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11 Audiobooks You're Sure to Enjoy

Get out the headphones, plug in, and enjoy these riveting reads.

Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) by J.J. Sorel

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Breaking his own rules, billionaire Aidan Thornhill becomes obsessed with his new PA. His movie-star looks, love of art, and support for the down-trodden soon wins her heart and innocence. But as his dark past, and a vindictively jealous ex emerge, Clarissa must choose whether to ignore the rumors and remain in his arms, or leave her dream job.

The Cold War Begins (The Berlin Tunnel Trilogy Book 2) by Roger Liles


In late 1946, the Cold War between the Western Democracies and Eastern communist Bloc commences. From the war-ravaged and divided city of Berlin, spies from both sides move with relative ease throughout a Germany occupied by four foreign military forces. One American is assigned to determining and locate where Russian forces are located.

Schreiber's Secret by Roger Radford


Nazi. Fugitive. Murderer. Sadist. Who is the real Hans Schreiber? Two journalists conduct a desperate quest to reveal the real Schreiber in this time-jumping, harrowing thriller about bringing unimaginable secrets to light... and a monster to justice.

Tiger In The Sky (David Brin's Out of Time Book 2) by Sheila Finch and David Brin

Science Fiction

Twenty-fourth-century Earth is in trouble. Can teenagers from the past figure out how to deal with dangerous alien pests out on the very edge of the solar system?

Perfume Girl by Vanessa Fewings

Erotic Romance

The beautiful owner of a small town perfume shop travels to South Beach, Miami to investigate the brazen theft of a fragrance she created, the masterpiece formula she suspects was stolen by none other than the powerful and famous founder of a cologne empire. An unforgettable romance blossoms, one that will find its way to the shocking truth.

Water Memory: A Thriller (Sentro Book 1) by Daniel Pyne


A fast-paced, page-turning thriller that contemplates the consequences of motherhood, memory, and crime as a commodity. Black ops specialist Aubrey Sentro may be one concussion away from death. But when pirates seize the cargo ship she’s on, she must decide whether to risk her life to save her fellow passengers.

A Stranger at the Door by Jason Pinter


Rachel Marin is in a good place. After years of struggle, the single mother has found both a stable, loving relationship and a new purpose: putting her investigative skills to work solving crimes for the local PD. But just as the pieces of her life are finally starting to fall into place, her teenaged son’s teacher is gruesomely murdered, starting a domino effect that shatters her peaceful existence.

The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

Women's Fiction

Sarah Morgan is a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C. As a named partner at her firm, life is going exactly how she planned. The same cannot be said for her husband, Adam. He's a struggling writer who has had little success in his career and he tires of his and Sarah's relationship as she is constantly working.

Wall of Silence by Tracy Buchanan

Women's Fiction

Her children have a deadly secret. Can she uncover it before the police do? Melissa Byatt’s life in Forest Grove seems as perfect as can be: a doting husband, three loving children, and a beautiful house in a close-knit community. But appearances can be deceiving.

West with Giraffes: A Novel by Lynda Rutledge

Historical Fiction

An emotional, rousing novel inspired by the incredible true story of two giraffes who made headlines and won the hearts of Depression-era America.

Hadley and Grace: A Novel by Suzanne Redfearn

Literary Fiction

Needing to escape her abusive marriage, Hadley flees with her two kids, knowing it might be her only chance. A woman who can’t even kill a spider, Hadley soon finds herself pushed to the limits as she fights to protect her family.