fiction Addiction

Cure your fiction addiction with this week's selection of Kindle Unlimited books! If you're ready to get swept up in a new story, take your pick from this week's list of books that are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

The Billionaire's Funding: A Romantic Comedy (Beguiling a Billionaire Book 3) by Lark Anderson

Steamy Contemporary Romance

When Sadie's female pleasure product is the only one denied funding from LaviTech Labs, she decides to take her grievance straight to the top — to the company's arrogant and over-the-top sexy CEO. And she's not backing down until she gets that funding.

Rancher Wolf's Sassy Mate (Rancher Wolves) by Serena Meadows

Paranormal Romance

Marissa is the enemy’s daughter, which makes her forbidden. But that also makes her tempting. So, when I urgently need to find a mate and save my inheritance, she presents me with a crazy idea. So now, I’m about to fake marry the woman I should have never touched.

Shifters MateDate Agency (A Paranormal Dating Agency Romance Series) by Serena Meadows

Paranormal Romance

These six binge-worthy stories in one scrumptious boxset feature all different kinds of shifters. These men tackle their enemies, fight danger, and claim their mates against all odds. Enjoy reading and finding out how they protect their families and find love.

Remi (Night of the Diamonds Book 1) by Shayne Ford

Steamy Contemporary Romance

What happens when the Devil wears Prada, has a sweet obsession with her, and has more secrets than Fifty Shades? A dark delicious, suspenseful billionaire romance. This is the FIRST book of an eleven book story (series) and ends in a cliffhanger. All books should be read in order. Expect steaminess as the story progresses in the following books.

Leave Well Alone by AJ Campbell


That bone-chilling winter’s day when my brother returned home for good was when I first contemplated murdering my mother. How far would you go to protect your family? When her son is born with a serious hereditary illness, Eva is forced to find forgiveness for her estranged mother until a shocking discovery leaves her fearing for her baby’s life.

Rise of the Forgotten Sun (The Sun and the Raven Book 1) by Jon Monson

Fantasy / Paranormal

When Aydiin shirks his duties to search for ancient ruins, he unleashes the power of a forgotten god. Now, he’s faced with the dual threat of assassins around every corner and an arranged marriage. Intent to flee from both, he crosses the sea in search of answers. Instead, he finds love and even more questions.

Black Brick (Jake Ramsey Thrillers Book 1) by Dan Decker


After Jake survives a shootout, his suspicions grow that the covert government organization he works for has been subverted. Jake doesn't know what to believe as he searches for answers, dodges bullets, and is framed for a train bombing. If you enjoy thrillers with twists and turns, this book is for you. Pick up your copy today!

A Husband By Any Other Name by Cheryl St.John

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Caught in a lie… Fourteen years ago Dan Beckett’s identical twin took off without a word to his pregnant young fiancé or their father. Having secretly loved Lorraine for years, Dan assumes his twin’s identity as the first-born son, as Lorraine’s husband and father of the baby she carried. Around the lie, he created the perfect life.

The Unpopular Sheriff by Andrew Allan


Sheriff Pete's job is to protect the citizens. But, they hate his guts. They think crime is rising. They don’t feel safe. And now there’s a mafia assassin lurking in town. Ride along with Kansas law... as Sheriff Pete stands off against his doubters and a murderous mafia in the dusty, deadly plains of the Midwest.

So Says the Ratcatcher: A Rice Channon Paranormal Mystery by Dennis Anthony


An awful crime. A complex cover-up. And nobody believes it even happened. Rice Channon's intuition tells him otherwise. Madness is creeping into the reporter's life. Close friends are betrayed. Others die. The newest Rice Channon paranormal mystery will outrage you and challenge your beliefs about right and wrong.

The Karma Book Club (Club Series 2) by K. L. Bryce

Sweet Contemporary Romance

After a mishap of colossal proportions, infuriatingly handsome Logan winds up on shy Mia’s doorstep — and, in exchange for a one-month stay, agrees to teach her to stand up for herself. Can this reformed bad boy help Mia finally find her voice?

