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15 Audible Books for Your Listening Pleasure

Get out the headphones, plug in, and enjoy these riveting reads, available now on Audible.

Top Ten Kindle Unlimited Books Week of August 23 2018

Looking for exciting books to add to your reading list? Whether you’re in the mood for stories about detectives and spies or enemies and lovers, you’re sure to find a book that you'll love in this week’s list of top ten Kindle Unlimited Books.

Top Ten Kindle Unlimited Books of July 2018

From tales of rugged secret agents to tales of loyal mafia men, stories of self-discovery to stories of spells and secrets, this month's top ten Kindle Unlimited Books have something to offer everyone.

Best Scribd Non Fiction Books of May 2018

We could all use a little inspiration in our lives and what better way to elevate your state of mind than a good read? Here are our choices for best nonfiction audiobooks available now on Scribd. Whether you are home relaxing or on the go, discover new heros & winning tips to live your best life.

Best Scribd Books of May 2018

Summer is almost here so it’s time to stock up on audiobooks to keep you company on your adventures! Our team has compiled the 10 best books on Scribd! Whether your preference is literary fiction and romance or mystery and scifi, we’ve got the best novels to add to your reading list for hours of enthralling entertainment.
Our daily book recommendations are based on your favorite genres and which subscription services you use.
A bookstore is one of the only pieces of physical evidence we have that people are still thinking.
- Jerry Seinfeld

These are the books we're reading (and loving) right now. Dig in for your next read.

Riveting Literary Tale.