Jake (Must Love Danger Book 3) by Emily Jane Trent

Romantic Suspense

Navy SEAL Jake Holland must go undercover with Amanda, but the mission has trouble written all over it. After shocking news that her sister’s newborn is missing, Amanda Long must discover if the baby is alive. But can Jake help her rescue the infant before the captor disappears without a trace, taking the baby away forever?

Pretty, Dark and Dirty by Margot Scott

Erotic Romance

Daddy... I haven't called Mason that since I was small enough to fit on his shoulders. When he left, my whole world shattered. Now he's back and I find myself calling him Daddy for all the wrong reasons. This thing we both want is twisted and wrong, but once we've had a taste, we'll never be satisfied. There's no coming back from what we've done.

The Governess of Belgreen Manor by Sally Forbes

Historical Romance

True love comes in the form of a disguise… Lady Juliet Barnet is faced with a dilemma when her mother reveals that her father plans to give her hand in marriage to the Earl of Falstone. Juliet’s mother, fearing that her daughter will be doomed to a loveless marriage, devises a plan to help her escape. Some things have to remain secrets, until...

Eye Bleach by Paul E. Creasy


Dr. Sylvia Marstens is making a fresh start. The move to Silicon Valley is just the ticket to break out of her rut. Soon she discovers that sometimes the past comes back. Some horrors will not stay buried. In this terrifying thriller, Dr. Marstens finds that even she cannot escape her own dark history, because some things seen can never be unseen.

Eve Lloyd's A Deadline Cozy Mystery (Books 6 -10) by Sonia Parin

Cozy Mystery

100 Carmen Miranda impersonators – make that 99. An unexpected guest and his entourage of ex-wives and a killer. A shopping spree, a murder, and no suspects. Eve’s catering: Hors d’oeuvres, canapes, murder, and mayhem. Christmas with Eve Lloyd. What could possibly go wrong? Fun-filled cozy mysteries with Eve Lloyd, magnet for murder and mayhem.

Make Me Exist (Lost in Time Book 1) by Brittany Ziegler

Science Fiction

She isn't who she thinks she is. She isn't even human. On the run and hunted like animals, her enemies will not rest until they have them in their clutches. But as her memories return, can Valerie tap into the powers she didn't even know she possessed and save their lives?

Deception and Desire (A MacNaughton Castle Romance Book 1) by Aubrey Wynne

Historical Romance

Lachlan doesn't have the patience to be the next MacNaughton chief, preferring to knock heads together rather than placate bickering clansmen. A sizzling chance encounter in the rain introduces him to the new female bookkeeper of the family business in Glasgow. His grandfather wants him back in the Highlands, but his heart is lost in the Lowlands.

Taste the Bright Lights (The Lisa Diaries Book 1) by Laura Canning

Literary Fiction

A gritty, gripping tale of 1990s Northern Ireland, in the distinctive voice of a teenage girl who'll make you laugh as well as cry. For fans of Irvine Welsh, SE Hinton, 90s fiction... and anyone who's ever been fourteen. “ of the most authentic teenage voices you’ll ever read” “Outstanding. Breathtaking. By god, it deserves a hearing.”

Broken Hart (A Cross Creek Small Town Novel Book 1) by Kelly Collins

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Kandra brought me to my knees when she fled Cross Creek to follow dreams that didn’t include me. I picked up the pieces of my broken world and built a new life — one free of heartache. I thought she was in the past and would stay there, but I thought wrong. Kandra is back, and if I’m not careful, she’ll gut me again.

Innocence Lost: A Father Steel Novel by Altany Craik


Father Steel is called to his childhood hometown in the middle of the night. The cooling body of the Local priest lying in the car park is why he has been summoned. Using his special talents Father Andrew will have to find out what is going on. All is definitely not as it seems. The enemy is at work in the New Town of Gleninch.

The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob by Pippa Grant

Steamy Contemporary Romance

You don't know me, but you do know me. I'm your neighborhood hot mess single mom, doing my best to keep my head above water while running my little slice of heaven and keeping my youngest from shoving marbles up his nose, which is exactly what he's doing the first time Levi Wilson, pop star god, world's sexiest man, and my all-time number one celebrity obsession, walks into my bookstore.